What Causes Electrical Fires?

These fires are caused when an appliance comes in contact with a piece of metal wiring or insulation that is faulty and short circuits. This sparks a chain reaction that often results in burning the surrounding area. Most commonly, the appliances are heated by the hot wires while the resulting fire weakens the surrounding area.

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The most common cause of electrical fires has to do with faulty electrical outlets. Many older homes contain old and outdated electrical outlets that often have copper wires and insulation that have deteriorated over time. Often these outlets are not connected to the right location, so whenever an appliance trips out, it trips the outlet as well. As a result, it can cause a fire that eventually spreads and damages the surrounding area.

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If you have any questions about what causes fires in your home, you should consult a reputable fire safety expert. You can also purchase a fire safety kit that will provide you with advice on fixing problematic outlets and protecting your home from future fires. Some kits include fire extinguishers and other emergency tools that can help prevent a fire from spreading to your entire home. It’s also important to check all your outlets to make sure they are connected properly to the right wires.