Great Reasons to Travel and Visit New Zealand

There are many reasons to travel and visit New Zealand. With its small population of just over four million people, New Zealand is one of the most unique places to see and visit. In addition to that, its gorgeous scenery is a sight to behold. You’ll find an amazing variety of landscapes, mountains and plateaus in New Zealand, which makes it a haven for those who love to travel to remote areas and see new things. Find out more about New Zealand Self Drive Holidays, visit New Zealand in Style

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With a friendly and open-minded population, New Zealand is a great place for those who like to take in the culture and see the various landmarks. When you travel to New Zealand, be sure to plan enough extra time to explore and take in all the beautiful sites that the country has to offer. With the large number of travel agencies that offer transport, lodging, tours and travel, there are many ways to enjoy the beautiful country. One reason to travel and visit New Zealand is its close proximity to Australia, which gives you easy access to a wide variety of activities and places to see.

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Another reason to travel and visit New Zealand is because of the many cultural events and festivals it holds each year. New Zealand is also known for many of its sports such as golf, rugby, cricket and football. The summer in New Zealand is considered one of the best times to experience outdoor sports. In addition to the cultural and natural attractions, you can also try out one of the many thrilling forms of extreme sports such as skydiving, paragliding, kayaking, snorkeling and more.

3 traditions of St Patrick’s Day

St patrick’s Day is celebrated across the world on 17th March. It is a time when people come together, eat, drink and share st patricks day gifts with one another. You can buy a st patrick day gift from Shamrock Gift if you are looking for something special for a family member or friend this year. There are some interesting traditions that are associated with this day and below are just 3 of them for you to take a look through.

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Such cheeky, rosy cheeked creatures have made an appearance in folklore, myths and stories throughout Irish history. Leprechauns, believed to date back as far as the 8th century, are mischievous and mercenary. You should expect to see many people dressed up in a traditional green suit complete with top hat and buckled shoes on St Patrick’s Day.


It is assumed that when he returned there in 432, St Patrick used the shamrock to demonstrate to the Irish the Christian holy trinity. Farmers will sell masses of small, green plants around the world around St Patrick’s Day, making for an industry that turns over EUR 600,000 annually. But with some horticultural experts claiming that varieties of the plant can be found all over the world, the true history of the shamrock also causes debate, implying it is not native to Ireland. The shamrock is a main emblem of St Patrick’s Day regardless of its origin and is often worn on clothes.

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In Dublin’s popular brewery, the iconic Irish stout is drunk all over the world, but never more so than on St Patrick’s Day, when an estimated 13 million pints of Guinness will be consumed all over the world. With Irish culture, the thick, iron-infused stout is synonymous. To produce the perfect pint, it is suggested to let the drink settle halfway through pouring.






Essential Kit For Hiking

A hiking adventure with a group of people is an adventure to be remembered for a long time and if you are planning for such an outing then it is essential that you have the right kit for hiking. There are actually several different kinds of hiking gear and supplies available for your hiking trip. But if you are not a very experienced hiker or you are very busy in your work then you will find it hard to choose which would work for your needs.

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One of the most important aspects of hiking that you have to consider while buying the gear or supplies is the safety of your companions while hiking. The more you are prepared for the trip the better your chances of enjoying it. Besides the basic hiking equipment, you will also require a tent and sleeping bags if you are going on long hikes. A tent has to be properly designed so that it can provide maximum protection to you and your companions from the elements. You should also invest in camping gear such as portable stove, lantern, cooking utensils, first aid kit and even a sleeping bag so that you are not stranded during an emergency. For Hiking Clothing Dublin, visit Basecamp.

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An essential gear for hiking is also clothing, especially if you have to walk for a long distance. If you are going on a longer hike, then it is essential that you invest in a good rain gear such as waterproof clothing and good footwear. You should also make sure that your clothing is breathable so that you would not suffer from moisture condensation in your skin.

How to travel safely with your dog

Are you going to take your dog for a trip? It can be tonnes of fun to go on holiday or a day trip with your dog. Being well-prepared to make things run as smoothly as possible is critical. Failure to plan and the journey can very easily become a nightmare!

The first important thing to remember is that a collar with current identification data on it must be worn by your dog. Luckily you can get some wonderful Designer Dog Collars from Iwoof.

It might be safer to use a boarding kennel or dog-sitter when you’re away if your dog has not yet been adequately trained with at least basic training. When travelling in a car, you need your pooch to be well-behaved.

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Other items that need to be scheduled include where the dog will be put in the car, pet-friendly lodging, and activities to keep the dog active and occupied while you are away.

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The best way to travel with your dog is by car as this mode of transport would also be most familiar to your dog, having been taken on trips to the vets and the park, etc. Some dogs suffer car travel anxiety, so it’s probably best to get them used to travelling from an early age in the car. If he is nervous, try short drives for a while and get your dog used to car journeys. Maybe he still feels that he’s going to the vets where he might have had a poor experience before.

The lovely Devon town of Honiton

Nestle just off the A30 in the shade of the Blackdown Hills lies the lovely market town of Honiton. This little Devon gem has risen to prominence as a place for local farmers to come and bring their wares to sell. However, it can link it’s history to muhch further back than medieval times. Honiton is also on the route of the ancient Roman road the Fosseway. This links it to Exeter, Gloucester, Cirencester and up to Leicester, so it must have been of some considerable importance to the Roman occupation. It probably acted as a hub, even then, for the many Villa’s and tribal settlements in the area much as it has done throughout the centuries.

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The town is great for shopping with Shops in Honiton high street all full to the brim with excellent wares. A List of the shops in Honiton High Street, its historic High street it should be said, is available at the link. Wandering it’s streets of heritage and the past is a very relaxing day and it’s certainly worth spending some time here.

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It’s not just shopping. The town has a long history of Lace making. At one time Queen Victoria had a wedding dress made from it. Honiton lace was seen as the best in the world. At one time there were a huge amount of independent lace makers working in the town. Much of this  is celebrated in the town’s Museum, a nice little break from the shopping.

Exploring Glenveagh national park

In the North West of County Donegal lies one of the most stunning beautiful areas in Ireland. Glenveagh National Park is a real jewel in Irelands Emerald crown and attracts many visitors hoping to get away from the hectic pace of daily life and enjoy the picturesque rural landscape that abounds here. With many fantastic local places to stay, as well as pubs and restaurants in the area, it is the perfect place for a holiday for those looking to relax and unwind – remember to pack warm clothing such  as aran sweaters and a sturdy pair of boots if you are hoping to explore the surrounding countryside.

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Glenveagh national park is a real treasure of mountains, lakes and tumbling waterfalls. With miles of walking trails to suit a gentle stroll or a more brisk ramble, you will be delighted by the stunning sights that you find on your walk. As well as the scenery, the park is heavily involved in conservation and is home to the magnificent Golden Eagle.

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The mountainous location is perfect for these beautiful birds and since 2001 huge efforts have been made to reintroduce the birds from Scotland to Ireland so keep your eyes peeled! Because the park is still a very wild habitat that is well protected and remains virtually untouched by man, there is a wide array of flora and fauna thriving in this National Park, and conservation of the environment remains of the highest importance here. From the foxes and badgers of the woodlands to the ravens and the plovers that next high in the clifftops, this is Ireland at it’s most wild and beautiful.


Visiting Faro

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting Portugal, then you’re not alone – it’s an incredibly popular and beautiful destination. Don’t overlook the capital though, as most tourists arriving head straight out of the city and off to the resorts. Here are the best things to do in Faro:

  1. Praia de Faro

Don’t rush off to a resort but stay and explore the capital. Just behind the airport you can follow the road straight to the Praia de Faro, a wide stretch of soft sand dotted with relaxed beach bars and cafes for you to get straight into Portuguese living and out of traveller mode.

  1. Cidade Velha

The old city is a must-visit area that boasts a range of architectural styles to take in, along with storks who nest along the rooftops. There are quaint cafes and bars to choose from, from which to watch the world go by or visit the O Castelo, with its calendar of cultural events and live music in its courtyard.

  1. Sé de Faro

This is the iconic cathedral that rose from the site of an ancient Roman temple and once served as a Moorish mosque. It is now a stunning Romanesque Gothic style place of worship with stunning views of Faro and an impressive Baroque organ. For flights to Faro from Airports in Ireland, visit

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  1. Municipal Museum of Faro

Before you even get inside, you’ll be wowed as the architecture alone is a sight worth seeing. Featuring a mosaic from the 3rd century and busts of Roman Emperor Hadrian, there’s plenty here to keep you gripped. Telling the story of Faro from birth to present day, you’ll also find some artworks from Carlos Porfirio.

  1. The churches of Faro

Faro is the perfect place to see beautiful churches in the traditional white-washed, tiled buildings you expect to see in this region. Be sure to include the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, an impressive twin-towered edifice with an interior glazed with Brazilian gold. For the more morbid among you, the Capela dos Ossos is not far away and made from the skulls and bones of over 1,200 monks!

  1. Olhao fish market

The building that provides a home to the Olhao fish market was designed by none other than Gustav Eiffel! (yes, of Eiffel Tower fame). Sitting on the waterfront, it’s the ideal place to sample some of the region’s best fresh fish.

  1. Ria Formosa

Described as one of the most beautiful places in the whole Algarve, this is a natural park and a haven for wildlife. The area consists of salt pans, barrier islands and lagoons, making it the perfect destination for biking, hiking, kayaking or partaking of a guided tour. Go bird spotting and look out for the other many protected species that thrive here.

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  1. Palácio de Estoi

No visit to Faro would be complete without seeing these gardens designed by aristocrat, Fernando de Carvalhal in the 1800s. The gardens are home to hidden, romantic grottos, calming fountains and stunning areas decorated with blue porcelain tiles. The palacio is now a luxury hotel but you don’t have to be a guest to enjoy a look around and a coffee on the restaurant balcony that boasts incredible views.

The best viewpoints of Alicante: The lighthouse of Santa Pola

The coastal town of Santa Pola, in Alicante, not only offers its beaches and restaurants as incentives to the sea. In the vicinity of the lighthouse of Santa Pola there is a privileged viewpoint to the Mediterranean , which today we look out.

There, next to a cliff that descends to the coast, we can walk along a hanging gangway and enjoy an unparalleled panoramic view of the Alicante coast, with the Isla de Tabarca in the foreground. Without a doubt we are in one of the best viewpoints of the province of Alicante . Continue reading The best viewpoints of Alicante: The lighthouse of Santa Pola

If you are a coffee grower you should visit these nine countries

The cold arrives and with it the desire to sit at home in the shelter with a delicious cup of steaming coffee in his hands. Although sometimes we think of a coffee on a summer day that activates our strength we also like it. There are people who can not live without coffee, which is a very important part of their existence, so if you are very coffee you should visit these nine countries . Continue reading If you are a coffee grower you should visit these nine countries

Birmingham is home to the best rooftop bar in the UK

The best rooftop bar in the UK has been announced and the accolade goes to the Hotel Indigo rooftop bar.

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The Best Rooftop Award is part of the Simply The Guest Awards, which reward the very best hotels in the country and were launched by and venues are scored according to visitor satisfaction.


Hotel Indigo was the very first rooftop bar to arrive in Birmingham, opening in 2011 at The Cube. Part of the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar and Grill, it recently underwent extensive renovation and refurbishment to include a stunning new plush seating area complete with comfy sofas, outdoor heating and an amazing retractable cover. Guests are now able to enjoy the impressive 360-degree views across the city, sitting on the 25th floor, drink in hand and even wrapped in a cosy blanket, should they so wish.

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Add to this the breathtaking views, live music and locally sourced food and it really isn’t hard to see why the venue won. According to Sandra Perkins of, 100 percent of visitors would recommend it to a friend. The venue has an almost faultless track record and people cannot recommend it enough – an almost impossible achievement given the high expectations of consumers today.

Reviews on the site are truly glowing, praising the colourful decor, fabulous views, amazing spa facilities and fantastic location, situated as it is next to the Birmingham canals and very close to the popular Barclaycard Arena.


One of the first things people do before choosing to book a hotel is to browse through the reviews of other people who have stayed or dined there. This is why the industry accolade is considered so very valuable and a true indication of a venue’s performance. It has become an important goal for hotels and businesses, such as Birmingham serviced apartments,, to aim for. The awards are considered a real achievement and are highly sought after.

25 categories

The Simply The Guest Awards feature 25 different categories, all of which recognise hotels offering outstanding customer service to their guests. The awards include luxury, historic, family friendly and beach hotels, as well as bed and breakfasts. There were six additional categories this year, of which the Best Rooftop Bar was one, alongside Best Pool and Best View.