A career in numbers

Do you have a good head for numbers? If so, then accounting may be the career for you. Chartered accountants provide help and advice in financial matters, auditing and the provision of financial records. This could include working with tax, audits, corporate finance, or bankruptcy, for example.

You will find accountants work in a variety of settings, including general practice firms and industry and commerce, as well as in the not-for-profit and public sectors. Chartered accountants offer expert services to paying clients who may be an individual or a public or commercial sector organisation.

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In the not-for-profit and public sector, they might be involved in management of the treasury, procurement or in a reporting role. To be able to work with money, you will also need to have a DBS check and in some circumstances a company that you may be investing for may also require Anti Money Laundering checks otherwise known as AML ID Verification like that provided by https://www.w2globaldata.com/an-idiots-guide-to-aml-kyc-id-verification/

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Field financial work that an accountant may do includes:

Providing financial advice

Financial systems and budget management

Business finance audit

Liaison with clients and provide financial information and advice

Reviewing the company’s system and analysing the risks

Maintaining accounting records and preparing accounts and management information for small businesses

Counselling clients in the areas of business improvement, or dealing with bankruptcy detect and prevent fraud

In the not-for-profit sectors, work involves:

Liaison with auditors and dealing with financial irregularities

Generating reports and following recommendations of audits

Financial statements, including the monthly and annual accounts