Employee Of The Year: I Achieved My First Award Plaque!

Today, I am going to share with you one of my pleasant experience… Don’t worry, I am not going to make you bore with all the experience and struggling stories of my life. I am just going to share with you, my first award plaques winning experience and I can say that it is the most pleasant experience in the life of any professionals like me after win the plaques. Continue reading Employee Of The Year: I Achieved My First Award Plaque!

How to improve your performance in App Store Optimization?

How not to be part of the 80% of applications called “zombies” on blinds? Today, nearly 1.5 million applications are available on both Google Play and the App Store: competition is fierce! The “zombies applications” are all those that do not reach 500 downloads: this concerns 80% + apps. How to be visible on these blinds, and generate over 500 downloads? How can appear in the top results of a search by keywords, how to appear in the top of a category?


The blinds ranking algorithms take into account three criteria:

  • 1 / the number of downloads within 24 to 72 hours,
  • 2 / retention (number of openings of the application, session time), and
  • 3 / Note average given by the users, of your application and the number of reviews.

It is therefore important to work these 3 key points:

the number of downloads more downloads you accumulate, the more the application is visible in the rankings, and therefore you generate downloads “organic” free thanks to the users who will see the app for themselves in the app stores. It is a virtuous (or vicious, according to the marketing budgets that has …) where the apps that generate the most volume manage to generate more in stride.

Retention of its application more user will use an application, the better it will be ranked in the rankings app stores. This is anyway a key element for a developer to basics: to ensure that its application contends to be well ranked. But that is not neutral on the overall rankings: Apple and Google are giving more and more importance to the concept of retention to determine their rankings, which is why we now find in the top rankings of many apps that an inherently high retention: Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Youtube, etc. To the detriment of other types of apps.

The scores given by users: there too, they are a function of what the application, but it is possible to maximize the notes by placing data in the application message to ask users to put a note. The developer can thus have an impact on this element.

Studies show that about 50% of an app downloads come from search by keywords. How can we improve performance by ASO (App Store Optimization)?

The first thing to do is optimize the keywords associated with your application. On the Apple App Store, a field of 100 characters is dedicated to keywords for each language: make sure not to leave any space between words in this field and to use only singular words. On Google Play, there is no field dedicated to keywords: Google takes into account all of the words and their occurrence, present in your title, short description and your long description. Make sure to place your priority keywords in your title and short description; Also make sure to repeat each of your keywords 5-6 times in your description.

How to choose the best keywords for ASO? In theory, your goal is to be ranked No. 1 in the search results bar for each keyword that you think is critical. If you appear too low, beyond the top 5-6 in the results given for a keyword, users will not see your application.

Review the current ranking of your keywords, using tools offered by sites like SearchMan or Sensor Tower. Identify the keywords for which you are not sufficiently visible and abandon them. Brainstormez to create a large list of potential keywords, inspiring you from your competitors, for example. Compare your keywords according to their characteristics: relevance (Is there a connection with my application?), Difficulty (my keyword-it is too used by my competitors?) And traffic (volume of searches users for this keyword).

How does Gas Detection Calibration Work?

Having properly working gas detection equipment can mean the difference between life and death, it is therefore imperative that you keep your detection equipment in good condition and properly calibrated. The frequency in which you calibrate your equipment will depend on its usage and whether it is used domestically or industrially, home equipment may only need to be calibrated once every 6 months or once a year, whereas industrial calibration equipment should be calibrated at least once a month. Portable detectors need to be calibrated more frequently than fixed position detectors due to their ever changing environments and the increased chance of being damaged in transit, many people chose to calibrate portable detectors every day or at the beginning of every shift to ensure accuracy and safety. Continue reading How does Gas Detection Calibration Work?

Securing Your Premises with Efficient CCTV Camera

CCTV camera systems are used worldwide as a part of security system. They can be seen installed at different public places like railway stations, banks, ATMs, stock market, supermarkets, shopping malls, museums, airports and others. With the increase in the crime rate, it has become important for every city and state to get them installed where chances of these crimes are more.  Even if there is any event organized within the city, the CCTV cameras play a vital role in ensuring the safety of people coming on the event. These cameras are even installed in big companies for the safety and security of people entering the premises. Continue reading Securing Your Premises with Efficient CCTV Camera

Turn To Gaming For An Amazing Online Gaming Experience

Online gaming activities like betting, gambling, poker, cards and other casino games continue to draw mass attention just like old days. At a time when other industries feel the heat of growing economic uncertainty, online gaming is creating billions of dollars without any hassle. If you want to be a part of this massive industry and earn quick money, you need to focus on a few very important things right from the beginning. Continue reading Turn To Gaming For An Amazing Online Gaming Experience

Discover Devon

If you enjoy visiting an area to explore it’s wildlife and natural habitats then you will love Devon. This is definitely the place to explore seashore wildlife as there are tons of fantastic beaches in the county. The coasts support a large variety of different environments including cliffs, rocky shores, dunes, sand and muddy estuaries. Continue reading Discover Devon

How to Correctly Identify Your Skin Type

A quick glance at the skincare aisle in a shop may make it seem like identifying your skin type is a relatively simple process. All you have to do is recognise whether your skin is dry, oily or combined and then buy the corresponding products. However, while this method is a great place to start, for most of us finding the right skincare product is much more specific to us as individuals.

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Approach Products with Caution

Our skin can be influenced by factors such as weather and stress. Certain products may aggravate these issues and prove to be too harsh for your skin. Additionally, heavy and highly-concentrated products can end up making your skin more oily or dry, even if this is exactly what they are trying to combat.

As a result, using the wrong product could be making your skin worse and so it is essential to pick the right treatments. Individuals with oily skin should avoid emollient products and for acne sufferers the ingredients of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, are crucial for keeping your pores under control.

Test Your Skin

An effective way of correctly identifying your skin type is by washing your face with a neutral product, applying a cleanser and then waiting roughly 20 minutes to see the effects on your skin. Tightness and dryness will indicate dry skin, while the appearance of oil will suggest oily skin. The most common skin type is combination skin, and this will be shown by an oily T-zone with dryness around the jaw and cheeks.

Choosing the Right Products

Identifying your true skin type is a great start to improving your skin. Great products for dry skin include those with rich lotion and serum textures. Products such as Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm are made specifically for very dry skin for their rejuvenating qualities and can be found at http://www.lifeandlooks.com/eucerin-aquaphor-soothing-skin-balm.html. To avoid making oily skin oiler, it is best to stick to light fluid, liquid or gel products. Combined skin is best targeted with a mix of emollient and light-weight products.

Additional Factors

The main skin types of dry, oily and combined skin are helpful if your skin falls within that category. In addition, factors such as unprotected sunshine exposure, health problems, make-up and erratic skin can all contribute to what skincare treatment is suitable.

Pelvic inflammatory disease: what you need to know

Pelvic inflammatory disease, commonly abbreviated to PID, is a vaginal infection that travels through the cervix and womb and into the fallopian tubes, sometimes also affecting the ovaries. This occurs when bacteria finds its way into the vagina, causing an infection that results in inflammation.

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How PID is caused

There are often no specific causes for PID; however, some women may experience an infection following a pregnancy termination, childbirth, or intercourse with a new sexual partner.

The symptoms of PID

Inflammation will usually cause pain in the lower abdomen and may be accompanied by a fever, heavy periods, vaginal discharge and a general feeling of discomfort.

As with all sexual health concerns, it is important to seek advice if you are concerned. London STI testing kits, such as those provided by https://www.checkurself.org.uk/order-a-test-kit/, are available from a number of locations that will also be able to provide you with accurate and up-to-date advice on a variety of sexual health issues.

Diagnosing PID

A doctor will usually conduct a pelvic examination and may also conduct a blood test, which will usually show any signs of infection. If these initial tests and examinations are unclear, your doctor may conduct a further pelvic examination using a laparoscopy. A sample will also be taken to identify the cause of your PID.

Treating PID

A course of antibiotics and rest will usually ensure that any inflammation subsides within a couple of weeks and hospital treatment is only needed in a small number of cases. If you are still experiencing pain following a course of antibiotics, this could be a sign that the infection has not been properly treated or has returned, although it is important to note that this is uncommon.

PID complications

Although PID is usually easily treated, it is still important that you seek medical attention as quickly as possible after experiencing symptoms. As the Daily Mail reports, delayed treatment may result in harm to the fallopian tubes, which can increase the risk of infertility.

In chronic cases, surgery may be necessary, which could result in the removal of an ovary, a fallopian tube, or occasionally a hysterectomy; however, as the majority of women access appropriate treatment quickly, these complications are usually avoided.a

Have you ever seen a house on wheels?

One of the huge benefits of timber frame buildings is their transportability. Sections of the new home are easily preassembled, even with insulation and cladding already in place, transported to anywhere you want them, and quickly assembled straight from the back of the lorry.

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Don’t forget the house when you move.

Although rare in this country, in North America where this kind of construction has always been popular, thousands of homeowners have had their beloved timber framed homes lifted onto the backs of lorries and transported intact to new locations. We don’t particularly recommend it on the roads typical of the British Isles, but it shows you what can be done.

If you can’t find it, build it!

Another key benefit of this type of build is the flexibility of design. Whilst the catalogues of timber frame building companies have many ready-to-go house designs that are indistinguishable at first sight from traditional block-built ones.

Take a look at ones built by this Northern Ireland timber frame construction company, for example http://www.qtfhomes.co.uk/. Timber frame companies are also very flexible when it comes to delivering bespoke designs. In fact, your only real limit is your own imagination.

Forget the wings – put wheels on it.

A forest retreat? A holiday home tree-house? A farm shop? Or a semi-mobile cafe to work festival sites? It’s a relatively simple matter to assemble such buildings in sections, or in some cases, virtually one piece, and hoist them from a lorry, with just a little assembly and connection of services to finish off. If you need to pack it up again and move it, then, depending on the design, it needn’t be too difficult to reverse the procedure and relocate it.

This can be the perfect solution in many circumstances where local planning or land use regulations exist to prevent certain types of permanent building. As a timber frame is relatively lightweight, it’s possible to literally have wheels permanently attached which has been the accepted strategy on permanent caravan sites for decades. There is more advice here  https://homefarmer.co.uk/getting-planning-permission-log-cabins-mobile-homes/.

Off the grid.

The availability of cheap and efficient solar panels, combined with that of warm insulated timber prefabricated buildings, makes these kinds of projects ever more fashionable. We can expect to see growing numbers of exciting and unique designs tailored for beautiful unspoilt locations.