Top Reality Shows For Girl’s Nights In

The top reality TV shows offer the right mix of glamour, romance and drama to liven up a night with the girls. It is fun to watch wealthy housewives bicker and then make up with a swanky luncheon. Each person can cheer for his or her favorite in a dance competition. Youthful audiences can enjoy almost cartoon like comedy and drama. Thanks to the top reality TV shows, there is something for every taste.

The divas of BRAVO lead the reality TV show pack with the wildly popular “Housewives” franchise. The casts have expanded to present fashion, friendships, personalities and blood feuds from all parts of the United States. Enjoy the regional flavors of Orange County and Beverly Hills, California. The New Jersey housewives live with Italian flair. Some prefer the hustle and bustle of New York, while others like the laid-back style of Florida or the southern belles of Atlanta.

The VH1 channel offers two “Mob Wives” franchises set in Chicago and Staten Island. The spouses of real racketeers who have elaborate personalities, life challenges and lifestyles.

Everyone can appreciate a ballroom dancing competition, and “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC is a good choice. The new season features comics Andy Dick and D.L. Hughley.  Skater Dorothy Hamill and country music star Kellie Pickler might be the most well prepared contestants. Wynona Judd and Lisa Vanderpump complete the mature women’s category. Alexandra Raisman, Victor Ortiz and Jacoby Jones are in the Athlete’s corner.

The Bachelor” on ABC is an odd duck in the reality show genre. After losing audience over several seasons, the show is now more popular than ever. According to The New York Times, chiseled, handsome bachelor Sean Lowe returned to choose his bride from a new cast of characters. As a former favorite, Lowe appeals to the traditional audience who loves romance in beautiful settings. Social media helps to attract a younger audience who use the Internet to chat and joke while the show is on.

Style TV offers a younger and livelier version of the rich girls’ club with two shows, “Big Rich Atlanta” and “Big Rich Texas” where the cast takes their outrageous fights and ridiculous styles to new levels. Highlights include a bright green, shoulder-padded formal dress that set a new record for tackiness. If ill-tempered rich girls are too annoying, stay with Style TV for “Clean House” or “Supernanny” where experts clean up the worst housekeeping and childcare disasters.

MTV has “Snooki and JWow”, two beloved holdouts from the scandalous “Jersey Shore” reality series. The crazy days are over as the girls have settled down to keep their friendship going. Snooki is now a new mom with a shapely new figure and JWow is engaged to her longtime boyfriend.

The Learning Channel left learning behind and went for pure, thoughtless fun with Honey Boo Boo and her Mama June. Mother and daughter started with the pageant circuit and became a wildly popular comedy team. No girl’s night would be complete without stopping in at “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” and setting for a spell.

When a girls’ night is about new style and design ideas,  the romance, celebrity gossip and glamour of  reality TV shows can break the ice and inspire conversation without taking any of it too seriously.

Eric Halberg is the busy dad of three teenage girls. When he has free time, he loves to blog about entertainment and family life on various websites.

Most Useful Accessories for Your Vehicle

With so many drivers in the world, the great majority are rarely satisfied with just having a plain car without additional features. In a day and age where technology is at the forefront of everything we do, there are thousands of different accessories available to kit out your car and enhance the experience within. Since we are in this age, there are electronic items to consider, but also mechanical devices which serve a fantastic purpose. Not only are there internal accessories to consider, but external, which make up some of the most useful devices. Here are some of the best accessories you can get your hands on:

GPS Systems / Sat Navs
As one of the most cost effective methods of navigation, Sat Navs use impressive technology to direct you to where you need to go, often succeeding in helping you reach all destinations. With touch screens and safety cameras included on new models, you can essentially travel as necessary in the comfort of knowing that you’re likely to get where you need to go, even without knowing where that is yourself.

This great piece of kit is certainly worthwhile, where Sat Navs have really advanced beyond the jovial talking point of being navigated here there and everywhere, with the reliability of Sat Navs being a real focal point these days.

Pressure Washer
Pressure washers turn the chore of cleaning into good fun! Packing extremely high power, they certainly provide enough force to clean your car. Making the entire cleaning experience more enjoyable, power washers have revolutionised cleaning.

Heavily Scented Air Freshener
There are various brands which provide a forever fresh smelling aroma, so be sure to do your research and find the longest lasting which in effect eliminates odor. There are many air fresheners out there for the car which mask smells and do not embody a long lasting, powerful smell, but be sure to look out for one which will keep your car smelling fresh regardless of what happens, and for a long period of time.

Car Bracket
A car bracket is the perfect external accessory for carrying items like bicycles when you travel. Bikes can otherwise take up a lot of room in your trunk or inside your car, so to be able to attach them to the outside of your car is a life saver. Be sure to check these out, and consider buying one to give you plenty of room inside your car, either for passengers or so not to obstruct your view.

Roof Rack
A roof rack allows you to transport multiple items at your own leisure, items such as tools, luggage, equipment, skis and so on. With a similar concept to the car bracket, the roof rack perfectly utilises the space on top of your car, allowing you to transport items from one location to the next, with little hassle. If you are going on holiday or traveling a long distance, the last thing you need is a cluttered car, so luckily for you drivers out there this prevents such a circumstance.

Tips to Buy New Home

Are you planning to buy a new home? Well, if yes then you would surely agree that buying oneis definitely something that requires untiring efforts to proceed. This is not an easy task. It requires a deep market research and finance of course. However, if you are planning for buying next home then it is always advisable to make an adequate plan and move in the direction accordingly.

Pre-preparations before applying for buying a new home:-

You have to make sure that you buy a home in the locality that is close to your working place, it should be accessible easily through any mode of transport. Apart from this factor, the home being an affordable one also matters a lot.

After getting an idea of the locality and prices, the next thing to decide is whether you go for cash-payment or part-payment. Part-payment can be done in two ways, part-payment directly to the property dealer or house lender, and part-payment through home loans. You should make your choice as per your convenience and ease of availability of the two options. If you are going for the home loan then you had better have a thorough online research for all possible home loan schemes including the loans granted for bad credit too.

Check out the details:-

It is important to know the comprehensive details about the person from you are buying next home. You should check all the legal documents related to the home. If you are buying through a home loan financial lending service then you must have a deep knowledge about the reputation and also track the history of it if possible.

If you buy on installments then what will be the interest: –

Whether you take loan through a moneylender, house lender or any bank, you must have a prior knowledge of the interest rates. Interests adds up quickly to your principle amount and results into 50 percent increase in the total amount to payback from your side at the end of the installments period of 25 to 30 years. Try to reduce the interest rates by good monthly installments or down payment options. You can even choose a good home loan scheme with much lower the interest rates.

Carefully reading the terms and conditions: –

Before signing up the papers related to the home loan, you must read all the instructions. You must have the idea of duration of loan, number of monthly installments and amount of installments. You must have a compromise between monthly payments and interest charges because long term loans results in lower EMI but increased percentages of interest rates.

Comparing among all possible alternatives: –

Evaluate all the options to buy new home, after all you are moving to a better, classy and luxurious property than your current home. Isn’t it? Mortgage companies help in a multitude of ways to buy a new home through finance. They often sometimes hire a mortgage broker for you. They can improve your search for new home as well as home loans. A trusted residential mortgage broker has a license number which can help you to find them through internet. The mortgage broker would ask you about your information through online application processing. Mortgage rates will be then fixed as per your financial record of accomplishment.

With proper time management and use of all the available resources, you can find the best ways for buying your next home. Take at least two to three weeks to reach the final decision.


Start an Affair to Live Your Dreams

There are many websites available for married persons to help you find a date online. Yet, finding the right website, which allowing total anonymity, discretion, and safety, can be hard. A woman looking for a one-night stand, on the wrong website, can harm you in the end. Your reputation and family can be hurt if the information is not kept secret and your bank book is hurt is it is an online scam website; there are many of them to watch out for.

While some people may not approve of married liaison website pages, you can find an element that is irrefutable: it calls for honesty. Unlike singles online pages, where married individuals will often fib to attract a potential partner, participants on married affair websites are totally conscious of the situation of their prospective accomplice and can decide to get caught up with a single person or even a person who is married to himself. This commonality might often give everybody a sense of relaxation and comfort in the relationship.

Women seeking affairs many times make out they do so because they think they’re taken for grant and paid no attention by their husbands. They tend to be looking for the passion and novelty that a secret affair offers. A discreet companion can make them feel good in relation to their body or they may very well be in love with a guy other than their husband. And, obviously, the secret relationship can be only about the sex.

In spite of these factors, a lot of hitched ladies (and gents) are going to the Web in a look for an appropriate partner for a discreet relationship. As many ladies used common social network sites such as MySpace and Facebook to look for possible partners, other people have discovered sites purposely made to cater to those wanting married affairs. These sites are now a popular means for men or women to discreetly meet.

Your married affair can remain hidden with these three basic tips.

  1. Keep all contact between you and your trust in one safe place. A text, email or phone message between cheating husbands, cheating wives and their lovers seen by their spouse is the easiest way to get caught. It happens to the best of them. A badly timed text message or phone call is seen by a spouse is a quick ticket to divorce court. Keeping all your contact on the website where you met is the safest way to keep this from happening to you. Affair websites all have email services and you should keep all your contact there. Leaving the anonymous safety of a cheaters website is a big no-no. Never use your phone or regular email accounts. Of course, it is a thrill to hear from your lover or to tell them you are thinking about them but don’t let it happen. The anonymous profile and email you started with is the only place you should correspond.
  2. You and your naughty rendezvous should meet at the place of your discreet encounter. Do not travel anywhere together. Being seen in public with your cheating woman or cheating man is a big mistake. Always meet at the final destination of your discreet encounter. The chance of being seen is higher than you may think. When you begin to consider the sphere of people who you and your spouse know it’s amazing. Consider the number of people you know at work, your families, your friends and acquaintances, social and your children’s activities. These are all people who could potentially see you with the wrong person. This number can be in the thousands. And believe me people love to gossip. Your spouse is bound to hear about your affair.
  3. Never ever keep any kind of receipt and always pay cash. The paper trail of credit cards, bank cards and receipts is almost impossible to completely get rid of. Today’s aggressive marketing means anything other than a phony name and cash will be followed up and that could look suspicious. Therefore always pay cash for whatever you do. Obviously don’t use your name on registers etc, use your profile name when in need of a married affair. These three tips will certainly help to keep your discreet encounter in fact discreet.

Find out if they have plagiarized your work with Plagramme

With the popularization of the Internet and, in general, of digital media, the famous technique of “copy and paste” has become the basis of the “creation” of content, whether informative or academic. For this reason, during the last decades, different tools have emerged that betray anyone who has taken ownership of the work of others. Plagramme is a powerful plagiarism detector that is presented as a representative example of all this. Continue reading Find out if they have plagiarized your work with Plagramme

Roof Tops We All Recognise

Most of our homes have pretty run-of-the-mill roof tops but some buildings are famous right around the world for having an iconic and distinctive roof. Here we take a look at some of the most well-known and instantly recognisable roofs in the world:

  1. Sydney Opera House

This has to be one of the most famous roof tops on the planet. Its unique curved structure has an instantly recognisable silhouette. They are made from concrete panels which are covered in Swedish tiles. It’s the tiles that make it shine and gleam in the Australian sunshine. It took 14 years to finish building the opera house and cost a whopping 102 million Australian dollars.

Image credit

  1. Grand Palace, Bangkok

You’d expect the official residence of the King of Siam to be pretty special and the Grand Palace is certainly ‘all that’. Located right in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, it’s golden roof is constructed of symbolic ornaments important to Thai culture. It was built back in 1782 and is still a major tourist attraction, as visitors flock to marvel at the fine intricacy of the architecture. Remember to treat your own roof like royalty to extend its life expectancy. For UPVC Fascias and Soffits, visit absolute building plastics

  1. Taj Mahal

This is another building with a roof that can’t be confused with anywhere else on earth. Building began in 1632 of this glorious, symmetrical monument. The distinctive marble dome sits 35m high and is surrounded by four smaller domes. The dome is also decorated with a lotus design and a gilded finial which adds to its height.

  1. Capitol Building, Washington D.C

There can’t be many people who wouldn’t recognise the home of the United States Congress. The 88m tall dome is highly distinctive. Built between 1855 and 1866, its made from cast-iron and was painted specifically to blend in with the main capitol building. The Statue of Freedom sits atop the highest point of the famous dome.

Image credit

  1. Domed Rooftops of Santorini, Greece

The sun-kissed beauty of Santorini is well-known and so are the iconic blue domed churches and white-washed buildings. Cleverly designed to keep those inside cool in the hot summer months. Roofs here also have cisterns that catch water run-off from the roof. This is particularly useful as rain doesn’t come so often in this part of the Mediterranean climate.

  1. St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City

There are some pretty impressive roofs to be found here in the heart of the revered Vatican City. The seat of the Pope, it’s an important place and to reflect that, many of the buildings were designed in a Renaissance architecture style. The famous skyline includes the dome of St Peter’s Basilica which is one of the biggest domes to grace any building in the world.

  1. St Stephen’s Cathedral, Austria

Located in Vienna, this cathedral is renowned for its wonderful multi-coloured tiled roof. The iconic roof is covered with 230,000 tiles and more than 600 metric tons of steel bracing. It has certainly stood the test of time too as it was completed in 1160.

Do I Need A Degree To Start An Event Management Company?

Is a degree still a key factor in one’s success? This has always been a crucial debatable topic lately. Some argue that most degrees limit a person’s potential, given a large number of underemployed people in the world. While others, the conformists, strongly suggest that still, without a proper degree, one cannot be at his full potential. It does seem that both arguments are valid, but what does it really take to be successful? On a more specific note, what does it take to come up with your own business? Is a degree really that important? What about in an event management company?What does one need to build this?

Firstly, let us try to understand event management. Event Management is the application of project management in coming up with ideas for festivities, or celebrations. What comprises event management? A proper event management considers the following:

  • studying the intricacies of the brand
  • identifying the target audience
  • devising the event concept
  • planning the logistics
  • coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event.

Studying The Intricacies Of The Brand

How can one create a major launch for a brand which is almost unfamiliar to him? It is very important for an event manager to know the intricacies and complexities of the brand he is trying to launch. This is primarily; so that he can come up with a bright idea on what the event should be about thus bringing about the important suppliers, and coming up with the best idea for the theme.

Identifying The Target Audience

Knowing your audience means knowing what to do. In essence, it is the people who will attend the party who will be deciding whether the event was well managed, or not. And by decisions, it means that the attendees, more important than the client will judge the event manager. It is important to understand the needs and wants of the client but it an efficient event coordinator will likewise have an impulse on the market.

Devising The Event Concept.

More often than not, clients have ideas on their heads. They know what they want but not exactly how to get it right. The key role of the event manager here is to ensure that the idea is well executed and that the event results in success. The concept was given, the manager should be able to play with it and re-create an environment deeply rooted in the client’s specifications.

Planning And Logistics

These two go hand in hand in that, in every plan, there should be an on-hand ready to contact the supplier. This is why the logistics play a vital role.

Coordinating The Technical Aspects Before Actually Launching The Event

The technical aspects are highly important because they should always be the backbone of the event. A good event manager knows this, so these are not taken for granted.

Basically, a diploma of events discusses these subject matters. But then again, it can also be based on experience. If one already has the network, then, it is possible that a degree would not be needed anymore.


Different Types of Bankruptcy Explained

When most people think of bankruptcy, they think of only one kind – typically Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, it is important to understand that there are multiple types of bankruptcy – each with their own function and form. Bankruptcy – as a general concept -is a last-ditch effort to save yourself from mounting debt and the process entails liquidating assets to pay back loans. That new car you just bought? – You may have to resell it and use the money to pay back lenders. The same goes for any other assets you may own. Once the bankruptcy proceedings are done, you can start rebuilding your financial life. Here are some different types of bankruptcy.

The most common type of bankruptcy is Chapter 7, which mostly protects individuals from insurmountable debt. Most of the time, people choose this type of bankruptcy because it protects some of your assets. If you have a home, you can waive a protection right to keep your home. A judge may or may not approve this waiver, but it is usually granted to people who have families or dependents. So, if you have credit card debts mounting or even mortgage rates mounting, you may want to file for this type of bankruptcy.

Another type of bankruptcy that is filed is Chapter 11. This type of bankruptcy is mostly reserved for businesses that have debt building up. However, individuals can also file for this type of bankruptcy. If you are a business owner and your debts have reached a point where they are impeding the growth of your business, you may be able to file for this type of bankruptcy to make your debts more manageable. You may have to downsize your business and sell off some equipment, but at least you will be able to keep your business.

Next, you may want to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is a more lenient form of debt repayment and restructuring. Basically, if you are late on your mortgage or even car payments, you will be able to file for this type of bankruptcy. Not only will it allow you to restructure your debts, but it will also be a way for you to pay your debts over the course of a five-year time period. This form of bankruptcy is a great option for those individuals that have assets they want to protect, like homes, cars, and businesses.

Lastly, it is important to understand all the varieties of bankruptcy, because not all debt is the same. Each person has their own share of financial burdens – these burdens not only include the debt they owe, but also the fear of losing assets. Not only that, but you want to know the different forms of debt restructuring because it will allow you to discuss with a specialized bankruptcy law firm – all of your available options. In the end, some people live beyond their means and other people sign up for bad investments – anything can happen – but it is important to know that there is always a way out if the pressure becomes too much to handle.

Norwich tower block fire reports revealed

Norwich is one of the cities across the UK which has been carrying out repeat fire risk assessments on its high-rise blocks as a result of the terrible fire in Grenfell Tower. They have been very open in publishing the results of the risk assessments and the local press has reported the results. The council has eight blocks, and previously, the risk assessments reported all of them to be of medium or low risk. However, that was back in 2013 and 2014. While there is no legal requirement to carry out fire risk assessments at set intervals, the council confirmed that all fire risk assessments were reviewed after a period of one year.

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Results of the new assessments

The results of the assessments were interesting. Clutter was noted on landings and communal areas in more than one of the blocks. The fire service is always reminding people that good housekeeping is essential in stopping fires spreading. Some doors were damaged, as were some letterboxes, which would make them less able to keep fire out. In fact, those blocks that don’t have fireproof letterboxes are being retrofitted with them by the council. It was noted that in one of the blocks there were large gaps around the lobby door frames.
Rubbish bays can be places where accidental or arson-inspired fires begin and the council has recommended fitting automatic sprinklers in these bays. Where tower blocks already had sprinkler systems installed, some of them were found to be in need of maintenance. In one of the blocks, it was noted that because of vandalism and theft problems, there were no public fire extinguishers available.

Image Credit

Doormats not a good idea

Where doormats have been placed outside flat doors, the fire service has recommended that they are taken away because of course, they provide fuel for a fire.
The Regulatory Reform Order (2005) was the legislation that changed the whole fire safety scene and brought in the concept of fire risk assessments – Fire risk assessment in Gloucester, like its Norfolk counterpart, has to follow the approach that is laid down in this legislation. At each premises, a responsible person has to engage a “competent person” to carry out a fire risk assessment.

And it’s often not appreciated, that both self-employed people and organisations in the voluntary sector also come under this regulation.