The best hockey practice habits to get into

When it comes to playing hockey, practice definitely does make perfect. By knowing the best hockey practice habits to get into, you can make sure that you are always playing your best game. Read on to find out what the best habits are when practising hockey.

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Always shoot to score

When bearing down on the net, never let up. Overexaggerate every shot to make sure you score. Taking that last second glance to pick a corner of the net to release the ball to will help you get a more accurate shot.

Think of everything as you would in a game

Even if you are just doing drills, you can still pretend that you are in the game situation. Protect the ball as if other players are attacking, even if it is just a shooting drill. Add more intensity to make your practice count and bring your best on game day.

Watch the other players

During the field hockey drill, try not to be distracted when standing in the line. Watching the other players in your team doing the drills has been shown to be as beneficial as doing the drill yourself. Keep watching the drill intently to look out for mistakes and look through the eyes of a coach. Some really effective hockey training drills are available from providers such as

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Ask the coach’s advice

When you don’t understand a field hockey drill, it is always best to ask your coach. There is no point in walking away confused. Asking for that extra clarification shows your coach that you are serious about your training and that you want to do your best for the team.

Embrace your mistakes

Making a mistake during your practice can be frustrating; however, instead of letting that frustration get to you, learn from your mistakes. The errors you make in your drills should not be looked at negatively; instead, see them as a way to improve your game. The stumbles, trips and falls when practising all contribute to your body learning new skills.

Enjoy it

Being around your fellow teammates and working together to achieve a goal should be enjoyable. If you are not having fun, you won’t work so hard.