5 hot trends that will help digital marketers this year

In the always-evolving marketing industry, it is important to be aware of new developments and emerging trends to get ahead and make the biggest positive impact for every client.

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Hyper-relevant and personal content

Connecting with an audience on a personal level is vital, with all the information you need available through gaining a deeper understanding of customer data. A prime example of personal content can be seen in Spotify’s final campaign of 2016, whereby the creative team used data to create a series of humorous and emotional graphics. This campaign both connected with individuals and went viral, proving that you do not have to choose between personal and virality – you can achieve both.

Live streams

Content is plentiful and it is becoming more important to talk about what is going on exactly when it is happening. From a consumer perspective, knowing that you need to watch something immediately because you will never be able to see it again is very enticing. 2017 is almost certainly going to be the year that somebody makes something exciting in real time.

Go mobile

Your primary consideration should be towards mobile campaigns. Closely consider formats and messages and how these connect with the mind-set of your audience. Analytics technology now means that the success of each mobile campaign can be measured. If you did not fully connect the first time, adjust your strategy and try again. If you have fully understood the importance of mobile thus far – like every successful Dublin SEO agency, such as http://www.rycomarketing.ie/ – it is vital not to start overlooking it in favour of other new technologies throughout 2017.

Online TV

Accessing the internet on a big screen TV is easier than ever before thanks to modern technology. This has opened up the playing field, with even small companies able to quickly launch a successful TV channel. With social media sites creating apps allowing users to put videos from their platform onto the TV, and Apple TV launching shoppable videos, this is an exciting medium to explore.

Telepathic thinking

Marketing is set to get ultra-personal; it will appear to know exactly what we are thinking. Using data to deliver personalised advertising, appealing to an individual’s views and personality type, is undoubtedly the way forward.

Top Three Steroids to Boost Athletes’ Stamina

Athletes strive hard to achieve success in their field. They are driven, hardworking, and disciplined. They owe their success to several things and these do not exclude the German scientist, Adolf Butenandt. This prominent man was the first to isolate androgen, which is a class of steroids that include testosterone) from a plethora of urine he obtained from a police barracks in Berlin in 1931.

His research helped people understand the general function of endocrine as well as steroids. People have a lot of questions regarding hormones and their effect when it comes to their performance in sports. Why are these hormones quite critical to a sports enthusiast or athlete’s performance?

So Why Hormones?

Human body’s development depends on the cell’s ability to replicate them. It also depends on their ability to transform from immature cells into a more specialized cell, which include bone cells, nerve cells, muscle cells, and everything in between. This process is called differentiation. Steroids, on the other hand, may be used by cancer patients for this reason. They can be used as they promote the stimulation of cell differentiation, which is otherwise stripped of specialization.

Just like you, you need to swim fast and compete with other around your father’s private parts before becoming a Facebook addict eukaryote sitting before you. Cells work the same way too in order to enable the other systems in your body to work and function well. This makes the steroids, particularly the anabolic agents quite critical to traits an athlete may feel provides them an edge.

Hormones and steroids are also considered fairly complex. Unlike other molecules, steroids have more power when it comes to penetration. They can penetrate not just cell membranes but also your very skin.

Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson, Vitor Belfort, and many other athletes with funny doctor’s notes about requiring testosterone can attest to this because testosterone itself can also be used as a gel. The Hour between Dog and Wolf written by John Coates says, “Furthermore, unlike other hormones, which generally have effects localized to one or two tissues, steroids have receptors in almost every nucleated cell in the body. All these properties of steroids give you an inkling of their power.” In a nutshell, there is always a reason why sports-minded people, especially the athletes buy, inject, and hoard hormones to become even stronger, bigger, and faster.

Below are the top three best steroid brands that can help athletes boost their stamina.


Tagged as “the performance enhancing evildoer,” Boldenone, with nicknames as varied as Tyrion Lannister’s infidelities based on Wikipedia, is just like the regular anabolic agent. It attempts to replicate the tetris-like work your body needs in order to grown.

Apart from that, it also has other functions. Boldenone is responsible when it comes to nitrogen retention. This is quite essential for all ‘cheating’ athletes. Remember, the higher the amount of nitrogen that your body can retain, the greater muscle mass you can theoretically build as well. This is because your muscle, without this steroid would be broken down and eradicated due to excretory and catabolic processes.

Boldenone also stimulates the kidneys. Everyone knows that kidneys are one of the very important organs in the body as they have several functions. Kidneys filter blood, synthesize vitamin D, eradicate waste that is accumulated from metabolism, and many more.


Another steroid that can boost your stamina is Fluoxymesterone. What make this drug very appealing to many athletes are its androgenic properties. Human has several, different types of muscle tissue in the body. This includes the skeletal tissue, which can be voluntarily controlled, smooth and cardiac, which work with digestive system and heart and cannot be voluntarily controlled, and everything in between. Androgen agents work best in your skeletal muscles. These agents have to power to increase muscle mass, which is without a doubt one of the goals of many athletes.

Fluoxymesterone also affects lean muscle mass. This steroid has the ability to reduce fat accumulation by preventing fat cells to store lipids, which is triggered and enabled by the increase in epinephrine or norepinephrine.

What’s unique about this entire process is that fat cells are high in aromatase, which is a type of enzyme that transforms testosterone into estrogen so as to create testosterone active. This explains why there are some men who develop man boobs, also called as “gyno.” Many believe Fluoxymesterone is the best steroids to take for men.


EPO is a hormone secreted by your kidneys. They are called erythropoietin, which is a hormone that promotes the release of red blood cells. Red blood cells, on the other hand, work just like magnets in relation to the oxygen you are breathing. These cells are part of your RBC’s, which is composed of hemoglobin, an iron molecule that binds with oxygen.

The higher the amount of RBC’s your body releases, the higher the levels of oxygen your body can hold. This is what makes this steroid very popular and at the same time critical when it comes to some endurance sports like cycling.

There are so many fighters that depend on attrition to win every fight, as well as in the championship bouts. However, this is different and considered as even more critical. Governing bodies for cycling have the so called “biological passport system” which utilizes electronic records from several, different tests that have been taken over time, just like a longitudinal study. This was done with the famous cyclist, Bradley Wiggins. Physicians can determine the amount of mature red blood cells to immature ones. If a person has a lot of mature red blood cells than the immature RBC’s, then it is pretty apparent that there is something up.

Doctors look for hematocrit levels, which is the volume of red blood cells for all intents and purposes. EPO has the power to shift the balance of your blood which contains plasma, RBCs, white blood cells and platelets, and this put your heart as serious risk. It makes sense to include EPO in the context of gene doping, which WADA has already banned.

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How to improve your performance in App Store Optimization?

How not to be part of the 80% of applications called “zombies” on blinds? Today, nearly 1.5 million applications are available on both Google Play and the App Store: competition is fierce! The “zombies applications” are all those that do not reach 500 downloads: this concerns 80% + apps. How to be visible on these blinds, and generate over 500 downloads? How can appear in the top results of a search by keywords, how to appear in the top of a category?


The blinds ranking algorithms take into account three criteria:

  • 1 / the number of downloads within 24 to 72 hours,
  • 2 / retention (number of openings of the application, session time), and
  • 3 / Note average given by the users, of your application and the number of reviews.

It is therefore important to work these 3 key points:

the number of downloads more downloads you accumulate, the more the application is visible in the rankings, and therefore you generate downloads “organic” free thanks to the users who will see the app for themselves in the app stores. It is a virtuous (or vicious, according to the marketing budgets that has …) where the apps that generate the most volume manage to generate more in stride.

Retention of its application more user will use an application, the better it will be ranked in the rankings app stores. This is anyway a key element for a developer to basics: to ensure that its application contends to be well ranked. But that is not neutral on the overall rankings: Apple and Google are giving more and more importance to the concept of retention to determine their rankings, which is why we now find in the top rankings of many apps that an inherently high retention: Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Youtube, etc. To the detriment of other types of apps.

The scores given by users: there too, they are a function of what the application, but it is possible to maximize the notes by placing data in the application message to ask users to put a note. The developer can thus have an impact on this element.

Studies show that about 50% of an app downloads come from search by keywords. How can we improve performance by ASO (App Store Optimization)?

The first thing to do is optimize the keywords associated with your application. On the Apple App Store, a field of 100 characters is dedicated to keywords for each language: make sure not to leave any space between words in this field and to use only singular words. On Google Play, there is no field dedicated to keywords: Google takes into account all of the words and their occurrence, present in your title, short description and your long description. Make sure to place your priority keywords in your title and short description; Also make sure to repeat each of your keywords 5-6 times in your description.

How to choose the best keywords for ASO? In theory, your goal is to be ranked No. 1 in the search results bar for each keyword that you think is critical. If you appear too low, beyond the top 5-6 in the results given for a keyword, users will not see your application.

Review the current ranking of your keywords, using tools offered by sites like SearchMan or Sensor Tower. Identify the keywords for which you are not sufficiently visible and abandon them. Brainstormez to create a large list of potential keywords, inspiring you from your competitors, for example. Compare your keywords according to their characteristics: relevance (Is there a connection with my application?), Difficulty (my keyword-it is too used by my competitors?) And traffic (volume of searches users for this keyword).

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