How to create a retro kitchen

Have you long dreamt of a retro kitchen? This look is enjoying a surge in popularity that includes kitchens decorated in light, fun colours and designs with soft, rounded shapes. If you desire a unique and different aesthetic for your kitchen space, here are some ways to create a retro feel in your home:

  1. Go for pastel

For retro kitsch, choose pastel colours. Blue, green, pink and yellow are ideal for creating an understated look, especially if you paint just one wall in this colour while keeping the rest of the walls neutral with cream, latte or light grey.

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  1. Get the diner look

The kitchen diner is a big part of the retro chic. During the fifties, the family combined the traditional dining room with the kitchen to make a more open, friendly and cosy dining space. Think of the bright chrome furniture with wipeable tabletops and chairs to match. For Norwich Fited Kitchens, visit a site like Norwich Fitted Kitchens through Graysfitted Kitchens

  1. Go retro with equipment

The perfect way to add some retro style to your kitchen is to do it through your appliances. This is also a more economical option than installing all new. Appliances such as refrigerators, coffee machines and kettles are all available in retro design. American style refrigerators in cool pastels and soft edges are perfect for either a modern or retro kitchen style.

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  1. Tiles for the splashback

Other looks you can try out include splashback tiles, which you can DIY if you are on a budget. Think of geometric patterns and pastel colours for the best retro designs.


Stress free house moving tips

Moving house can be exciting and a great time to get rid of things you no longer want or need. However, it can also be a very stressful time as well as emotional, especially if you have lived in the house you’re leaving for a long period of time. Once your Solicitor Southend way has exchanged contracts is time to start sorting through your belongings and packing ready to move.

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There are things you can do in order to make the move go as smoothly as possible, and the key is to be organised.


The best thing to do is to start as soon as you have a moving date and decluttering should be first on the list. Garden sheds, garages, spare rooms and lofts are all spaces that can be packed up and sorted early on.


Before packing, work out what will go where in your new home and this will mean you can be more organised in both packing and unpacking. This is especially helpful with large furniture. If you are downsizing you may need to check that certain items such as sofas and tables will fit, or alternatively look at investing in new furniture if moving to a bigger home.

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The best way to make sure furniture and boxes end up in the right place on the day, is to colour code them with stickers which can be easily bought from the high street. You can then give the removal company a floor plan showing what colour goes in which room.


When packing, try to have an essentials box for each room that you can unpack first. For example, toiletries and essential clothes for the bathrooms and bedrooms as well as bedding for the beds. For the kitchen, don’t forget to include the kettle, some mugs and some snacks so you can easily make refreshments when you need to.

Despite the uncertainty of Brexit, house sales have seen a steady increase, so you won’t be the only person moving!

Valuables and essentials

Finally, it is most likely you will be travelling to your new home via car and separately from your other belongings, so it is a good idea to take your valuables with you and anything else including any cleaning essentials.

Project Apocalypse – How to Create your Very Own Bunker Bolthole for When Civilisation Collapses

As we have seen from the current world situation, a crisis scenario can be upon us very quickly. During the 1980s, at the height of the cold war, nuclear bunkers were commonplace across Britain. From the large, regional Government Headquarters such as Turnstile and Hack Green, to the smaller bunkers of the Royal Observer Corps. All of these had their place if the worst were to happen.

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As the cold war came to a close most of these fell into disrepair, and became abandoned and neglected (if you do want to go and see one that has been restored into all of it’s fascinating former glory, then visit Hack Green in Nantwich). But with the rise of nuclear brinkmanship and dangerous threats between the United States, Iran, Russia and North Korea in recent years, not to mention the current global pandemic, it is easy to see why preparing for doomsday is once again in the spotlight.

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When it comes to a bunker of your own, you may have limited resources. But you actually don’t need a great deal to make a small bunker. A garage is a great place to start – if you get it well secured it, with decent security and new doors from a company such as this Essex garage doors company, it will serve as a good store for bunker supplies that you may need to move down there and also you could build your bunker under the garage – away from prying eyes!

A basic bunker can be built by digging at least 3 feet underground – that way you are protected from radiation. Line the bunker with concrete and get a built-in air filtration system and that is your basic bunker.

A common reason for moving

Moving house can be a daunting, drawn out and expensive process, which raises the question of why so many people continue to do it. Whether it’s a growing family or a new career, there are many reasons why people decide that a move is the right way forward.

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  1. Need a bigger house

When first home buyers get onto the property ladder, the property is usually small to modest. In a few years they are often overcome this first home and need to buy a property with more space with plans to have children.

  1. Improvements

Deciding whether to move or improve is a tough one. Homeowners can get bored or frustrated with the layout and start to desire a move to bigger, more desirable properties.

  1. Change Job

A promotion or new job might mean relocating to a different neighbourhood or city if the commuting distance is too far. When you need House Removals Essex, visit a site like Relocate, a leading House Removals Essex company.

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  1. Relationships

Moving in with a partner is an important step in any relationship and is a big reason why people move. Conversely, when a relationship breaks up, this can also result in moving house, as the income of one person may not be enough to support the price of the house.

  1. Empty nest

When the children grow up and move out of the family home, many choose to downsize to a smaller house because they no longer need all the extra space.

Special Ways to Remember your Loved Ones

When we lose a loved one, it is such a difficult time. We don’t want to forget them or the important part that they had in our lives, and there are many creative and uplifting ways that people can use to honour the lives of our loved ones.

Plant a Tree – A tree is a beautiful reminder of a person’s life, and a great way to give a bit back to the planet as well. A tree with a memorial plaque is a perfect way to commemorate a person’s life. Watching the tree grow, can give comfort to family members, and ensure that the person is always remembered. A marble headstone or memorial plaque next to the tree is a perfect way to compliment this idea.

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Personal Teddy Bear – One great idea for a special memorial item, is to turn a favourite clothing item into a teddy bear. This is great in particular for a child who may be grieving the loss of a parent or a grandparent, and it will help them feel close to that person.

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Special Jewellery and Accessories – A good way to keep them close to you, is to always keep a favourite piece of jewellery of that person with you. This may be a brooch, a watch or a ring for example, but it helps to feel that person is always with you.

Memorial Bench –  A memorial bench is a lovely idea, if your loved one has a place that they always enjoyed being, perhaps by the seaside, in a certain park, or at a local beauty spot, get in touch with the council about putting a memorial bench there.

The consequences of clogged drains

So far this year, we’ve seen a lot of rain. As a result of freezing temperatures, heavy flooding and high winds, many houses have suffered problems with their drainage systems that eventually become an expensive nuisance.

Inclement weather can lead to blockages in the drainage system which can result in some longer-term consequences if not handled quickly and effectively, such as:

1 – Leaks

Due to the high pressure, cracking and leaks may occur along the internal and external pipes. This can lead to significant moisture and mould build-up that can cause structural damage to all types of properties. Older buildings are more vulnerable. For help with your drainage issues, contact a Blocked Drains Kent company. If you need your drain unblocked and live in Kent click here

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2 – Waste Resurgence

A disposal system that is not working correctly won’t be removing waste effectively, causing an accumulation of debris that will stop the flow of sewage and wastewater. This will lead it festering in your pipe and in some cases, internal resurging. Foul odours and health risks are just some of the consequences.

3 – Structural Damage

All of the above can cause structural damage to your property and can result in a very expensive repair if ignored. Not only that, the safety of occupants and residents will be disturbed because of structural damage.

Keeping your home clean and well maintained is an ongoing task. You must make sure all surfaces are free of dust and dirt. The floor should be swept, mopped and disinfected. The carpet should be vacuumed and cleaned regularly. Water-prone areas such as sinks, counters, kitchen and bathroom floors cleaned and wiped down.

However, these tasks are mostly taking care of only the superficial elements. Sometimes, the real problem could be away in an area not visible to the eye. Since it may be located in a hidden area, you might not realize the damage until almost too late. You only find out about it because it has reached severe conditions and serious damage has been done to your property, or worse, it could cause illness to you or your family.

One of the hidden problems that may have a significant impact on your home and your health is the problem of blocked drains. Small objects, random debris, oil and other things can be slowly and gradually accumulate in the pipes, blocking the water flow. If the blocked drains are not cleaned and treated, the stagnant water can cause a number of complications that will affect you and your property.

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Blockages in the drains can result in damage to your home. Puddles of water that have gathered for a long time will give off an unpleasant musty smell. This odour can rise to the surface and penetrate the home creating an unhealthy atmosphere. Meanwhile, water could leak into the corners and the foundation of the house, which can weaken the structural integrity.

Moisture may appear on the floor or wall, causing water stains, or worse, warping. When left without attention, the area could be prone to flooding. In addition, the stagnant water can attract bacteria and disease-carrying pests. These areas are also more susceptible to mould and mildew.


Top trends for a fresh spring interior

With spring fast approaching, it’s time to update your living space and interior to really freshen things up. From simple prints and neutral colours to retro furniture for nostalgia and maximalist leaf motifs, here are some of the top five interior trends for the new season.

You don’t need to carry out major renovations to make a difference. A simple lick of paint and some colourful new home accessories will do the trick. However, if you fancy a total room makeover, here is some inspiration for creating an on-trend home.

Spring is also the best time for a deep clean while you’re thinking about glamming the place up. A good de-clutter is also advisable to free up space, make the home feel airier and in turn, have more positive energy. For items you want to keep but don’t want to store at home, consider Chorley Self Storage at a site like Chorley Self Storage from Andrew Porter

  1. Scandi-chic

Easy in effort with a stunning impact all in the style. Scandi-chic is a major trend in the coming season featuring pastel colours, texture combinations of timber and ceramic mixed with simple patterns that create a fresh new minimalist look.

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  1. Tropical

To match the weather changes, tropical prints set to pave the way for seasonal style inspiration. Celebrating all things natural is simple when you consider introducing leaf, flower and palm prints to make a statement or introduce fake plants to bring a little of the outside in. Utilizing various shades of green to complement each other, and style with soft pastel colours such as pink, will add a colourful touch to your living space.

  1. Retro

Nostalgia remains a popular trend this season, with a rise in print statements and bright blocky colours like yellow, purple and green. It is very easy to re-create a retro style in your home. Consider introducing an impact through furniture design statements, or soft furnishings with texture such as jute, gold or corduroy to add a ’70s vibe to your home.

  1. Nordic

With natural shades inspired by the beaches and rocky cliffs and dramatic navy colours of the sea, the trend of Nordic style will introduce peace and tranquillity to the home. Style with natural textures including rattan, wood and shells to create the appearance of a relaxing Nordic retreat.

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  1. Art-deco

Add a touch of glamour to your home with art-deco trend. With a touch of pale pink and velvety finish, and clean lines to look decadent, updated art-deco style is easy to introduce into your home. Consider peak marble surfaces, and smoked glass to tie the look together.


Wedding Superstitions: Fact or Fiction?

Superstitions are peculiar things. Logically, we know we should think of them as nonsense but often we still can’t shift the unsettling feeling that the universe is trying to tell us something! Some of you may be familiar with the superstitions while others will be new, but here are some weird and wonderful wedding ones for brides and grooms to be to either fret over or laugh away:

Same Letter, Last Name

If your new last name begins with the same letter as your first, then you may need to reconsider the upcoming wedding. According to folklore, it is certainly bad luck and there is even a poem dedicated to this issue. ‘The change of name and not the letter, is to change for the worst and not the better’. Something to remember or a load of old codswallop?

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Avoid the month of May

Apparently ‘You will rue the day’ you get married in May. Not sure why our ancestors had it in for the fifth month, but this poem sees fit to offer us this warning for some reason. Fortunately, not many people pay attention because May is a wonderful month to get married, often with beautiful weather and all the blooms out. For Function Rooms Newbury, visit a site like Newbury Races, a provider of Function Rooms Newbury.

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Located in the UK, there is not much we can do about the rain on our special day so maybe we shouldn’t analyse this one too closely. Some legends say rain on your wedding day is to clean and improve fertility while others claim it represents all the crying that will occur during your wedding!

How does Double Glazing work?

Windows are designed to let in light while blocking air and objects from entering the house. Besides, windows provide some insulation, but not much. Windows are only a several millimetres in thickness, so heat is able to freely move through the panes, resulting in higher energy costs for heating and cooling your home. Double glazing is designed to let through the light while blocking the movement of heat, converting your window into a good insulator.

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Double glazed windows have two panes of glass separated by a layer of trapped air. The gap between the windowpanes is insulated well so that no or hardly any air can leak between the panes of glass. As well as this, there can sometimes be a dryer between the panels to absorb moisture and stop stray mist from forming between them. The window can be clear or coloured or covered with a reflective coating. For more information on Glass suppliers Bristol, visit a site like

Double glazed windows protect in several different ways. It has two glass panels doubling the amount of glass that heat has to pass, slowing movement and helping isolation. Actual insulation strength, however, comes from trapped air. Heat is the motion of the molecules – the hotter the material, the faster the molecules move. When the excited molecules bang into molecules nearby, they disperse heat in a process known as conduction. Due to the fact that air molecules are scattered, they are unable to perform anywhere near as effectively as denser gas. Consequently, the trapped air acts as an insulator. Some of the heat can still be flowing through the air but moves more slowly than it does through glass.

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Double glazed windows can also be improved by adding a coating. Different coatings are used for different purposes. For example, a metallic reflective layer outside the outer panel will stop the infrared radiation from passing through glass from the outside, to prevent the sun from heating the room. The same layer outside the inner panel, however, will stop the infrared leave the room, keeping it warm. Double glazed windows also can be tinted to reduce incoming light, like a normal window.

What to do about Artex

If your house was constructed or decorated in the seventies or eighties, then there is a good chance at least one of your ceilings has artex. Artex is basically a textured ceiling, usually with a rounded or dimpled pattern.

A lot of people choose to keep their artex ceilings, whereas others remove or cover them over, viewing them as not very fashionable anymore. To achieve this, it is possible to plaster it over do this, you can plaster on it, take it out completely, or install a false ceiling.

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Find out if it contains asbestos

Before work begins on the ceiling, you need to ascertain whether it contains asbestos in the artex. If you know that it was built after 1999, do not worry, it will not contain asbestos. But if it was built before this date, there is a great possibility that it might. This is because asbestos used to be an important part of the artex before the British government banned it in 1999.

Should you suspect your ceiling might contain asbestos, it’s imperative to have it tested. Ensure you locate an accredited professional to do this like TES Environmental  that way you’ll know they are safe and competent. For  Asbestos survey Birmingham

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You do not have to remove artex ceilings that contain asbestos, because they are safe unless disturbed. You can find a way to cover it without damaging it. If it becomes scratched or weakened in any way, this could expose the asbestos fibres making them dangerous as they are released into the air.