The consequences of clogged drains

So far this year, we’ve seen a lot of rain. As a result of freezing temperatures, heavy flooding and high winds, many houses have suffered problems with their drainage systems that eventually become an expensive nuisance.

Inclement weather can lead to blockages in the drainage system which can result in some longer-term consequences if not handled quickly and effectively, such as:

1 – Leaks

Due to the high pressure, cracking and leaks may occur along the internal and external pipes. This can lead to significant moisture and mould build-up that can cause structural damage to all types of properties. Older buildings are more vulnerable. For help with your drainage issues, contact a Blocked Drains Kent company. If you need your drain unblocked and live in Kent click here

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2 – Waste Resurgence

A disposal system that is not working correctly won’t be removing waste effectively, causing an accumulation of debris that will stop the flow of sewage and wastewater. This will lead it festering in your pipe and in some cases, internal resurging. Foul odours and health risks are just some of the consequences.

3 – Structural Damage

All of the above can cause structural damage to your property and can result in a very expensive repair if ignored. Not only that, the safety of occupants and residents will be disturbed because of structural damage.

Keeping your home clean and well maintained is an ongoing task. You must make sure all surfaces are free of dust and dirt. The floor should be swept, mopped and disinfected. The carpet should be vacuumed and cleaned regularly. Water-prone areas such as sinks, counters, kitchen and bathroom floors cleaned and wiped down.

However, these tasks are mostly taking care of only the superficial elements. Sometimes, the real problem could be away in an area not visible to the eye. Since it may be located in a hidden area, you might not realize the damage until almost too late. You only find out about it because it has reached severe conditions and serious damage has been done to your property, or worse, it could cause illness to you or your family.

One of the hidden problems that may have a significant impact on your home and your health is the problem of blocked drains. Small objects, random debris, oil and other things can be slowly and gradually accumulate in the pipes, blocking the water flow. If the blocked drains are not cleaned and treated, the stagnant water can cause a number of complications that will affect you and your property.

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Blockages in the drains can result in damage to your home. Puddles of water that have gathered for a long time will give off an unpleasant musty smell. This odour can rise to the surface and penetrate the home creating an unhealthy atmosphere. Meanwhile, water could leak into the corners and the foundation of the house, which can weaken the structural integrity.

Moisture may appear on the floor or wall, causing water stains, or worse, warping. When left without attention, the area could be prone to flooding. In addition, the stagnant water can attract bacteria and disease-carrying pests. These areas are also more susceptible to mould and mildew.