How to Choose Shoes to Go with Jeans

Coming out of lockdown is fantastic news for most people, but many of us have been slobbing around the house in tracksuit bottoms for eighteen months. For a lot of us, the furthest we have ventured is the supermarket or the local parks for a dog walk. We all know that anything goes in terms of fashion whilst taking part in these activities!

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Getting Back out There

Now that restrictions are lifting, we are able to take advantage of the last of the summer weather and meet friends in the local beer gardens or take the other half out for a meal. If, like most of us, you have also piled on more than a couple of pounds, you may wish to update your wardrobe a little bit. Something like mens ETO jeans could be a brilliant place to start looking for some new bits to update your wardrobe.

Shop Online

Internet shopping was always going to become much more popular over the last eighteen months because of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions. It is now easier than ever before to browse and order items to try on in the comfort of your own home. Taking a look at should give you a place to start.

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How to Pair Shoes with Jeans

Figuring out what goes with what isn’t an exact science. It is all down to your personal taste and what you are most comfortable in. Generally speaking, the more casual jeans would probably look better with trainers than with a pair of polished winklepickers.

Looking at websites such as EJ Menswear, who have a wide range of clothing available, is a great place to get some inspiration. Well-fitted jeans in a solid colour are your best bet, as they are endlessly versatile. They will look fantastic with a crisp shirt and smarter shoes or with a casual t-shirt and trainers.

If you are much more about grungy boots, then keep the leg of the jeans slim so that you can accentuate your footwear.

Whatever your style, wear your clothes with confidence and you’ll look great!