The many benefits of Building Information Modelling

BIM provides users with increased efficiency and many other benefits in the design and construction industry. Some of the greatest benefits are felt through the potential to reduce rework in the field. As the technology becomes more ingrained and users become more proficient, the opportunities to improve productivity will grow even larger. Here are some more of the many benefits of working with BIM: Continue reading The many benefits of Building Information Modelling

How essential oils can transform your skin

The condition of our skin is important to most people, with significant amounts spent every year on skin care products aimed at keeping it as clean, soft, unwrinkled and blemish-free as possible.


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The hidden nasties in skin products

It is perfectly normal to be attracted to a product by the way it looks, smells and feels, but what if this is all an illusion? Many items that people trust to improve their skin condition contain ingredients such as artificial perfumes, parabens and various chemicals that could cause you harm.

Ingredients in beauty products are not thoroughly regulated, which leaves manufacturers free, if they choose, to make them with ingredients that may harm end users. From serious skin irritation to problems with major organs and possibly even cancer, this serious concern is causing many people to look for alternatives to mass-produced skin products.

Natural and gentle skincare alternatives

Ready-prepared products such as Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm are a reliable non-toxic choice and can easily be sourced.

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Another option is to use essential oils. As these are concentrated solutions that need to be mixed with base oil before using, it is vital that the correct ratios are calculated and used before applying the finished product to skin.

Anti-ageing skin cream

One way to maintain young and fresh skin is to encourage new cells to generate, and carrot seed oil can do this. It is gentle enough for delicate skin, so perfect for the face, and can be used on any aged skin with fine lines or scars.  Other options include visiting a specialist where you could have Non Surgical Facelifts and these can be found at

Soothing face cream

Helichrysum (everlast/immortelle) makes a great moisturiser for dry, spotty or sun-burned skin.

Irritated skin

If you have been bitten by an insect, or have developed a skin rash, lavender-based natural products will help to soothe it.

For stretch-marked skin

Pregnancy and weight gains can leave your skin with stretch marks, which the essential oil myrrh can help with. Derived from gum resin, myrrh has a long and well-respected track record of boosting the immune system and encouraging damaged skin to heal.

Using natural products and essential oils is an easy and sensible way to know for sure that you are protecting your skin and body from absorbing harmful pollutants, chemicals and other toxins.

How to Make Your Bedroom Cosy

In summer you want your bedroom to be as light and airy as possible. However, when autumn comes you want a room which is snug and cosy so you can grab a cup of cocoa and read a good book or watch TV in bed.

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Use Warm Colours on Your Bed

The easiest change is to your bedding. You’ll need to dig out your thick duvet again. The best thing is to use autumn colours such as rich golds, reds and plums for your duvet cover and bedding, while a faux-fur throw is also lovely and soft for cuddling up while reading a book. You could also use thicker curtains in matching colours to your bed linen to keep in the heat.

Check your homes heating to make sure your thermostat is set at an appropriate temperature.

Maybe look at getting a professional to come in from a Boiler repair Gloucester company to check the radiators and pipes with businesses such as

 Say it with Plaid

The warm greens, reds and yellows in tartan also look fabulous in autumn. You could have tartan wallpaper as a feature wall and then use coordinated bedding using the key colours in the wallpaper. It’s best not to overdo it though. You could also find tartan rugs or typical Highland scenes to hang on the walls in keeping with your Scottish theme.

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Keep it Natural

Nature is a major source of inspiration, so you can create a natural look by using the colours you see around you at this time of year. You could create a woodland theme for your bedroom using soft rustic shades of cream and brown. A chunky cable-knit blanket or throw would add to the cosy feel. You could make leaf decorations for your room too. Wooden furnishings such as bedside tables or blanket boxes would be in keeping with this theme, along with wooden floors. Laminate flooring is easier to install than real wood and much more cost-effective. You can find  flooring in many different shades – not just brown – as well as different patterns.

A Lightbulb Moment

With these autumnal colours in your room, it makes sense to dim the lighting too. A bedside lamp with a low-watt bulb of 40 or less will create a lovely, soft glow. Make sure you pick bulbs with warm tones so they aren’t too harsh. The only problem could be your room is now so snug that you don’t want to get up in the morning!

How could the police improve body worn camera policy?

Evolving technology has shaped and improved the way we live, with body cameras within policing one such example.

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Positive policing with recording technology

The University of Cambridge’s 12-month study of around 2,000 UK and US police officers who wore body cameras found that complaints against officers dropped by an impressive 93 per cent. This is likely to be due to the awareness of the recording, both on the part of the officers and the potential offenders and accusers.

As the Avon & Somerset force discovered, this technology can also bolster confidence in policing, reduce the number and cost of legal proceedings, and improve conviction rates due to the more objective nature of recorded evidence.

Police come across lots of crimes within there day to day role and this is why body worn cameras can be very useful. Crimes can include breaking and entering which can damage your doors, windows and locks.  If you do have any problems with needing a lock replacement after a burglary an Emergency Locksmith in Cheltenham such as could be the right option for you.

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How can the benefits be further improved?

It is almost impossible to argue that body worn cameras are not beneficial; however, as with any new initiative, a few aspects need a little fine tuning. If it were to be implemented, these are three areas that should be addressed:

Firstly, there is the issue of when the cameras are set to record. For the aforementioned study, cameras recorded for the duration of shift with the exception of breaks and highly-delicate cases; however, the College of Policing guide on body worn video states that an officer can record at his or her discretion. While there is a pre-recording function of 30 seconds before the camera is turned on, this feature has been deemed unnecessary by the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology. A pre-record of five minutes should be mandatory and definitive legislation needs to be put into place to ensure optimal recording across the board.

Secondly, it could be possible for original footage to be edited or even erased.  It should therefore be a requirement for any officer editing their own footage to be supervised to prevent this possibility, or even the accusation, of such an occurrence.

Lastly, some police forces will only store the recorded data for 31 days; others will delete it before this time; and the public is largely aware of the timescale in which requests for the footage need to be made. The length of preservation should be increased to at least 12 months to allow allegations and complaints further down the line to be adequately addressed.

What do F1 race mechanics earn?

The Federation Internationale de Automobile (FIA) sanctions the Formula One World Championships each year, which is acclaimed as one of the premier forms of racing around the world. The regulations state that the cars must be constructed by the individual racing teams with a minimum weight of 728 kg including the driver and excluding the fuel. The engine is located between the driver and the back axle and is part of the structural framework. The aerodynamic design is paramount to success in the sport, and millions of dollars are spent on research and development.

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The key player in the race is the driver, but behind the scenes is a very important team of mechanics who are continually building and repairing the cars to make them the fastest on the circuit. To be an F1 racing mechanic, you need to be highly trained in service and maintenance skills and have undergone five years of courses and training, gaining your Environmental Protection Agency and National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence certificate. They will use specific equipment to check dirt levels and emissions to make sure all cars and drivers are safe and one item is a Dust Monitor which could be found at  Some F1 teams offer apprenticeships, enabling you to get into the exotic world of Formula One racing.


The wages are generally the same as any mechanic with the same qualifications, but because you have to travel abroad and will be away from home in excess of 180 days a year, there are perks to cover international travel. For many, the thrill of working on exotic cars makes it all worthwhile. The starting salary for a mechanic is $21,470 to $38,470, which rises to $64,070 in the top ten teams.

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The day-to-day life of an F1 mechanic is not as fabulous as it may seem, being away from home and not seeing your family for months on end combined with the horrendous number of hours worked each day can be gruelling and exhausting. As an individual, you have to love what you do, be part of a large team of highly skilled people and realise that travel is going to be a big part of your life, from the Silverstone F1 club to the Hungary Paddock club.

The long-term prospects for F1 mechanics are looking good because the Grand Prix is still very popular. Teams make a lot of their money through sponsorship and advertising, and their elite expertise should keep them in business for a long time.

UK Construction Week to return

After a positive inaugural year in 2015, UK Construction Week and is returning to the NEC in Birmingham from 8-10  October 2019. The event combined nine separate trade shows relevant to the UK construction industry at one venue, which makes it a comprehensive event that is a must for all related businesses, such as suppliers of electrical components. Continue reading UK Construction Week to return

Why the kitchen is the heart of your home

It doesn’t matter what kind of home you live in, big or little, the heart of any home is undoubtedly the kitchen. From small, cosy rustic stove kitchens to contemporary, open plan concept kitchens, there are countless ways to design this special space to create an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and highly functional room. Many people say that the kitchen is the most important room in a home and here are some of the reasons why: Continue reading Why the kitchen is the heart of your home

Furnishing your garden office – ideas and inspiration

Garden rooms can be used for most work activities, including offices, workshops, treatment rooms and craft and art cabins.

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With space at a premium and extensions proving costly, an increasing number of us are moving into our gardens to install studios in which to work or relax. Once you have sorted out the location for your garden office you should think about the security arrangements to ensure that any items that you have stored in there are safe and secure. A Locksmith Sheffield way or in your region can help with the advice and installation of appropriate locks for you.


Designing cabins to meet every requirement takes some thought. Sometimes, there are clear ideas of storage, working areas and seating for workspaces, but advice may be needed.

Consider first the items that are difficult to move once built, such as windows, doors and skylights. These should be placed where you would like light and access to the working area. Designers experienced in working with garden studios can help with drawing and design.

Heating, power sockets and lighting should be in the correct places to enable access during work.

Ensure you have an inspiring vista of gardens or surrounding areas and nature to gaze upon from your workspace. Often, one of the best benefits from working from your garden is being able to enjoy the tranquility and peace around you.

Design and furniture

Timber feels breathable and warm throughout the year but, consider draught-proof ventilation to invigorate and feel fresh.

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To get the most out of the space and not be cramped, keep belongings tidy. Buy the best quality furniture you are able to afford and have it fitted, such as made to measure desks. This will ensure furniture is robust, durable and fits correctly in your studio.

Integrated storage and desks make use of available vertical space and create a working space that maximises every square metre. You can even install work consoles or desks that fold away after use, which is ideal if space is tight. Installing media and computing equipment into your garden studio, and adding shelving or storage into restricted spaces and beneath desks can minimise lost space. The addition of a daybed or window seat is popular, and this can also be used for storage.

However you work and for any activity, a well designed and installed garden studio will benefit your productivity and make your routine enjoyable and more efficient.