How to know if your creative business ideas can become a Business?

In this paper I want to define the terms creative business ideas within my experience and came out with an adequate definition as follows:

Some of the very innovative business ideas to developing a company that you want to create. This initial idea presents essential characteristics such as the identification of a need or problem to be solved, which are satisfied through a product or service with which in return an economic benefit is expected. The next step, before you start building a business model, is to have your business idea identified.

Everyone can have ideas. A clear example is the children who are inexhaustible sources of these same ones. There are adults who have them when they are in the shower or doing some sport. People commonly have ideas every day.

But here comes the million dollar question how do you know what a business idea is?

How to know if your creative business Ideas Can Become a Business?

My answer to the previous question is to generate a new business idea with the possibility of turning it into a business.

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But let me remind you that an idea alone is worth nothing. The important thing is to execute it and also implement it in a profitable business model that allows you to generate income.

“Ideas are the raw material on which business is built” -Alex Cormani

Some of the attributes, according to my experience, to know if some ideas can become best creative business ideas are as follows:

  • It must be associated with the creation of a product or service (physical or digital).
  • There must be people (clients) who have a real need in which you can validate your satisfaction.
  • It should be possible to generate income.
  • It should excite you and motivate you.
  • It must be something in which you are engaged.
  • Must have legal aspects allowed.

Although several factors can determine that we are dealing with a business idea, the absence of some of the previous attributes could compromise the development of this same.

I remind you that to undertake you need to invest time and effort, therefore I recommend you to analyze objectively if your innovative business ideas meets some attributes mentioned.

How to develop business ideas?

Possibly so far you have not had a well-defined business idea, so I propose three simple techniques for you to generate these ideas:

  • Ideas from what you like to do.
  • Ideas based on needs or problems.
  • Ideas based on your work experience.

Some good advice:

After choosing a business idea, you must proceed to validate it to discover its true potential in the market, and for this, you can use tools such as Validation Board and methodologies like Customer Development.

I hope you liked this article and I like invite you to reflect on which of all your ideas are turning into some creative business ideas. If you want to learn how to develop your business idea, I recommend you to develop some creative business tools to turn your Idea into a scalable business model.

The benefits of ply lining your van

Buying a new van for your business can be expensive, so it’s natural that you’ll want to protect your investment. Ply lining the inside of your van is the best way of maintaining the look and condition of the vehicle. In this guide, we look at the benefits of ply lining your van.

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What is ply lining?

Ply lining uses sheets of plywood to line the inside of a van. Plywood is a sheet material made from several layers of wood veneer that are glued together. Cheap and durable, plywood is perfect for cutting into sections to fit inside a van.

What are the benefits?

There is a lot to consider when buying a van. You’ll need to decide if you need a large engine, a long, medium or short wheelbase, and how heavy your loads will be. With all that to mull over, you may be forgiven for forgetting one of the most important aspects of owning a new van – how to maintain the condition and value of the vehicle and the goods inside.

Fixing plywood to the inside of your van is essential, if you plan on carrying heavy goods and tools in the back. Ply lining will protect your goods from scratches and rust from the internal body of the van. The wood sheets will also protect your van from heavy items that move about in the back, ensuring the inside of your van stays in one piece.

Image Credit

Plylining your van will also give your vehicle a professional look and will also hold the resale value of the vehicle when you come to sell or exchange it.

Ply lining can be added to all sizes of van, from small panel vans to long wheelbase vans. For ideas on which ply lining is best for you, visit sites like

How much will my van need?

The type of ply lining and how much you’ll need will depend on the type of cargo you’ll be transporting. For heavy duty work, you will require a fully ply lined van. If your cargo is lighter and less likely to cause damage, then you may be able to ply line just the cargo floor, sides and doors. Ply lining will affect the payload of your van, so take this into consideration before you get the work done.

6 ways that bad web design will damage your business

Maybe you are thinking about designing your own website, or maybe you want to hire a professional web design team to create a website. Either way, there are certain web design methods that you should avoid. These bad methods will reduce your sales and engagement rate, and over time they will damage your business.

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Here are 6 terrible web design methods that businesses should avoid using.

Not making the navigation clear

A good website is easy to navigate, as this means customers can easily move around and find what they are looking for. On the other hand, if the customer can’t find what they are looking for they will just give up and go to a competitor’s website. You can make the navigation clear on your website by including a search button at the top of the page.

Using an entrance page

Entrance pages are outdated and unnecessary. They also encourage customers to leave your website as they can’t quickly find what they are looking for. A much better option is a useful homepage that includes lots of links to the rest of the website.

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Having an inconsistent website style

An inconsistent website style will make your brand feel unprofessional and untrustworthy. According to the Independent, you can build brand faith and trust with a consistent website style, so it is important to make sure that each website page has the same colours, styles, fonts and logos.

If you are looking for a company who specialise in web design in Belfast, check out

Placing too much text in graphics

Placing text in graphics makes your website less SEO friendly, as text within images can’t be read and indexed by search engines. This means that your website is likely to drop down the search engine rankings, so fewer potential customers will see your website.

Using oversized images

Oversized images may look big and beautiful, but they normally slow down the website. This is off-putting for today’s internet users as they expect web pages to load in less than a second. If you have oversized images on your website, use a free online image optimizer to resize them.

Not including a link in your logo

Your logo should always link to your homepage as this makes it much easier for users to navigate their way around your website.

Get English grammar help with Acadsoc English help

English is the most spoken language in most of the countries of the world. It is the official language in a large number of countries. It is estimated that a large number of people in the world use English to communicate on a regular basis. To speak and write English well your grammar needs to be good. By learning English you will have access to many opportunities. Continue reading Get English grammar help with Acadsoc English help

Home comforts: why choosing the right floor is so important

When redecorating or moving into a new home, choosing the right floor can be a daunting task. You need to decide which flooring is right for you – wood, laminate, cork, tiles, carpet or vinyl – and choose the colour scheme. Your floor takes a pounding from people walking across it, from spills, and from children or pets playing on it. It is a long-term investment; therefore, it pays to think ahead about the right floor for your lifestyle. Here are some ideas to start you off. Continue reading Home comforts: why choosing the right floor is so important

Which is the Best Type of Wooden Climbing Frame for Your Kids?

If you have small children and a big enough garden, you may be thinking about investing in some permanent play equipment.

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One of the most versatile and long-lasting pieces of play equipment on the market is a wooden climbing frame. Good looking, adaptable, and available in different sizes and specifications so they will fit in with most sizes of garden, wood climbing frames will provide your children with many, many hours of entertainment.

According to Early Childhood News, playing outdoors benefits children in several different ways. It not only provides them with essential opportunities to exercise, but also encourages them to invent games and use their imagination.

But which climbing frames are the best, and what do you need to consider when deciding on which type to buy?

What Type of Wood?

Most wooden climbing frames are made out of either pine or cedar wood. Pine is generally cheaper, so your choice will probably be informed partly by your budget, but there are other factors to take into consideration too.

Light-coloured pine can be stained to your own specifications, while cedar can also be stained but is darker in colour.

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Out of the two, cedar is naturally more weatherproof, so will probably look better for longer. It also has a tighter knot structure, so is pretty resistant to splintering and splitting – great for building frames which children are going to be crawling all over for years.

Pine, on the other hand, is a softer wood and will require more regular treatment to ensure it retains its strength.

Sawn or Round?

Wooden climbing frames are usually made from either round or sawn wood. Both look great and have their own benefits, although round wooden frames are usually cheaper.

Those made with sawn wood allow more adaptability in their construction.

Allow for Growth

One of the main things buyers require from wood climbing frames such as those available at, is that they are able to adapt and change as the children using them grow older.

It therefore makes sense to buy a frame which has plenty of activity choices. Thankfully you can buy everything from a basic frame to one which contains all manner of additions, from climbing walls to swings, slides to Wendy houses.

If you go down to the woods today…

If getting some fresh air in the great outdoors is how you love to spend your free time then you won’t go far wrong with a visit to the Royal Forest of Dean. Whether you enjoy the thrill of mountain biking or are an avid lover of nature, you’ll be sure to find the perfect activity here.

During Medieval times, the forest was used as a royal hunting location and then became a source of timber for the Tudor’s navy warships. Later in Victorian times, it became a major hub for coal mining with tramways running through the countryside. Although it has changed a great deal over the centuries, it remains a very beautiful part of the country.

Image credit

You’ll spot an wide array of wildlife here and a great many places to explore. The four main visitor sites are:

Cannop Cycle Centre – different trails to suit all levels and you can bring your own bike or hire one for a day of exploring. There is also a café for refueling pit stops.

Symonds Yat Rock – here you’ll find an Iron Age fort with incredible views out over the River Wye. A great chance to spot as many birds of prey as you can.

Mallards Pike Lake – a perfect area for a stroll and a picnic by the lake. This is also where you’ll find Go Ape, the adventure trail featuring high ropes and tall challenges in the tree tops. You can also hire a segway and explore the forest in fun style.

Beechenhurst Lodge – here you will find the popular Sculpture Trail, cafe, play area and climbing tower. This is the ideal starting point for exploring the forest.

The Forest of Dean covers more than 110 square kilometres of mixed woodland and is one of the surviving ancient woodlands in the country. The main sources of work here was forestry, charcoal production, iron working and coal mining. The earliest mining has been dated back to Roman times. The area was occupied by the Romans at around 50 AD as they were attracted by the abundant natural resources including iron ore, ochre and charcoal. For a Gloucestershire Wedding Hotel Venue, visit

Offa’s Dyke gets its name from the Saxon King Offa of Mercia who built his dyke high above the River Wye to firmly mark the boundary with the Welsh. Due to its proximity to Wales, it may have come under Welsh rule at times during the Medieval period when its history becomes a bit obscure.

Image credit

The area forms a rough triangular shaped plateau with the River Wye sitting to the west and north-west and Herefordshire to the north. The River Severn lies to the south with the city of Gloucester to the east. The highest point in the forest is the Ruardean Hill at 290 m.

Some famous faces to hail from the area include members of the band EMF who are from Cinderford. James and William Horlick were the inventors from Ruardean who created malted milk powder and gave their name to the drink Horlicks which we still enjoy to this day. Dennis Potter, the famous playwright, was born near Coleford and used the area a great deal in his work. Even the world famous J.K Rowling has spent time in the region, living on the edge of the forest in Tutshill between 1974 and 1983.

Tourism in Cuba blessings and challenges

More and more tourists visit the socialist Caribbean island. Many Cubans benefit from this. After the resumption of diplomatic Havana. Victor Leonardo looks out of the window of the tourist bus that winds its way through the palm-lined streets of the Cuban tourist town of Varadero. “Cuba has changed rapidly over the past decade,” he says. Continue reading Tourism in Cuba blessings and challenges