Telecommunications – The Industry of Opportunity

The telecommunications industry provides television, telephone, cable services, internet, broadband, cellular phones, and satellite services among other. This massive industry is broken up into four sectors: wireless, wired, satellite, and “other”. Careers abound. In addition to the designers of these primary goods and services, layers of supportive occupations are necessary to keep this industry growing. Telecommunications jobs also include salespeople, client service agents, instructors, repair specialists, marketers, among others. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us that 52% of individuals employed in telecommunications are in installation, maintenance, and repair professions.

The biggest sector of telecommunications covers wired carriers. These carriers deliver landline phones, DSL, cable TV and Internet services. Transmitted over cables and lines, these carriers control access and characteristically charge for access to the content delivered. They may or may not own the network used. These carriers don’t produce the content delivered (for example, a cable TV carrier delivers the service but they don’t produce the awards show or concert you are watching).

Wireless telecommunication carriers deliver Internet and data by sending signals over a network of radio towers. The best image of the wireless sector is cell phones. Signals are transmitted through an antenna straight to customer’s phone and from there, info and voice transmissions can be sent and received.

Satellite telecommunications send and receive information via satellites and are able to transmit a variety of data including images, messages and more. Businesses often use satellite as back up to DSL services and the government relies heavily on satellite transmissions. Direct-to-home satellite TV is classified in the wireless grouping and not satellite. Other telecommunications refers to services such as radar stations and radio networks.

Telecommunications is such an exciting field. We’ve watched data transmission capabilities (bandwidth) change with the evolution of fiber optics. The speed capabilities of fiber optics allow for rapid transmission of data. Some carriers offer fiber optics cable to residential customers; provide video on demand, faster high-speed Internet, cable TV, and a telephone all delivered through one single line. With increasingly speedy connections, watch as even more data and apps are easily delivered to mobile devices. The future is bright for the field of telecommunications.

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Internet Marketing – A Virtual Store

Internet marketing is the equivalent of having a store to sell your product or service, except it is online. The challenges with having an online presence are the same as if you had a brick and mortar establishment: Build rapport with the customer, explain the benefits of your product or service, and plant the desire to buy your product or service; retain them as loyal customers. Add to that, provide great customer service, and offer rewards for their business, such as coupons or member perks. With a great internet-marketing plan, you can win customers and increase sales, and gain a regular following.

The first thing to do is to get probable customers to your virtual business. Using search engine optimization, pay per clicks, ads, and email marketing will bring them there. When the public visits your site, it’s up to you to keep them there. How? By having an effective sales and benefits message and by demonstrating how your product or service fills their needs. Design your site to showcase products or services in ways that appeal so that potential customers can picture you as the solution to whatever brought them to your site, to begin with.

In internet marketing, you don’t have a greeter standing by your door. You don’t have a real person building rapport with the customers, so the next best thing is to make your site so user-friendly and welcoming, that the visitor trusts you and what service or product you are selling.

Have you ever walked into a store and known immediately that it wasn’t for you? It may have been the employee’s attitude or the darkness of the store, or the product displays, or the cleanliness, but whatever the reason, you wanted out fast. Well, websites make the same impressions, so be sure that your website is easy to use, welcoming looks credible and professional, and has contact info prominently displayed. Don’t make it hard for someone to reach you.

Best practices always mean adding something extra for the customer, like a pleasant surprise. Follow up purchases with a confirmation, add customer friendly guarantees and return policies, and even free shipping. Keep the customer’s trust and you’ll broaden your customer base.

Five must-know concepts in e-commerce

If you are new to online trading, understanding a few of the common terms used in e-commerce is essential to get you on the road to success. Here are five must-know concepts.

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Responsive design

One of the most important web concepts of current times, responsive design relates to how a website can readjust itself according to the device the user views it on. Responsive design has become a hot topic in e-commerce as more people now use mobile devices for searching online. According to Business2Community more than half of consumer time spent on the internet is now on mobile devices.

Cohort analysis

Understanding your customers and their behaviours can help to shape your website and marketing strategies. Cohort analysis involves studying people according to common characteristics, so you can then identify which customer segments are most profitable to your e-commerce venture.

A/B testing

To improve user experiences, A/B testing, or split testing, is a method that lets you compare two versions of a web page from your e-commerce site. This allows you to identify any weaknesses in your site, and make improvements, such as changing the location or size of offers or sidebars. To ensure effective A/B testing, it’s advisable to seek expert help from web designers in Swansea, such as

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PCI compliance

Shoppers to your site will want to ensure their financial details are safe when making a purchase, so it’s vital that you’re PCI, or Payment Card Industry, compliant. This covers a set of security standards devised to protect consumers’ financial data before or after a transaction. To ensure compliance, you’ll need secure networks and data storage, robust access control measures and frequent testing and monitoring of your security procedures.

Conversion rate optimisation

This commonly-used concept is essential to the success of any online business, and it relates to analysing information to understand who is buying what on your site. When you understand buyer behaviour, you can better shape your marketing efforts to boost your conversion rates and the overall performance of your site.

It’s important to use reliable sources of information, such as analytics and user feedback, rather than guesswork, to understand how well your site is performing. Making simple changes, such as moving a button, making the call to action more obvious, or focusing on the more successful products, can help optimise your conversion rate.

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MailTrack, double check for Gmail, you already have Firefox extension

MailTrack is the adaptation of the concept of “double check” WhatsApp (i.e. when they actually read your message) but moved to email. It is a browser extension that lets you check whether your message recipient has opened or not.

So far MailTrack was limited to Chrome and Opera, but the company has just announced the arrival of its version for Firefox , one of its most important releases in recent months. The adaptation for smartphone , as we have from within, still have to wait a little longer.

MailTrack Firefox works exactly the same way as Chrome version: once installed the extension in the browser, you will see a couple of ticks next to each mail message, marking whether the message was opened or not. As you we explained here, the Open Confirmation is done by inserting a small image in the body of the email. Continue reading MailTrack, double check for Gmail, you already have Firefox extension

Cleaning Your Digital Camera Sensors: The How and the Why

My official advice is simple: don’t get the sensor dirty in the first place and, if you do, get it professionally cleaned. Even if you’re only a keen amateur, it’s well worth the expense of a professional clean every year or so to keep your investment in good working order.

Cleaning Your Digital Camera Sensors

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That said, if you’re reading this you’ve probably already decided to ignore my advice and have a go at cleaning your sensor yourself. So, in this article, we’ll be looking at a few of the different techniques for doing just that and some of the key points to remember.

General Hints and Tips

– If you have a recent Canon DSLR, you can almost certainly ignore this article as your camera already cleans it’s sensor automatically every time you turn it on. The camera uses very high-frequency vibrations to shake any debris from the sensor aided by anti-static coatings which hopefully repel dust in the first place.

– Always make sure you have a fully charged battery before trying to clean your camera’s sensor. This is because you need power to keep the mirror up and out of the way.

– Only ever use proper, purpose-made cleaning products which were manufactured for the purpose in a clean environment and sealed for protection. As this writer for All Things Photography found out, dirty cleaning equipment will only make matters worse.

– Never use canned or compressed air to clean a sensor directly. The force, propellant and low temperature will cause irreparable damage to the sensor and related electronics.

Doing the Deed

Professional photographers such as Bournemouth wedding photographer all have their own sensor cleaning routines, and it’s fair to say that the actual task is not technically challenging although it can be fiddly.

Above all, remember to be slow and be gentle. You should always start with the least invasive and softest option to avoid any possibility of damage to the sensor before trying other methods if you haven’t managed to get things clean.

This means starting off with a blower or vacuum, which are perfect for removing loose dust and debris. If that is not effective, you can move on to options such as brushes and then ultimately a wet swab if there is no alternative.

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The 13 best affordable monitors you can buy

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