Rock ‘n’ Roll

A quarry might look like an unsightly gauge in the ground or the side of a hill but what purpose do they actually serve? The reason we quarry is for all the essential materials that we take for granted in our daily lives, like materials for roads, buildings and for the generation of power for our homes and businesses. Quarrying provides materials essential for our economy and is an important activity that needs to be done safely and in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. Continue reading Rock ‘n’ Roll

Life in the fast lane

If driving is your passion then top of your Christmas list this year should a driving day experience. Make it your mission to drive as many different vehicles as you can before they all become driverless! Here are just a few ideas of things you can get behind the wheel of: Continue reading Life in the fast lane

A history of sitting

Chairs used to be a piece of furniture reserved for the elite and dignitaries only and were not found in the homes of normal people. In fact the chair is still used a symbol of authority, for example in the House of Commons and for those who ‘chair’ meetings. Not until the 16th century did the chair become a more common sight. However, most homes still had benches, stools or chests for seating. Continue reading A history of sitting

Birds of War

Pigeons can be a real nuisance, fouling on streets, windows and cars. They are an everyday sight in our towns and cities as there is a constant supply of food from litter and dustbins in urban areas. For help with London pigeon control services, visit However, there have been some very useful pigeons in history and during war time some of these birds made themselves very helpful indeed. Continue reading Birds of War

Creative Kids – Getting your child to help decorate

The very idea of your child helping you to decorate may well fill you with dread – but before you write the idea off entirely, read this. You are probably imagining spilled paint and tantrums, but it doesn’t have to be that way, and there are a lot of benefits to getting your child involved with decorating… Continue reading Creative Kids – Getting your child to help decorate