Stylish accessories all men should own

Accessories are a great way of changing an outfit from a formal one to something that is more casual as well as giving you an almost endless list of options when it comes to styling up your outfit. You can take an item from the Calvin Klein Menswear that you can find from places such as EJ Menswear and add a number of different accessories like the ones that are mentioned below and give yourself any number of different looks.

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Hats – a hat doesn’t have to just be a practical way of keeping your head warm in the autumn and winter months. It can be a conscious fashion choice that you make. There are numerous different hat styles including the standard beanie, the flat cap and the trusted baseball cap which itself can be worn in a number of different ways.


Glasses – if your eyesight requires you to wear glasses you can see this as an opportunity to style up your outfit. Glasses are now much more fashionable than they used to be and there are even a number of fashion houses that have developed glasses with their logos and names on the side. Of course if you don’t need glasses for your eyesight that doesn’t mean that you are left out of this particular fashion trend – sunglasses are also available in designer and non designer stylings.

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Bracelets – whilst wearing a shirt to work might mean that wearing a necklace as a fashion statement is slightly redundant, the bracelet is a great option as it can be tucked away underneath your cuffs if needed and left out on display if not. There are a number of different bracelet styles that you can choose from include those made from precious metals and those made using real and fake leather bands.