How Animation Improves the User Experience

Animation’s evolution from superficial entertainment to an integral element of the design process forms a critical part of any successful business’s conversion rate. We know what we like and what we don’t when it comes to animation. Designers have recognised this and adapted their process. The results are remarkable. Here are five elements of animation design process that improves a user’s experience.

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1. Functional

Web design has become “human-centred”, which means the design process factors in the quality of a user’s experience. And rightly so. A positive user experience means more conversions. Functional animation grounds and concentrates the user’s experience into a positive one. There are many interesting articles focussed on this important element of design theory, such as

2. Emotional

Celebrated cognitive scientist and usability engineer Donald Norman summarises Emotional Design Theory into three categories: visceral (colour, branding, overall visual effect), behavioural (how does it work, how do we use it) and reflective (impression user is left with). When these three elements work together successfully, the user has a positive experience. Intuitive animation transforms a product into something the user connects with.

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3. What’s the Goal?

Animation we enjoy has a clearly defined purpose. Like any good storyline, every plot point is included for good reason. Animation may have started out as entertainment, but today designers ask themselves meaningful questions to cross-check purposes, such as where the user’s attention would be if the animation wasn’t there, as well as questions around how they’d like the user to react. This intricate planning elevates the user’s experience and thus the overall conversion rate of the site.

4. Five Fundamental Factors

Designers tick off five factors when using animation: focus users’ attention; advise the outcome of their actions; offer clues to interact (think of the Flipboard app); keep the user orientated within the website; and lastly, make sure the user is entertained. While most of us could create clever GIFs if we put our minds to it, today’s website animation is best left to the experts. So if you’re looking for web design in Tunbridge Wells, contact a company such as

5. Speaking of “Clever GIFS”

The bottom line is that if animation annoys the user, it’s counter-productive and destroys any chance of your website leaving a positive impression. Do your research. Less is indeed more.

Four Ways to Improve your Website

Accessible platforms allowing for the creation of simple websites in just minutes are a great thing for businesses looking to solidify their digital presence and increase their reach. Such simplicity, however, runs the risk of producing websites that look similar to thousands of others. How can you ensure your online presence looks professional and stands out from the crowd?

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As Entrepreneur explains, determining what kind of website your business needs is key to deciding whether doing it yourself or hiring a professional design team is best.

Search Google and YouTube for Tutorials

The internet has an answer to everything, and there are plenty of tutorials available. Although there are guides to basic HTML and CSS out there, having some prior knowledge in the area will be beneficial if you’re going to tweak your website yourself. Web design can be hugely challenging and time-consuming, so ensure you are investing your time wisely.

Bring Someone on Board to Help

Do you know a friend, colleague or acquaintance with web design knowledge? It could be worth asking them for a helping hand. When going down this route, it is important to establish expectations and clarify the timescale of the project so neither party is left feeling underwhelmed or overworked.

Websites are an ongoing project, so it is important to understand whether the resulting design will be something you can maintain yourself or whether you will need a friend, colleague, or acquaintance to assist you on an ongoing basis.

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Hire A Professional Web Design Team

A website designed and tailored fully to the needs of your business will ensure you stand out and instantly make a positive impression.

When hiring a team specialising in web design in South Devon, it is important to ensure you’re both on the same page. Do they offer a comprehensive range of services such as the ones that can be seen at, and are they willing to work closely with you to create a website that reflects the ethos of your business and delivers a positive experience for your audience?

Keep Things Fresh

The consistent production of fully-optimised, high-quality, interesting and meaningful content is the key to increasing the reach of your website. Regular updates and maintenance of your website will be required to ensure it stays fresh, relevant, and appealing to your target audience.

Every family needs a Zoomable Torch Flashlight

Flashlights may not that necessary in people’s daily life, however, most households feel safe to have a flashlight at home for unexpected needs even though they may not put working batteries in them. Crisis readiness plan of most homes require them to keep a flashlight. Read along if you need to know which flashlight is best for you.

To answer this difficult question, we first need to know the etymology of the word ‘flashlight’. Dry cell batteries were the power source for these flashlights in the recent past. Since, we know that dry cell batteries wear out very quickly, so people ought to turn on and off their flashlights very often to look in the darkness. Just like they do with a strobe light.

Many innovations from those times have changed the way how we live. Just like in our lives, flashlights also have changed with the times, flashlights with longer battery lives, much brighter flashlights and not just that, even flashlights without batteries have popped out and became common. With these innovations you get more options to choose from. Those flashlights operating with dry cell batteries have been replaced with replenish able power supplies. Concluding the above discussion, flashlight is a must-have for everyone, but point worth remembering is that which flashlight you actually need, knowing this will eradicate unneeded annoyance in the future.

One of the most practical version of flashlight is Zoomable Torch Flashlights, since it is very lightweight, easy to carry and convenient than the old-fashioned flashlights. These Zoomable Flashlights fabricated from stainless steel or aluminum provide the most reliability as well as durability. Apart from durability, they come in many different appealing styles. Many of them are even wall mountable, thanks to their handy belt fasteners. Just mount them on the walls and you ready to go. Options are unlimited with these flashlights, you can even get flashlights with 360 degree rotatable heads. The most interesting innovation in some of these flashlights is that you can even set alarm and scan FM radio stations with them.

All living things, small or large, need light in some way or other to live. Humans not only need it to stay alive but also it is needed for comfort. The main purpose of flashlights is to brighten up our lives. Markets are saturated with thousands of brands of flashlights exist from dozens of corporations. Large array of flashlights with so many innovations exist from reputable organizations for us to opt from. Leave aside the ancient filament based light, we have entered into the range of LED Torch Flashlights. LED flashlights benefit from all desirable capabilities of LED technology, thanks to the fact that it has embraced modern LED technology. These pros not only include better sturdiness and higher efficiency but also enhanced service period. It’s a must have by now for your emergency needs.

It is also recommended too keep at least one flashlight that operates without battery. These crank operated flashlights need their crank turned or gentle shaking to replenish their power. One charging will last for 17-21 minutes before drying up. After this you need to charge them again for utilization. No doubt, flashlights are very convenient during emergencies, even though we don’t give much attention to them.

Understanding Liver Detoxification for Weight Loss

Liver detoxification has multiple benefits; weight loss is one such benefit by which people are not aware. For unknown reasons body detoxification is overlooked by general populace. In this article we will explore the hidden benefits of liver detoxification.

You see when you are striving hard to lose weight; the most frustrating thing, which you can see is that you don’t get any results. Well this may turn your efforts into an achievement. You may have a liver, which is not so clean. Liver and colon work as the filters of your body. Similarly if you will not clean them how can they filter the unnecessary junk, which is a stored in your body? If you have any liver problems and hepatoxicity, then consult a physician.

How to know that your liver is not working properly?

There are many symptoms by which you can find out that you are having an unclean liver but unfortunately you can see these symptoms after a couple of years of abuse.

  • You have tried to lose weight and have tried several means like diet, exercise, but you are unable to get rid of that stubborn fat. This clearly indicates that your liver is not clean.
  • There are some other symptoms also but they may vary with person to person like diarrhea, constipation, allergies, chronic fatigue and excess weight gain.

As per the Royal Academy of physicians more than 90% diseases are because of an unclean colon. And they have also identified more than 36 harmful substances, which are forming in the colon. These harmful toxins get mixed in our blood stream and causes negative effects on our body.

Liver Cleansing

If you go for a liver cleansing diet, you will see multiple benefits other than weight loss. In case of inadequate filtering of liver your body has to cope up with different types of allergens and toxins, which you are encountering regularly. Harmful toxins may cause liver problems and hepatoxicity.

That is why it is advised to go to our liver detoxification before you start your weight loss program. If you could manage to do the detoxification of liver properly in the guidance of an expert, then it will increase your metabolic rate significantly. This will provide you many long-term benefits for your overall health. If your metabolic rate will increase you will have ample amount of freedom to enjoy favorite foods as well and don’t have to worry much about the extra calories you are consuming.

On the other hand you will be more energetic and able to burn hundreds of calories. And in case you are suffering from fatigue, then you will stay away from physical activities.

So when you are looking for a detoxification for your liver, be sure to find one which comes with great nutritional supplements. And after the detoxification program is over you can include some of your favorite snacks in your diet plan. Be careful not to do much of calories in your diet plan. Other than this you will feel rejuvenated even after long hours of continuous working.

Simple way to acquire proper diet solutions through the elimination of side effects

The simple way to acquire proper diet solutions is possible by making a wide number of references through online site. Through the approach of online site there is a large number of possible ways in getting practice towards exercise. Exercise is considered as one of the possible solution in getting weight loss within a short period of time. To bring out the side effect elimination the simple way is to follow up exercise in regular days in a proper level. That person who prefers to make immediate weight loss within a short period will be under sufferings. Some of the methods that involve in acquiring proper dietary solution include,

  • Elimination of troubles among customers
  • Rectification of side effects among humans
  • Dietary methods
  • Predicting the importance of dietary information to customers
  • Solution to drive out side effects

Elimination of troubles among customers

            The elimination of troubles is possible only when customers start taking effective guidelines in a proper manner. There are most of the customers who keep on following that exercise for the purpose of weight loss methods. The elimination of side effects is possible by taking prescription according to doctors whom they meet. Firstly, people have to follow the food intake instructions in a proper method. The customers have to pay multitude attention towards which helpshealth maintenance factors in a simple way. At the initial stage, customers will suffer at a wider level in understanding the information which is predicted for them.

Rectification of side effects among humans

            The rectification of side effects can be made within a short period of time through making approach among obesity problem suffering person. A person who is suffering from obesity has to take effective steps in their food habits. Focus towards food must be given a large number of attentions to maintain their self control process. Until people maintain their self control the disease keeps on spreading at an extent level. The instant rectification must be made for obesity disease suffering people.

Dietary methods

            The dietary methods keep on exceeding the interest among most of the people. At present the interest present within customers must get reduce else it keeps on continuing at a great level. The maintenance of diet will sometimes create person to suffer with the cause of side effects. The rise to side effects keeps on increasing and concern solution must be taken from the reference of online sites. People know how to acquire a proper solution in an effective way. The importance of dietary system must be explained to all the customers. Else this becomes as a habit among each individual person to follow the same.

Predicting the importance of dietary information to customers

            The prediction of dietary information must be spread among high level to customers. It is the responsibility of the customers to grasp that information and take steps according to it. Most of the people will take a large amount of medicines according to their choice. The customers have to predict a wider number of attentions at the time of following up exercise. Instead of preferring fast food systems it is better to take natural food and lead a healthy life. The motive of all the people is to get weight reduction within a short period of time.

Solution to drive out side effects

            The solution to drive away the side effects is possible through the implementation of online guidelines provided in an effective manner. The motive of all the customers will look forward in attaining success. The attainment of success occurs only when people follow out the instructions at an extreme level.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Windows Tinting

Many of us have considered about tinting the windows of our cars. Tinted windows certainly look nice and they provide immense appeal. In fact, tinting our car’s windows is more than just making our car looks more stylish, it also provides many benefits. Here are likely reasons people tint car windows:

• Better control of light:

We can reduce the amount of infrared rays entering our car by tinting the windows. The temperature inside the car can be reduced as much as 50 percent and this will help us saving on fuel costs, through less use of air conditioning. High quality tinting material can also reduce potentially harmful ultraviolet by about 90 percent. By reflecting and absorbing much of the light, we can prevent premature fading and cracking of the car’s upholstery.

• Improved safety:

During an accident, tinted glass prevents windows from shattering, which shield occupants from further injuries.

• Improved visibility during the day:

Car drivers can feel less eye strain when driving during the day. Tinted glass could also reduce glare caused by headlights during the night.

• Better privacy:

Tinted windows can hide the interior of our cars from possible criminal activities. Although there are many potential benefits of windows tinting, we should be aware of some likely drawbacks, such as

• Reduced visibility:

In areas with no street lighting, tinted windows can reduce our visibility, which may potentially cause fatal accidents. Drivers with slightly impaired vision, such as light myopia can also find tinted windows visually obstructive when driving at night.

• Incompatibility with polarized sunglasses:

It has been known that polarized sunglasses could cause wearers to see specific visual patterns on tinted windows.

• Peeling and cracking:

Overtime, tinting layer can crack, peel and bubble, reducing the appeal and value of the car.

• Increased chance of injuries:

While older cars with normal windows would benefit from the use of tinted layer, newer cars are actually equipped with safety glass. It is designed to break away from the occupants during the accident. The tinting layer could hold the shattered glass, preventing it from breaking away. This could potentially cause additional injuries.

• Poor quality installation:

The tinting job would directly determine the quality of the windows. Some shops may charge car owners up to $500 for tinting job, depending upon the type of car and type of tinting layer. The quality of the film itself will be affect the durability and performance. Cheaper film can fade, turn into purplish color, bubble and crack not long after the installation.

We can purchase DIY kits from shops and this is certainly a more affordable option that taking the car to a professional. However, we won’t get any warranty or guarantee for poor result of the installation. Some shops provide lifetime warranty on high-quality, premium tint jobs, which is a better alternative for more expensive cars. Expensive metalized film is designed to withstand the elements. Clearly, expensive film is a good choice if car owners seek better value retention and higher quality.

5 Home Plumbing Nightmare Prevention Tips

Most homeowners are understandably hesitant to tackle tasks related to their plumbing. After all, it takes years of training for professional plumbers to learn their trade, and the DIY novice that makes a mistake could cause untold expense in water damage. But there are several steps homeowners can take to stave off disaster when it comes to the pipes carrying water throughout their structures. So while you might not necessarily be interested in correcting plumbing problems on your own, chances are good that you can benefit from some tips and tricks pertaining to preventing plumbing nightmares. Here are a few tactics that could help to keep your plumbing in ship shape and functioning properly. Continue reading 5 Home Plumbing Nightmare Prevention Tips

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping: 5 Smart Strategies

If you have a wedding coming up, congratulations! There aren’t too many other days in one’s life that are more exciting or memorable than that. Of course, if you were to ask a lot of wives about what they wish they had known as they were in the process of planning their nuptials, one thing that some of them would probably mention is they wish they had been more strategic while purchasing bridal party attire – especially bridesmaid dresses. Continue reading Bridesmaid Dress Shopping: 5 Smart Strategies

Have an exotic car ride with the best car rentals

For having a car rental it no more requires to get tensed or spend a lot of money. This is just made possible with the new online car rental. They are the most exotic car rental, Los Angeles who rent their cars for every occasion. They bring the best luxurious cars on rent. Their dealing with the high class and qualitative vehicles that specialize in bringing an experience to be built up. They have cars for every destination that the client needs to go for. The exotic cars which are luxurious enough to be handled with. Continue reading Have an exotic car ride with the best car rentals

Find Out Many Benefits and Advantages of Obtaining Homeowners Insurance

For most people, owning a home will be the most important investment they’ll make. Such is significant and quite large, which means it needs to be not only secured but protected. The best way to do this is to get homeowners insurance. Having such a policy will put your mind at ease. You will be able to rest, assured that if anything terrible happens to your home it will not mean your financial ruin.

Now is one of the best times to get homeowners insurance. There are more choices and more insurance firms than there has ever been. You will not need to simply accept a pre-formulated insurance scheme produced by someone who knows nothing about your personal circumstances. The end of the grip that a few big insurance companies had over the industry means that you can shop around and get the deal and the customized insurance policy that is most suitable to your situation.

Homeowners insurance San Antonio TX can provide you with the best means of securing your financial future in the event that your home suffers any damage. Indeed, one never knows when a terrible accident will be befall you and your home. It can happen at any time, for no one can control all that occurs in the world. The best that any of us can do is to prepare for such an eventuality. And the best way to do that is to take out a home insurance policy that you can have confidence in.

Having a home insurance policy should not put you into financial difficulties. You should be able to get a policy that suits your budget and keeps well within your financial means. You should also get a policy that makes you feel confident that if the time comes to use it you will be able to without hassle or bother.

In shopping for such insurance, it is important to realize that not every insurance firm offers the same level of service, value, and quality. They differ on these matters, so it is vital that you make the right choice. You don’t want to work with an insurance company that is going to charge you an arm and a leg for your premiums. Nor do you want to be with one that does not give you the right service when it is needed. You want to go with an insurance company that has earned a reputation for delivering excellent results and customer service.

The best place to begin your search is the worldwide web. Using the web will enable you to bring the websites of the various insurance companies to your computer screen. There you will be able to scan through all that they have to offer at your leisure. You will be able to get a homeowners insurance quote San Antonio TX. And you will be able to examine the products and services offered by each firm. This will provide you with the means to make a final judgment about the best insurance companies, and enable you to choose one of them to represent you.