Rock ‘n’ Roll

A quarry might look like an unsightly gauge in the ground or the side of a hill but what purpose do they actually serve? The reason we quarry is for all the essential materials that we take for granted in our daily lives, like materials for roads, buildings and for the generation of power for our homes and businesses. Quarrying provides materials essential for our economy and is an important activity that needs to be done safely and in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. Continue reading Rock ‘n’ Roll

Life in the fast lane

If driving is your passion then top of your Christmas list this year should a driving day experience. Make it your mission to drive as many different vehicles as you can before they all become driverless! Here are just a few ideas of things you can get behind the wheel of: Continue reading Life in the fast lane

A history of sitting

Chairs used to be a piece of furniture reserved for the elite and dignitaries only and were not found in the homes of normal people. In fact the chair is still used a symbol of authority, for example in the House of Commons and for those who ‘chair’ meetings. Not until the 16th century did the chair become a more common sight. However, most homes still had benches, stools or chests for seating. Continue reading A history of sitting

Birds of War

Pigeons can be a real nuisance, fouling on streets, windows and cars. They are an everyday sight in our towns and cities as there is a constant supply of food from litter and dustbins in urban areas. For help with London pigeon control services, visit However, there have been some very useful pigeons in history and during war time some of these birds made themselves very helpful indeed. Continue reading Birds of War

Creative Kids – Getting your child to help decorate

The very idea of your child helping you to decorate may well fill you with dread – but before you write the idea off entirely, read this. You are probably imagining spilled paint and tantrums, but it doesn’t have to be that way, and there are a lot of benefits to getting your child involved with decorating… Continue reading Creative Kids – Getting your child to help decorate

Identity Theft Protection: A Good Move, Or A Waste Of Time?

It’s a good question, and the answer is yes… but with some caveats.

Identity theft is one of the curses of the internet age. Put simply, it’s a problem that’s only going to grow, as the 21st century marches on.

But if you’re concerned or worried about making sure the only person using your identity and your sensitive financial information is you… you might be wondering about the best way to go about protecting your identity from criminals and hackers.


Essentially, you have Two Options

The first is to try and look after it all yourself, and the second is to pay for an ID protection service.

The good news is that both work.

The bad news is that taking a DIY approach can be time consuming and frustrating. Yes, you can save yourself some cash and review your credit reports and check all your financial statements with a magnifying glass yourself, but the learning curve is pretty steep, and the chances are you’ll never know what you might be missing…

The second option is of course to pay for a service to take care of all the headaches for you. However, the important thing about using a third-party service, and like the first option above, is to make sure you do your research first.

If you don’t, you could end up paying for a product that not only doesn’t do a good pro-active job of safeguarding your identity, but also makes your valuable personal information even more open and vulnerable than it already is. There’s no point buying an alarm for your house if you never turn it on.

Essentially, when you go out shopping for identity theft protection, you need to compare what these companies will cost, against what they protect. In many ways it’s like shopping for insurance, and while it’s tempting to always just renew with the same guys as before, it always pays to get out there and compare the market.

The most important aspect in choosing identity theft protection is to make sure and choose a reputable company. Take some time, do some research. Don’t just take the company’s website at face value. Read identity theft protection reviews, and look into the small print so that you get a good idea of what the company does and doesn’t protect against.

Of course, it’s also really important that you realize, that no matter what option you choose, you will always be vulnerable to some extent. No service can 100% ever absolutely protect you no matter what option you choose, from becoming an identity theft victim.

But you shouldn’t panic too much if this does happen to you, because a good identity theft protection service can get you back on your feet a whole lot faster than you probably could yourself, depending of course, on who you’ve chosen to protect your identity. A decent service should at least offer a basic level of assistance in resolving issues for you should the worst come to pass.

In conclusion, the best thing you can do to protect yourself from identity theft, is to learn how and why it happens in the first place.

If you know how it all happens, it’s easier to take more effective measures to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. Although this type of theft cannot always be prevented, every pro-active step you take in helping to further protect yourself turns you into a much smaller, and much harder target to hit.

Global Economy In A Recession

After two to three years of stable growth, which was apparently only a veil on a bigger problem, all indicators are not pointing towards a global recession. The 2008 recession changed everything in the world. Just a few years ago, nations started moving back on track with new jobs being created, but the truth is, it was a blanket on a bigger problem, which has got even bigger such that it won’t stay under cover.


The ongoing warfare in the Middle East, migrant crisis, the EU exit turmoil in the UK and so on. The list keeps going on forever. Keeping this in consideration, economists have changed their predictions for 2016 and now indicate a slowing growth. The IMF also made its forecast public, expecting a 3.1% growth world over in comparison to 3.4% in 2014.

The global markets are in turbulence as China’s weakened economy continues to deflate and cause more problems in the world. Investors are pulling their money out of China and putting them somewhere safe like India. The communist state of China is known for surprises. Investors and economists alike are afraid of the uncertainties and surprises that China might put out to save itself.

China is also involved in debt, which resulted from the aggressive lending it has done in the past few years. Known for the manufacturing hubs in the country, China is now looking to turn into a service-based economy, which is also a reason for the slow down. In drastic movements, China is also ready to lay off 1.8 million coal and steel jobs in the country to reduce the excess workforce. This move will be a very devastating one for its citizens.

Britain’s exit from the European Union is like a bomb hanging over the union. The UK has a lot of money invested in the financial affairs of Europe. Pulling out would result in the loss of huge sums of money and the acceleration to destabilization of the entire European Union. It could also result in trading damage worldwide as the stock markets will be the first to take the hit. Brexit could be the last nail in the coffin to seal the fate of the EU, after that, everything will fall like dominos.

It is not the developing economies causing much of the problem. It is the advanced economies that are responsible for the uncertainties looming over the world. Citigroup says that the global recession is unavoidable, which means we have to be prepared for it. IMF suggests that the advanced economies step up to their plate in this grave situation. The fund also advised that better policies and reforms need to be put in place that emphasize and ease global trade while also serving the domestic needs.

The weakening of the economies is clearly visible in the commodity prices and the stock market. Visit hereto look into the history of stocks. The stock market remains quite volatile, and so does the oil. It is possible that the recession we are going through will continue for some more time and in the process, we might see reforms and policies that will benefit everyone in the long run.