Designing and Hosting Your Site – A Quick Guide for E-commerce

The world of e-commerce is a very competitive one, and in order to help your site rise above the competition, you need to go the extra mile in aesthetics and performance. However, knowing which areas need to be improved or how exactly to innovate is not always easy. With a little exploration of the current trends in hosting and web design it can give you the clues you need to make your online presence stand out.

Incorporating your customers in your online ecosystem has become a dominant trend in the online marketing business. It’s not just about selling a product, but about crafting a narrative around your business, and allowing people to create and tell their own personal stories. Brands have created incredibly media -rich experiences that are customer focused. It is not just about the quality of the product, but about the people and the experiences that are built around it. Give your clients an opportunity to talk about how they interact with your company. It is engaging and it makes for great marketing material.

As touch screen becomes more universal, and responsive design becomes a “must” in the industry, new opportunities arise when it comes to designing your site. The traditional horizontal scrolling website is a result of hardware limitations from the early years of the internet. Those hardware limitations are no longer present. The majority of devices out there can scroll any which way and it is important to take advantage of those resources.Creative menus, navigation bars and content on all sides of the screen are all interesting ways to embrace new technologies.However, it’s important to take the diversity of the devices into account. Compatibility comes before design, so you need something that’s innovative and works on the widest range of devices possible.

Performance is also something that you cannot afford to ignore; after all, if you want to create notable user experiences you need the resources to do so. A dedicated server will allow you to have a significant amount of horsepower. This power is ideal for hosting video and other media assets; maybe even a community blogging platform on top of your regular website. Latency is also imperative to take into account. The further your servers are from you and your customer, the slower they’re going to run. So choose a hosting companythat operates in the same market as you do. A slow website can be detrimental to the overall experience and it does not reflect well on your brand.

A modern website is more than just a page on the internet. It needs to be an experience, a ride, a community. Comment sections, blogs, social media, anything you can do in order to enhance the interactions between your brand and your customers are going to pay off in the form of engagement. Once you’ve taken the time to create a customer centred platform, you’ll start to see changes in your relationship with your clients. You just need to take that first step.

Understanding The Psychology Behind Successful Web Designing Which Can Increase Traffic

To create websites which generate traffic web designers are making use of psychological research. It is an important tool which is being used to create websites. To enhance traffic to sites website owners can tap the psychology of how the human mind interacts with the sight of a web page. For the success of your site, the first step should be to build strong traffic. By making use of big headings you can influence the mind of the visitors. It has been seen that visitors look at the headline first and then decide whether they will browse the page. With bold and big typography your website can have an impact on the mind of the searchers.

Highlighting important elements

It is necessary to highlight the products and services which you are offering. It is also important to highlight the call to action button. It is essential that you highlight the main focus of the site which you want the online audience to notice. With clear headings, you can give the visitors a clear picture of your e-commerce service. If your message is clear, it will be easy for you to build a relationship of trust with your potential customers. To highlight the key points you can make use of captions and bullets.

Making use of captions

Do not forget to add text to your images. It has been found that most visitors pause to read the text which lies below an image. This is because when eyes catch image the sight automatically scrolls down to read the message which lies below it. By not including captions to images you can lose out on valuable web traffic to your site. Captions are a great way to convey your message to your potential clients. In a clear and concise language, you can offer them the information which they have been in search for.

Designing intelligently

Web designers today are incorporating creative and innovative ideas in web design. By highlighting the call to action you can ensure a greater number of clicks on your web page which lies in the site. To enhance traffic to your site you can tap into the psychology today. It has been found that more the choices are offered to online visitors lesser are the chances that they will make a purchase. Social psychologists feel that too many choices demotivate potential customers. To improve traffic design a site with a minimalist design with a few places to click and a couple of call to action.

Narrow column width

Studies show that visitors to online sites find narrow column width more appealing. Although text can be read faster in wider columns information can be presented in a better manner in narrow width columns. Visitors can comprehend information in a better manner if it is presented in narrow column widths. The text presented in these columns is more inviting and pleasing to the eyes. We designers have to make sure of the right line breaks to hold on to the interest of the readers. Long line breaks can be boring and short line breaks can be a distraction.

Creating better designs

It is important for web designers to place images in strategic locations. By using the right technique you can increase web traffic to your site. if you include images which contain human faces traffic to your site will be higher. Even if a stranger’s photo is used it can prompt greater traffic. Experts study web analytics to find out factors which can lead to greater traffic. By implementing the above-mentioned techniques you can increase traffic to your site. With the right design technique, color and image you can evoke emotions and behavior which will have a positive impact on your traffic.

8 Biggest Questions Faced By Today’s Web Designers

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