Do I need more landing pages on my website?

Although it might be hard to comprehend, having more landing pages on your website can have a hugely positive impact on your marketing strategy. Landing pages are indispensable tools for companies that can help to reinforce the messages and offers that you are currently directing to your audience. Here is more information on why more is better in this case and how to get those numbers up.

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What does having more landing pages do for audience interaction?

The number of landing pages a company’s website contains has been proven to correlate with the number of leads it generates. To put it in simple terms, by having multiple landing pages, you are providing consumers with multiple opportunities to engage with your website. This increase in activity then helps to convert visitors into leads. In addition, there is an SEO benefit to having an array of landing pages as more of these will be indexed in search engines and ultimately appear on people’s screens.

We are not saying, however, that you should add pages and pages of aimlessly repeated data. On the contrary, segmentation can really work in your favour as it allows you to identify and focus on certain personas and then cater to their needs and interests in a better way on specifically tailored pages. By having more targeted information and offers, you could find that your pages are actually more relevant to a higher number of people than if you were to summarise the content on one simple landing page (see

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How can I successfully create more landing pages?

If you’re unsure how to even start to improve your website, you might wish to consider contacting a firm specialising in web design and development in London, where web marketing companies such as can be found.

Alternatively, try to rework your website yourself or with the help of your website management team. You could, for example, invest in a landing page creation tool that will help novices work out ways to set up new and effective landing pages. However, if you’re confident that you can tweak the website’s data yourself, look into altering the offers you already have published to suit different personas and tastes. Likewise, repurpose existing content to enhance the offers you have available.