How to know if your creative business ideas can become a Business?

In this paper I want to define the terms creative business ideas within my experience and came out with an adequate definition as follows:

Some of the very innovative business ideas to developing a company that you want to create. This initial idea presents essential characteristics such as the identification of a need or problem to be solved, which are satisfied through a product or service with which in return an economic benefit is expected. The next step, before you start building a business model, is to have your business idea identified.

Everyone can have ideas. A clear example is the children who are inexhaustible sources of these same ones. There are adults who have them when they are in the shower or doing some sport. People commonly have ideas every day.

But here comes the million dollar question how do you know what a business idea is?

How to know if your creative business Ideas Can Become a Business?

My answer to the previous question is to generate a new business idea with the possibility of turning it into a business.

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But let me remind you that an idea alone is worth nothing. The important thing is to execute it and also implement it in a profitable business model that allows you to generate income.

“Ideas are the raw material on which business is built” -Alex Cormani

Some of the attributes, according to my experience, to know if some ideas can become best creative business ideas are as follows:

  • It must be associated with the creation of a product or service (physical or digital).
  • There must be people (clients) who have a real need in which you can validate your satisfaction.
  • It should be possible to generate income.
  • It should excite you and motivate you.
  • It must be something in which you are engaged.
  • Must have legal aspects allowed.

Although several factors can determine that we are dealing with a business idea, the absence of some of the previous attributes could compromise the development of this same.

I remind you that to undertake you need to invest time and effort, therefore I recommend you to analyze objectively if your innovative business ideas meets some attributes mentioned.

How to develop business ideas?

Possibly so far you have not had a well-defined business idea, so I propose three simple techniques for you to generate these ideas:

  • Ideas from what you like to do.
  • Ideas based on needs or problems.
  • Ideas based on your work experience.

Some good advice:

After choosing a business idea, you must proceed to validate it to discover its true potential in the market, and for this, you can use tools such as Validation Board and methodologies like Customer Development.

I hope you liked this article and I like invite you to reflect on which of all your ideas are turning into some creative business ideas. If you want to learn how to develop your business idea, I recommend you to develop some creative business tools to turn your Idea into a scalable business model.