Don’t be like “George Banks” in “Father of the Bride”!

“George Banks”, played by Steve Martin is the overprotective Father of “Annie”, portrayed by Kimberley Williams, the “Bride to Be” in this hilarious American film Comedy released in 1991.  Poor “George” is devastated when his only daughter, “Annie”, comes home from College and announces she is engaged and planning to marry a young man called “Bryan MacKenzie” after only knowing him for three months!  To add to “George’s” despair his wife “Nina”, Diane Keaton immediately approves of the whole idea and after meeting “Bryan’s” parents and the cost of the wedding seemingly spiralling out of control, George loses his usual calm demeanour and his actions become more and more erratic!  He plans to split the couple up and when “Annie” and “Bryan” have a huge fight over a blender it seems like “George’s” meddling has worked.

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Like Georges temper, things can snap.  From sash cords that become brittle and eventually break to belts that crack under the constant stress and strains they are put under.

Then he finds the forlorn future Groom at the pub where he tries to talk to him about “Annie” but they end up discussing whether or not the couple will buy their first home together! Eventually the young couple reunite and the wedding plans go ahead at full speed with the help of Frank Eggelhoffer, their eccentric wedding planner.

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One year after starting the wedding preparations the couple finally take their marriage Vows and have their lavish Reception at the Family’s Home.  With “Annie” and “Bryan” safely off on their Honeymoon, “George” can relax and dances with “Nina” as they take solace together.