Should you choose cotton or linen?

Two of the most common fabrics in the world are cotton and linen, although they are subtly different. All are produced from real plant fibres, but the cotton plant makes cotton and the flax plant makes linen. It is still used today in high line fashion products such as Ralph Lauren Menswear that you can get from EJ Menswear.

Here are the main distinctions between linen and cotton.

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Linen is one of the best natural fibres in the world. It was also used to produce paper money to make it last longer.

Cotton is often very durable, but linen is heavier and appears to be a fibre that is more durable.

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Insulating characteristics

Linen is a natural insulator, which,  since the fibres are hollow, can surprise some people. This ensures that air automatically flows through them so that you can keep one layer cold. Lay the linen down to create a natural insulator if you want to stay warm.

Cotton is similar; cotton can be layered to keep warm, but it is breathable since the fibre is also raw. You need more than one layer for insulation.

The Absorption of Moisture

Cotton and linen are also natural fibres that absorb water rapidly, but linen is more absorbent and is also referred to as the “wicking fibre of nature”. It can also obtain up to 20 percent moisture so it’s great for humid conditions. This is why towels and dressing robes are also made from linen.