How Digital Signage Solutions can help even small businesses

You could be forgiven for thinking that Digital Signage Solutions only have a place in larger corporations, however this method of marketing and signage can help even the smallest of businesses. Here are some of the ways in which it can help:

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  • Attention grabbing – Digital signage helps to grab the attention of both current and prospective customers. It can be used to highlight any specific sales or offers that you currently have on in store, to highlight your menu choices and even to offer a way in which your customers can order items online, whilst they are in your physical store. It is important, when planning to install these systems, that you think about how they are going to be used, the best place to put them to ensure that you don’t block off any high traffic areas and what items you are going to advertise on them.
  • Data collection – when used in a clever way you can use these systems to collect customer data for your remarketing. This could be asking customers to sign up for your newsletter or loyalty scheme or offering them discount codes in return for their email addresses. Giving customers the option to do this in store means you can capture them whilst they are happy with the products they have bought and before they get home and forget all about it.
  • Improve waiting times – Digital displays and touch screens can help with your waiting times by allowing your customers to check out online rather than waiting in long lines at the tills. This is particularly useful if you want to offer more products online, compared to those that you have in your shop.

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  • Internal data – by using digital systems for sales you can have instant reporting for your stock and sales data which will in turn help you to identify those items and products that sell really well so that you can
  • Advertising opportunities – As well as using digital signage to promote your own products you can also sell advertising space to other businesses and add an extra revenue stream to your company. You can control how long these adverts remain on the systems and can sell out different packages depending on where on the screen they appear.

There are many other ways in which these systems can be used including to promote and display videos.