How is denim Made?

Most of us own at least one pair of jeans and if you have found some great ETO denim jeans from places such as  the chances are that you probably have more than one pair!

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Today’s jeans are made of stiffened cotton twill which is then dyed in bright shades of pink, blue, and white, black and red.

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There are two main ways denim is made. The first way that is typically used by the American companies is called the bolt cut, the second way is called the boot cut. The boot cut jeans are most often associated with the southern California based fashion districts, but they are also manufactured elsewhere as well.

The denim that is produced in the United States is woven on a loom that is referred to as a spinning loom. The warp side of the material is turned around on the spindle, which causes it to pull on the yarn when pressed between two rods. This pulling action is what forms the fabric in the form of the jeans that we see and wear everyday. The final product is called denim and it is typically produced in three stages. The first stage is called the foundation where the fibers are spun around on the spindle. The second stage is called the indigo and is the colouring process that is responsible for giving the jeans their particular color.

Should you choose cotton or linen?

Two of the most common fabrics in the world are cotton and linen, although they are subtly different. All are produced from real plant fibres, but the cotton plant makes cotton and the flax plant makes linen. It is still used today in high line fashion products such as Ralph Lauren Menswear that you can get from EJ Menswear.

Here are the main distinctions between linen and cotton.

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Linen is one of the best natural fibres in the world. It was also used to produce paper money to make it last longer.

Cotton is often very durable, but linen is heavier and appears to be a fibre that is more durable.

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Insulating characteristics

Linen is a natural insulator, which,  since the fibres are hollow, can surprise some people. This ensures that air automatically flows through them so that you can keep one layer cold. Lay the linen down to create a natural insulator if you want to stay warm.

Cotton is similar; cotton can be layered to keep warm, but it is breathable since the fibre is also raw. You need more than one layer for insulation.

The Absorption of Moisture

Cotton and linen are also natural fibres that absorb water rapidly, but linen is more absorbent and is also referred to as the “wicking fibre of nature”. It can also obtain up to 20 percent moisture so it’s great for humid conditions. This is why towels and dressing robes are also made from linen.

Stylish accessories all men should own

Accessories are a great way of changing an outfit from a formal one to something that is more casual as well as giving you an almost endless list of options when it comes to styling up your outfit. You can take an item from the Calvin Klein Menswear that you can find from places such as EJ Menswear and add a number of different accessories like the ones that are mentioned below and give yourself any number of different looks.

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Hats – a hat doesn’t have to just be a practical way of keeping your head warm in the autumn and winter months. It can be a conscious fashion choice that you make. There are numerous different hat styles including the standard beanie, the flat cap and the trusted baseball cap which itself can be worn in a number of different ways.


Glasses – if your eyesight requires you to wear glasses you can see this as an opportunity to style up your outfit. Glasses are now much more fashionable than they used to be and there are even a number of fashion houses that have developed glasses with their logos and names on the side. Of course if you don’t need glasses for your eyesight that doesn’t mean that you are left out of this particular fashion trend – sunglasses are also available in designer and non designer stylings.

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Bracelets – whilst wearing a shirt to work might mean that wearing a necklace as a fashion statement is slightly redundant, the bracelet is a great option as it can be tucked away underneath your cuffs if needed and left out on display if not. There are a number of different bracelet styles that you can choose from include those made from precious metals and those made using real and fake leather bands.

Everything a hoodie wearer can tell you about the garment

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If you are a fan of the hoodie and you have several different types, in all colours and styles including Farah Hoodies like the ones you can see at places like then you most probably could tell others the following about these tops.

  • Comfy cosy – they are one of the most comfortable tops that you can wear and are made of super soft material that feels like it gives your body a nice little hug. There are no other items of clothing in your wardrobe that give you the same feeling.
  • Choices – there are so many choices, from those that have pockets on the front to keep your hands warm through to those emblazoned with your favourite quote. They come in every colour that you can imagine and styles that ensure you are never out of an option.

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  • For all moments – hoodies are incredibly versatile and not only can you wear them on the way to and from the gym but for an evening out when the weather might get a little chilly and throughout the AUtumn and Winter months to keep you nice and warm.
  • Favourites – of course you have your favourites that you like to snuggle up in and enjoy a nice hot chocolate or a glass of something stronger.