The Role of Trees and the Types of Wood

Trees play one of the most important roles in supporting life on earth. All over the planet they provide habitats for plants and animals, from the rainforests and jungles of hotter countries, to the snowy forests of Scandinavia. They also provide us with the air that we breathe, by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, and we are still learning so much about them.

Scientists and ecologists now know that trees are able to talk to each other in forests, using networks of fungi as a kind of tree telephone line! They also have many amazing medicinal uses, and for centuries have been used to cure a variety of ailments, which is something that we still do today.

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As well as all of these amazing things that trees can do, they are also something that humans use for building, and again have been doing so for centuries. The ships that set sail to explore the world, and the timber buildings of the Tudor period, to name just two things, were constructed from trees.

There are many types of trees in the world and all of the wood from various trees has different properties, so is more likely to be used for different things. Wood types can be split into two main groups, known as hardwood and softwood. This doesn’t refer to whether the wood is actually harder than others, generally speaking, hardwoods tend to be from deciduous trees which are grown from a seed or a nut. A good example of this is oak, which can be used in construction of things like these oak framed garages

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Softwoods are coniferous or evergreen trees, and these are grown from a cone. They stay green all year around and will usually have needles instead of leaves. A good example of this is pine. Holly trees are a little bit of a strange one, as although they are indeed evergreen, they are actually classed as a hardwood not a softwood. This is because although they are evergreen, they do have leaves rather than needles.

As well as their capabilities, woods are often chosen for certain things based on their appearance. Holly is one of the whitest woods and can look beautiful in furniture making and for decorative purposes, whereas.

How to Update Your Clothes Without Spending A Fortune

Every year, people want to know how to update their clothes without spending a fortune. When you first buy a set of clothes, they are usually expensive. However, there are ways that you can update your clothes without making them cost you an arm and a leg. Here is how you can get your clothes at a discount.

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One of the best ways to save money on clothes is to find a discount clothing store. Many stores run discount events where they offer sales on certain items for a short period of time. You can find out about these sales by visiting the store in person or by searching online. You will be surprised at how many stores offer such sales. They will have different items that are only available during the discount period. For a wide range of Farah Menswear, visit a site like

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Another option is to invest in a few classic garments that won’t age and so can be worn for several seasons before being replaced. Some items never go out of style because they are timeless. These include items such as Oxford shirts, classic brogues, denim jeans and classic white t-shirts, for example. This means that you can maintain a timeless style without breaking the bank.

Designer labels are great for achieving this as they are often classic styles with a high quality of manufacture, making them more durable than cheaper options.

The importance of regular vehicle maintenance

When you own a vehicle, there’s a lot more involved than just driving it from A to B and back again. Regular maintenance is incredibly important, or you could be storing up serious future problems that could lead you to being severely out of pocket and off the road.

Regular maintenance is important to reduce the risk of problems building up and to make the driving quality of your vehicle much better. Many vehicle owners fail to do this, whether down to laziness or a simple lack of knowledge. Often, these vital maintenance tasks are straightforward and even those with little or no knowledge can carry out basic jobs on their vehicle. This way, your car will be better placed to pass its MOT with flying colours each year, giving you more peace of mind. For a Gloucester MOT service, visit

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Here are some of the most important maintenance tasks you should learn to carry out:

Regular fluid checks – checking fluid levels is essential, such as coolant, transmission fluid and oil. When these levels are running low, they should be topped immediately to avoid your engine overheating or parts wearing out against each other.

Oil changes – your engine needs oil to stay healthy so you must ensure that oil levels are adequate for smooth engine running. Oil should be changed at around every 3000 miles to prevent engine problems and to help it perform as smoothly as possible.

Tyre pressures – again another crucial element of regular vehicle maintenance. If you have incorrect tyre pressure, this can lead to above normal wear and tear of the tyres and uneven wear as well. Too much air can make tyres more prone to blowing out. To find your perfect tyre pressure level, check your vehicle’s handbook.

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Engine air filter – if there is dirt and debris in your engine’s air filter, it can shorten its lifespan and reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 10%. An air hose will do the trick to blow out any accumulated dust or dirt.

These simple maintenance tasks will reduce the risk of more serious problems building up unnoticed until something goes bang! It might seem like a headache, especially for those with little time but just remember the potential cost should something serious go wrong and the inconvenience of being left without your vehicle. Not to mention the safety risks by driving a car with potential issues.

Steel industries join new government-backed advisory group

In the UK, carbon capture development and storage is a huge ongoing industry that is backed by a £1m fund. Since the inception of CCS Global that works in conjunction with countries around the globe in developing CCS facilities, the British CCUS carbon capture, usage and storage) market gained more insightful companies. The vast majority of CO2 emissions are from three subsectors, namely, cement, iron and steel as well as petrochemicals and chemicals.

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More industries joining CCUS

The government-backed advisory group already consisted of economists, engineers, scientists, geologists, climate change experts, policy analysts, marketers and business developers. In the effort to speed up the process the group invited BP, Shell, National Grid, Cadent, Drax and Tata steel to join the group of carbon capture advisors.

The advisory group will advise and support the government both with potential challenges while giving an estimated investment framework. The group will run until July 2019, while additional members could be added. The UK’s plan is to have the CCUS plant fully operational by the mid-2020s.

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Impact on other industries

The addition of Tata steel was an excellent decision from the government, since this industry plays a fundamental role in supplying vital material to society. Not only are they a supplier of a vital material, but they also contribute significantly to CO2 emissions. At the same time, the steel industry developed a new technology before mid-2018 in manufacturing, whereby they are reducing emissions created during manufacturing by half.

The advantage of other industries joining the advisory group is excellent news for sub-industries as well. Euromac bending machines, which are one of the prime UK bending machines used in the steel fabrication industry, for example, will assist in construction and development. As an industry that is capable of specialising in aerospace, rail and defence, bending machines are very beneficial to the construction industry as a whole.

The aim is to be the first country in the world with a bioenergy plant that captures carbon.

Claire Perry, Minister of Energy and Clean Growth, is welcoming the thought of being a world leader in one of the most important aspects that affect the entire world. For the UK to have the first CCUS facility, the government and supporting industries prove their modern and ambitious industrial strategies.

Things to consider when buying a park home

Buying a park home is not the same as buying any other home, and where a park home is concerned, it is important to consider the following points.

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Park homes are situated within a mobile home site or on specifically designated ground. It is important to remember that someone who owns a park home does not own the ground that it is on. The park home is mobile – not built in to the ground. Owners of mobile home sites must have the correct license for their site, as well as planning permission in order to provide a legal area for park homes.

The park home license will distinguish whether the site allows full-time residential living or limited time in the style of a holiday home. If a park home is occupied for more than the license permits, the local authority has the right to take legal action against the site owner.

Be aware of your rights – those who buy a temporary park home do not have the same rights or tenure security as those with a permanent park home. They are not protected under the law to the same extent.

Buying your park home from the site owner means you should receive a written statement 28 days before you sign any agreement, or before moving in. You have the right to negotiate utility fees.

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More information can be found here –

Site types

If a site is a permanent residential site, you can live in the park home all year round. However, some sites will be specifically for holiday homes only and this means the licensing arrangements only allow for temporary occupation.

For a year-round residential site, you must make sure it is ‘protected’ (permanent residential). Yet, some sites allow both types of residence – so ensure you are aware of the pitch-specific rules. If you are looking for park homes for sale Gloucestershire is well-served, with sites like

Specialist advice

A solicitor is not a requirement when buying a park home, but it is recommended by LEASE and the government, just to cover yourself before proceeding with the agreement.

A survey, like a solicitor, is not compulsory, but will make sure the internal and external aspects of the house are sound before buying.

How fuel gets to our homes

It’s easy for us to just take the energy we use. If you feel a little cold, you turn on the central heater. Want to shower? Only one tap on an app can turn on hot water these days. But the route to getting energy to your home is not easy. This is a brief guide to what happens behind the scenes to power your home.

Solar power

The sun is more than 90 million miles away from Earth, but it takes less than 10 minutes for light to hit it. After sunlight hits the solar panels, it produces a flow of electrons through the panel cells, producing electricity. Each cell produces several volts of electricity and the panel combines the energy they produce to make a larger current and voltage.

For those who have solar panels on their home, the excess power that is produced is exported back to the National Grid and redistributed throughout the country. But one drawback is that solar energy cannot be stored. However, new development by Tesla claims to overcome the problem.

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The UK gas supply mostly derives from the North and East Ireland seas. It was also brought in from other countries throughout Europe. In some cases, the gas shrinks up to 600 times in volume making it easy to transport. This gas is burned in a power plant, producing heat energy that drives a turbine that drives a generator. This converts the mechanical energy of the turbine into electrical energy. Make sure your gas appliances are regularly serviced by a Gas registered engineer and your meter is kept in good condition. For a replacement Gas Meter box, visit


The power of the wind was utilized since thousands of years BC, when ancient Egyptians harnessed it to navigate across the Nile. Current technology means that wind turbine blades can now rotate at 10-30 revolutions per second, converted into electricity through a generator, like a giant version of a dynamo-powered lamp on a bicycle. Transformers convert this electricity to the correct voltage for distribution. The National Grid sends this power throughout the country. Like the sun, there is no way to store this energy.


Uranium, a heavy metal, was formed in supernovae more than 6.6 billion years ago and can be found on rocks and seawater. Now it helps supply the globe with as much as 16% of its electricity. Uranium is transformed into a fuel pellet that releases heat energy when the atoms split, producing superheated steam that drives the turbine. This turbine drives a generator, which gives us electricity.

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The coal seam can run deep underground, as low as 800m and stretches hundreds of kilometers across England. Depending on how far the coal must travel, it is transported by truck, train or barge. The final product of coal goes to a plant where it is combusted and, like nuclear power, drives a turbine to produce electricity.

The fabulous heritage of tales that Ireland has to share.

Ireland has a rich and colourful heritage of mythological tales that future authors have plundered for inspiration and ideas. There is nothing really wrong with this as the tales that were originally told and, most importantly written done and passed on are worthy of a modern interpretation or at the least some very heavy borrowing.

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There are many examples that you can see in the world of Fantasy fiction and they have also influenced the myths of other nations as well. One other important factor is that due to the spread of the Irish around the world for work and to escape persecution they took the tales with them and presented them to a much wider audience. You only have to look at the celebration of St Patrick’s day to see the effect that they have. The parades and pub crawls along with the giving of ST Patrick’s Day Gifts is now a regular occurrence. If you want to join in then ST Patricks Day Gifts available here fit the bill.

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What literature and Art has been affected by the tales of Ireland. The Ballet and Nursery Rhyme of Swan Lake as huge references to the tale of Children of Lir. The exploits of Finn MacCool are similar to that of Hercules (although that may be another example of the Greek influence) and in modern works the connections to the Gandalf and St Patrick can easily be drawn as the walking pilgrim sent to help the people.

If a tale features an Elf it is to the Irish folklore that you should look!

The art of making a good first impression.

First impressions count, we learn this from a very early age. Human beings work in quickfire way. Our brains take a look at someone, something or somewhere and start to make rapid subconscious decisions and judgements immediately. This is something that biologists are still nowhere near to figuring out why this is.. The main theory is that it relates to our ancestors fight or flight reflex. We needed to know in an instant if we are in danger or if we were with friends and are safe. The same is still true today centring around trust. People buy and work with people that they like and trust and the initial impression that we get from someone helps to inform this. Whether it is taking a look at how someone dresses, acts or responds to you. Many of these features are very subtle and not always picked up by the other person.

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While it might be a sad fact that we don’t spend enough time developing a relationship or suspending judgement about someone we see or meet,  the plain truth is that we do not have the time and our brains are not interested in letting us do that anyway. As a modern example think about entering an office for the first time. You might be there on business, you may be coming for a job whatever the circumstances you are entering into a new environment and the unknown. You will have some expectations and preconceptions (a whole new avenue to explore!) before you go in, but as soon as you see the place, your brain is sending you information and signals about what the eyes are relaying to it.

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So, if the reception area is open and welcoming with say some nice Reception Chairs from  companies like and the receptionist is polite and helpful, you are going to start with a view that this is a place that you like, trust and can do business with. If it is a cold dinghy affair and the receptionist is rude or officious then you might start to feel that this is not a place you feel comfortable with.

I was told a story once by a friend who worked in retail buying. He requested a salesman come and show him a line of products they were interested in. He turned up in a suit and a very loud colourful shirt. While the buyer never took on the products he remembered the salesperson above many of the others that he actually did buy from. A first impression well made.

How a deed of trust can protect your share of the property

When investing jointly in a property, many buyers are unaware that they can make a legally binding record of their individual contributions. And that this investment is protected in the event that their circumstances change, or the property is sold. This legally binding document is primarily used to protect the financial investments of parties investing in a property, and it can also include details about the use of the property and how it will be maintained or sold.

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Legal protection

This document will protect everyone’s individual rights in a jointly purchased property – It will make a legal record, with accurate details of the financial investments made by individuals, which all parties will have to agree and sign. Then, if there are any changes in the future, the document will show the exact monetary contributions that were made by all parties, protecting their investment. This is particularly important if there are going to be differing payments made towards the property.

What can be protected?

Along with the usual financial investments such as the original deposit, there are other financial interests that can be protected, such as:

– Mortgage Repayments – the contribution of parties towards the mortgage payments can be recorded, even if parties are paying different amounts, this will ensure that their regular contributions to mortgage payments will be recognised in the event of a sale.

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– Property maintenance and renovations – this will record your agreements towards financing any renovation work or property maintenance, as this is reflected in your financial share of the property.

– Household costs – you can agree which party takes responsibility for other household expenses such as utility bills and taxes.

Consulting a firm of solicitors, or conveyancers, for a deed of trust will ensure there is no confusion over the legality of this document.

So if you are thinking of buying a property jointly, either because you are setting up home together or perhaps down-sizing and investing in a new home jointly with friends or relatives, it makes perfect sense to have a legal record of these financial investments in the property, so in the event of any changes, and you go your separate ways, you can retrieve your share of the property, which will be calculated, when the property is sold.

Top Tips for Painting a Room

Painting a room can be fun and exciting especially if you choose the right colour palette for your new room. There are several top tips for painting a room that will make the whole process much easier and enjoyable to your eyes and taste. It is best to choose a room with a theme or design because this will allow you to use a paint that suits you and is appropriate for that theme. However, before you start painting your home, it is best that you first know the proper preparation steps for you to avoid having any mishaps.

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You should use gloves when you are putting the paints on the walls. This is because paint is notoriously difficult to wash off your skin and you wouldn’t want to get any allergic reactions to the paints. Also, you should clean the area where you are going to put the paints using a mild soap solution and warm water. This is a precautionary measure, to remove dirt, dust and any leftover wallpaper. For Cheltenham painters, JS Decorating are Cheltenham Painters

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When you are ready to go ahead and paint the room, it is best that you have an empty space to work with and have removed or covered furniture. If you are unsure about what type of paint to buy, you can always consult an interior designer or even ask for advice from friends. It is important that you have the right colour and design of paint when you are painting a room, and therefore it is better that you consult professionals. Painting a room is not easy but if you follow the tips, you will have no problem completing the task successfully.