Your university accommodation options explained

Heading of to university for the first time can produce a mixture of emotions for fear and anxiety through to excitement and wonder. There are many different ways in which you can experience university and two of the main options are whether to stay at home and travel in for your lectures or whether to live on campus.

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If you choose to experience university life up close then there are a number of different accommodation options available to you.

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Halls of residence – this is usually a preferred option for first year students as it puts them right on the campus site and near to the lecture halls and other amenities. There will also be security and medical support available on site should the students need this. Many universities will insist on their first year students staying in these types of accommodation. It is usually a single room with either an en suite bathroom or shared bathroom and a shared communal kitchen space.

House sharing – in the second and third years once friendships have been established and the students are more aware of their local area you find that groups will look for Cheltenham Student Accommodation from places such as this allows them to stay with their friendship groups but still have the independence of their own room space.