You can improve your SEO without building links

Link building is a slow and laborious job, as can be confirmed by anyone who has spent hours trying to build high-quality links. Much like painting the Forth Bridge, the work is never finished, as links must be checked regularly to ensure that none are broken. Luckily, you do not need to spend hours laboriously trawling the web for links to improve your site’s SEO; instead, follow our simple tips and discover how much you can accomplish without a link in sight.

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Improve your website’s page loading speeds

Technology has made us all impatient for instant results; therefore, a website that fails to load speedily will have your visitors clicking away to your competitors’ sites faster than you can say ‘Please don’t go’! According to a recent article in Forbes, your site has just three seconds to be up and running or you could be losing customers – and getting marked down accordingly by the search engines.

Check your title tags and meta descriptions

The information that appears on a search engine’s results page needs to be written with prospective customers in mind, not search engine bots. Spend time crafting the perfect words that will tempt visitors to click through to your site and jettison anything that is not aimed at real people. You should aim to have unique meta descriptions for every single page on your website; if you can’t come up with unique descriptions, it is better to leave the meta description blank.

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Regularly assess your keywords

Don’t be complacent and assume that keywords should be treated as set in stone. Keep abreast of the search terms that prospective customers are using in their searches and assess how you can best include these exact terms. Keywords are a complex issue, so don’t be afraid to call in the experts to help you. Find a good PPC management company – preferably one with Google Partner status, such as – and ask for a thorough review of your site’s performance. You will find that your sales figures will rocket as a result.

Create high-quality product guides

Visitors keen to research products are drawn to sites with high-value content that advises on best buys. Reel in your audience and they are highly likely to stay to make a purchase.