A Flea’s time

Now this is the life! A veritable jungle of warm long hair to trample about in and plenty of places to lay me eggs. I am sorted here. The foods not bad either, though I’m easily pleased. See all I need to do is stick me old proboscis in to the ground and have a good drink. Ok I get that’s not to everyone tastes but to me and my kind it’s just the best.

It’s so much better up here, better than hanging around on the carpet and furniture. Especially since the old man used his computer to search for Carpet Cleaning Gloucester and found https://www.clean-able.co.uk . I lost a lot of friends that day. Although they were silly enough to jump of the dog.

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Actually, it’s a bit chilly out today. I reckon my host is out and about or something. Not to worry I just snuggle down for a bit and sit tight. Woah! Easy tiger, he’s rolling about a bit! Still with me sticky feet I’ll be fine. Yep, it’ll take a bit more than that to dislodge me. It’s been getting a bit crowded round here lately. All me kids grew up yesterday (I’ve got lots more on the way though) and have jumped the nest as it were, or they’ve gone up to live at the neck area and others down at the tail. I think that their keen to start families of their own so it’s for the best.

He’s shaking again. Hang on lads! There we go couple of us knocked of but not that many. I feel a bit peckish again, time for another feed, yummy. He’s been running about as well so this is the good stuff. He’s barking, not that I’ve got good hearing or anything. We might be causing a bit of discomfort my mates and family but hey? We’ve all got to live right? Look out! Phew, that was close! Sometimes he might get some of us with a paw but it’s pretty much few and far between. It’s not like we’re that big to pick off. Here’s the lads! You boys got a thirst on? Yep me to. It’s not long before I get hungry again to be fair. Let’s all have a quick dip at the same time shall we. I, 2, 3 and dip. Did you here that? We had a bark and a whimper that time. He’s not happy is he.

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Temperatures up. Looks like we’re back home.  That’s much better. Some of the lads were saying that we’ve had it here too good for too long. Some of them jumped ship the other week onto a Cat or something. Slim pickings if you ask me, not as much meat on one as there is on this host. It’ll do in a pinch I suppose. Others have opted for the carpet, I mean I ask you. Who wants to live off dead skin cells all day, especially when you can have a nice drop of the ol’ O negative. He’s getting a bit jumpy now. I think we’d better hang on for a bit. Let’s hope his owner doesn’t read the article in the newspaper today or we are definitely a goner.

The cause and the solution behind hot tub scale

Do you sometimes feel that your hot tub has developed a gritty tub scale? Do you often feel like sandpaper in your hot tub? Well, let you know that this is a very common issue with spa. Every hot tub users face this issue, so you are not the only one to worry about it.

Before this blog posts help you to fix your problem, lets us find out, what actually causes hot tub scale?

There are a few different elements relating to the tub water chemistry that is responsible for hot tub scale. Take a look at the factors responsible for hot tub scale:

PH level of hot tub water: The pH level should be maintained at 7.4 to 7.6. If you add warm water when the pH level is high, it can cause calcium to build up. The calcium gets settled on the surface of the tub.

Calcium hardness: Calcium hardness in the water is also responsible for hot tub scale. Often the calcium gets deposited while you fill the hot tub through a water source which is rich in calcium.

Alkalinity: The third factor which contributes to the hot tub scale is alkalinity of water chemistry. The alkalinity helps to control the pH levels. The alkalinity level should be maintained between 125 to 150 parts per million. You should know that high alkalinity results in high pH level which is responsible for hot tub scale.

Besides several other factors such as water with high iron, body lotions, body oils and many other contaminants in the water by bathers can also form scales in the hot tub.

How do you fix the problem of hot tub scale?

For hot tub cleaning, you will have to follow a few steps. Do not worry, it is quite simple and will not consume much of your time.

Step 1:

To obtain the correct pH level and alkalinity, you have to adjust the chemical you use for the hot tub. The correct chemical level helps to loosen the scale and begin to disappear. As you know that the pH level should be between 7.4 to 7.6, therefore, by using a water test kit, check the water every 4 to 6 hours and adjust it accordingly.

You should even scrub the surface of the tub to remove the scale. If the scale is relatively new, it will simply get removed as you brush off, however, if the scale gets firmly deposited, you may have to take a spa scrubber brush to remove the scale as it gradually gets deposited on the surface. However, do not use any household cleaner which is not meant for the hot tub, as these might scratch the surface of the rub or might cause water foaming or water chemistry issue.

Step 2:

Please note that you must refill the water as soon as you drain them. If you observe that there is a calcium hardness issue, then use spa filters at the time when you refill the hot tub. This helps to eradicate additional minerals from the water before it is used for hot tub. The filters should be cleaned regularly or else it will not be able to pick up the contaminants that are responsible for causing scums. You can clean the spa filter with your garden hose and soak it in any spa cleaner to clean it in the best possible manner. Moreover, as soon as you refill the hot tub, make sure that the chemicals used are balanced at the recommended level.

Step 3:

To prevent scale, add a stain or you can also use scale preventer. The scale preventer or spa pure stain will help in breaking down the minerals and hard water. You can also use scramble, which is a small floating ball to absorb body lotion or and body oil and even impurities brought into the tub by the users. Most importantly, continue with the dosage on a weekly basis to avoid the growth of hot tub scale.

Proper water chemistry is the key to a healthy and happy spa environment.


Three Common Myths about Cockroaches Debunked

Cockroaches can be called a wide range of things, from outright annoying to fascinating, and even beautiful. Many species of roaches are prized for their rarity and even protected by animal rights enthusiasts and natural scientists the world over. When it comes to the common apartment cockroach, however, the situation is radically different: it seems the human species is at a loss of ideas for dealing with them and for getting rid of them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Extermination certainly is feasible, and with the help of the right service provider, it needn’t even be a lengthy or costly process. This is one myth about the common household pest. Read on to find out what other three myths about cockroaches are entirely untrue and founded on old wives’ tales.

Cockroaches bite

This is partially true, but it’s worth mentioning that you’re not likely to get bitten by a roach within your lifetime – and you can take that quite literally. In other words, the only time a coach will actually take a bite out of a human is after a said human has expired. Some cockroach species will bite and eat human flesh, but most prefer fingernails and bodily hair. Most species, though, will only resort to attacking humans in the case of a severe outbreak and infestation, especially one in which there are no other sources of food available at their disposal. However, as long as there is some food left for them in the trash or any other exposed source, cockroaches would much rather eat that instead of human flesh.

Cockroaches can be disposed of with home remedies

While some remedies have, on occasion, proven effective, they rather helped control the infestation temporarily but did not eliminate it altogether. This is not only because of the differences between home-made solutions and the chemicals a professional exterminator would use. Most importantly, it’s because no such infestation affects a singular home or apartment within a building. Cockroach control needs to be handled globally, on a large perimeter within a short span of time, and with the support of all the homeowners or building superintendents involved. Otherwise, the population of roaches will only be partially decimated – and, given their rate of reproduction, it will be a matter of days before they’re back in even bigger numbers.

Boric acid is the best way to get rid of roaches

While boric acid does help counter a cockroach infestation, it’s also important to remember that proper application makes all the difference in dealing with such a situation. That’s why calling in a professional is often the best solution: the boric acid needs to be placed simultaneously, in all the access points to the roach colonies. When applied improperly, this substance can make a mess of an apartment, leaving the owner both with a pest infestation, as well as with an entire house to clean up.

Financial Freedom: A Journey Into Budgets, Savings, and Transfers

My journey to financial freedom has been a little like the old one-step-forward-two-steps-back dance. I’ve failed many times but have come back stronger each time, and now I can finally say that I am on my way. It has taken self-discipline and willpower. And while I still struggle to stay on track all the time, the peace of mind I’ve gained from implementing new strategies into my financial plan has helped me see the progress and continue to make progress now and in the future. But, naturally, it didn’t start that way.

I had graduated from college with a degree in finance; though, you would never know it based on my spending habits. I got a job in the sports industry and made pretty good money for someone my age – about $40k/year to start. I started squirreling away money into a savings account. I had my bills all paid for. But, with money came fiscal responsibility, and I had none of it. I spent everywhere I could because I thought I had the money to spend.

My lifestyle became too much for my paycheck to handle. Then a breakup happened that left me with two broken leases and two months of rent to take care of by myself. My credit cards were maxed out. I quickly realized that I didn’t have the money to pay for it all. So, I tried to make more money by looking for side jobs, for freelance work, for whatever would help, but in a recession, finding even one job can be tricky.

No amount of career advice (yep, I was looking for help anywhere I could get it) could get me through the mess I had put myself in. No amount of financial savvy was going to get me out of the sinkhole I had fallen into – a sinkhole that I had created. As the bills piled up, I spent more to pay them plus keep some semblance of my old life. I was sinking fast and it got to the point where I couldn’t get out of the vicious cycle.

At least that’s what I thought. But one day, I woke up to an epiphany, a self-realization, and I started down my own path to financial recovery, and eventually, freedom.

So here’s how I did it:

Cut savings

Here’s the thing about savings: it’s great to have for emergencies, but if you’ve got a massive amount of debt, your savings becomes more of a burden than anything else. That money, I realized, could be put to use to get me out of high-interest (and low-interest) loans and debt.

At the time, I had about $5,000 in savings. Not bad, right? The savings account was earning about one percent interest over the course of the year, which meant that at the end of the year I earned $50. I had $12,000 just in credit card debt, though, and my top two credit cards were sitting at 24 and 22 percent interest (the average credit card sits at about 15 percent interest). Combined, I was paying almost $3,000 per year in interest payments. It was high time I put savings account to use.

I pulled all but $1,000 from the account and applied it directly to my credit card debt (the $1,000 is my emergency fund for things that are outside of the budget).

Transferred high-interest debt to low-interest credit cards

I get a lot of blowback for this, but it worked. My credit card balances were outrageous and the remaining balances were sitting there collecting interest that was hindering the rest of my plan. So, I decided to move the high-interest balance to a card that had a lower interest. This saved me about $2,000 in interest fees over the course of a year.

Cut expenses

Of course, this is one of the hardest things to actually do, and I still struggle with it. When you make a budget, you have to be diligent and honest with yourself. If you’re not, your budget will crumble pretty quickly.

I took a look at what I was spending money on and determined what could be lived without. Once I got to that point, I took another look and determined where I could potentially save money with coupons, specials, etc. Basically, anything that wasn’t essential to survival or keeping a roof over my head, I cut back significantly.

Made a definitive budget

While cutting expenses, cutting your savings, and making sure you can handle the interest payments on your debts is important, the most important part of achieving financial success is the budget.

These are the things you will want to include in your budget:

– Total income for the month

– Total expenses

– Total surplus (total income minus expenses – this money will go toward your debt budget, which is outlined in the next section)

– Total required spending for each month (electricity, mortgage, etc.)

Again, you’ve got to be honest with yourself when filling in the numbers for this budget. If you’re not honest, you’ll find that the budget doesn’t work.

Made a definitive debt budget

You’ll want to create two separate budgets. The debt budget helps you keep track of your debt numbers. Aside from letting you know exactly what you owe, you’ll be able to watch the numbers fall. This is important psychologically, as you get to see your progress.

You’ll want to take the surplus money from your original budget and apply it to your debts. But, before you do that, you’ll want to list your debts based on their interest rate. The lower interest rate debts will get minimum payments, while the highest interest debt you’ve got will get this surplus. Once you’ve paid off the highest interest debt, move all the money that you would be paying on that card and use it to pay the next highest interest debt. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the debt numbers fall.

Ultimately, getting out of debt and living within your means takes discipline, but if you can manage your spending and make smart choices, you can do it.

Understanding how binoculars work and what makes one pair better than another

Binoculars, or binocular telescopes, have achieved what very few other gadgets can boast; longevity. There have been evident progressions in the technology of a binocular telescope and various types of this product have been produced. However, the core principle and method of functioning has never altered. This is a gadget that is as useful now as it was 20 years ago – how many other technologies can you say this of? This article explores the world of the binocular further; enlightening you to how they function as well as other pieces of crucial and interesting information.

What pieces make up the puzzle?

Before you can understand how binocular telescopes work you first need to be aware of what they are made of, in other words; the key parts of the gadget. There are three essential components that make up the functioning of binoculars. Binocular telescopes have two crucial lenses. There is the larger lens – most commonly known as the objective lens. And then there is the smaller lens – people refer to this as the prism. The latter plays a crucial role as it bends the light. If it wasn’t for a prism then anyone looking through a pair of binoculars would see the image upside down. Furthermore, the final significant part of the binocular is the eyepiece. This component is what makes the image visible to your eye.

Step by step – How do binocular telescopes work?

You are now aware of the three components found in a pair of binocular telescopes; the objective lens, the prism, and the eyepiece. Let’s discover how they function together to give our eyes the vision we see when we look through a pair of binoculars. The objective lens is placed at the front of the gadget. It captures the light, which then moves through the lens and starts traveling through the prisms (remember; these are the smaller lenses). The prism corrects the orientation of the image. And the final movement of the light takes place from the prism to the eyepiece. The eyepiece concludes the procedure via magnifying the image so that it is visible to the human eye.

What makes a quality image?

When you go to buy a pair of binocular telescopes you will be met with a lot of different types of this product on the internet. However, you may be wondering why some are priced higher than others and alike. After all, they all use the same procedure mentioned in the previous paragraph. Nonetheless, the reason for this is because there are various components that actually determine the level of quality regarding the image you see. First and foremost, you have the quality of the glass used in the lenses. This is pivotal in creating sharp, accurate, and colourful images. The more expensive binocular telescopes will use dense glass that has been perfected through various sophisticated techniques. In addition to this, you must consider how big the exit pupil is. This is the light that leaves the eyepiece and consequently enters your eye. The bigger it is the better the image will be. And last but not least, all lenses have anti reflection coatings. This is crucial in lowering the light scatterings and creating sharper images. Therefore the quality of the coating also determines the quality of what you see when you look through the eyepiece of your gadget.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how a binocular telescope works. It is fascinating to see how three key pieces operate in order to create groundbreaking results.

Importance of Bed Linen UK in Home Decoration

Homeowners like taking full care of their homes. Structure and durability of a home are no doubt important, but interior decoration is not less important. There are some important tips that homeowners need to keep in mind. It’s only a myth that in order to make the home look great, one has to spend a sizable amount of money. Home decoration experts suggest that a person with innovative mind can decorate his home masterfully without needing expensive accessories.

If contemporary home decoration trends are studied, it will be found that use of flashy design and gimcrack accessories are gradually reducing. Instead, homeowners seem to prefer simplistic design and accessories that will match with that design. Another important thing to understand is that it is possible for homeowners to pull off excellent home designing in spite of spending tons of money. For that, the homeowner needs to stay posted about the latest home designing trends and tips.

Before going into home designing and home improvement related details, it’s important to understand that home improvement can be a DIY business or the homeowner can assign the work to a professional home decoration agency. Most homeowner prefers DIY and there’s a reason behind this; professional home decoration agencies deliver one time service and they charge clients a substantial amount of money. DIY is however quite beneficial and that’s because of the following reasons;

Homeowners can initiate the work any time they want. In other words, they work as per their convenience. Also, they can handle the entire work in their own way. There are many simple things that the homeowner can himself take care of and he doesn’t need the service of anyone else. If a professional interior decoration agency is called, they will charge clients even for these smallest things. From the homeowner’s end, this is like waste of money. An example of this is fixing a screw in the wall, which is loose. This work can be done by anyone and professional services are not required for that. The replacement of a machine or redesign of the kitchen is similar type of work.

Making good use of home appliances is also very important. To get his hands on the best quality accessories, the homeowner needs to categorise the home in terms of the rooms it has and what type of design would fit those rooms. For example, if he wants to decorate the bedroom, he needs to look for quality bedroom accessories like the co-ordinating sheet, duvets and pillows, plain sheet, bed linen etc. There are quality bed linen UK and other types of accessories and house owners can place them in the home.

Designing the bathroom is also very important. Towels, robes, and rugs are some the bathroom appliances and they could make the house look appealing. Homeowners can search online and get some very useful tips. Many homeowners forget to clean or replace the filters that are on the heating and cooling system of the home. This is important because a dirty filter can reduce the efficiency level of the system and also, make the home look unappealing.

Homeowners are advised to follow suggestions and guidelines, which could give them an idea on how best they could make their home look beautiful and full of decor.

Making a Relationship Stand the Test of Time

Though Indian society has long embraced the ways of the west, yet the traditions abounding the same are still cherished by many. One such custom is the institution of marriage. A marital alliance in India is still given much importance and couples who are in a relationship; in most of the cases ultimately look forward to tying the knot.

However, in the recent past cases of break-ups and divorces in India have increased manifold. Two out of every ten couples either part ways before an alliance or a married couple end up signing the divorce papers. In the current scenario we all discuss about such things as a serious issue plaguing our society, but have we ever thought about maintaining a relationship? Actually working towards it and making it stand the test of time? Well, some of us might have and some of us might not have. The truth is that, it takes some time, a little compromise and sacrifice to make a relationship last for a lifetime. Let us take a quick look at some of the steps that can actually make a relationship stand the test of time.

Choosing the right partner: Well,this might sound a little strange but, it is advisable to evaluate the potentials of a partner before entering either into a relationship or a marital alliance. Try and analyze their characteristics such as personality, values, and their priorities in life, their relationship and attitude towards others.

Knowing your partner’s beliefs: Different people have different expectations and beliefs towards marriage and relationships. It’s best to communicate such things to each other in a candid manner rather than camouflaging them. Be honest with each other, because closeness cannot occur if you are dishonest with each other.

Respect: While in a relationship, we consider every other thing while at times we forget about the foremost thing – respect for each other. Even if are committed or married, do not forget about your individuality. Always act in a way that your partner respects for what you are. Mutual respect is very essential for any relationship or marriage to work out.

Accepting and Respecting Differences: Two different individuals are bound to have different personalities. Therefore, differences are but obvious. Stonewalling or keeping quiet about differences will not help much. However, as adults the best ways to deal with such things are accept and respect differences.

Learn to negotiate: Modern day couples, whether married or simply in a relationship, do not abide by the norms set by the society. They create their own rules and roles. So virtually every act requires the act of negotiation. Since change is inevitable, people’s needs change over time. Those relationships stand the taste of time that are negotiated and renegotiated.

Listen to each Other: This is the activity for which we probably do not have any more time these days. However, listening to each other is very important. While one person intends to share his or her experience, the other one must give some time and listen patiently to the other. It not only helps in solving problems but also opens the doors of confiding in each other. Empathy is very important. Moreover, try to look at things from your partner’s perspective at times.

Long-range view: Though marriage is an agreement, divorce is not always an option. Check out your similarities and your dreams and make sure you both are on the right path.

Marriage and relationships are not only about love. Understand that love is not absolute. It is a feeling that ebbs and flows with time and depends a lot on how you treat each other.

The benefits of using a property management agent

Owning property that you let out to tenants can be a great investment but it can also come with additional work, even with reliable long-term tenants. Having someone on hand who is able to deal with all the day-to-day administration of contracts and queries, and who is an expert on property law, can be useful and another sound investment.

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If you own a flat, there are several different ways to take on management responsibilities, for example, through acquiring the freehold. There are statutory rights through the Right to Manage (RTM) initiative, and there is also the option of the landlord delegating management responsibility.

Whichever option you pursue, there is often a resident management company (RMC) taken on to deal with the management of the flats, and to ensure that repairs are completed in accordance with the lease.

With flats specifically, the RMC might need to appoint a professional block management agent, such as the Complete Property Group http://www.completepropertygroup.co.uk/property-block-and-estate-management/.

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Professional requirements

Managing a block of flats is complicated and requires expertise. In-depth knowledge of not only landlord and tenant law but also health and safety regulations, as well as building regulations, is essential.

Having dedicated accounts and credit control facility can be a big advantage in this scenario and it certainly pays to be organised when it comes to collecting service charges and scheduling repair and redecoration work. Keeping on top of all inspections also requires organisation and planning.


An impartial view is an advantage in terms of being able to accurately assess what work needs to be carried out and when best to schedule it. The overriding goal must be to keep the flats in a good state of repair, and a managing agent can do just that.

If you fancy setting up as a property management agent or running your own block management agency, there is useful advice on Gov.uk.

As an agent, you will need to be prepared to handle all the administration, mundane or otherwise. You should take out professional indemnity insurance, and be aware of how to comply with all the relevant laws and code of practice.

Managing agents should hold professional indemnity insurance to ensure further protection against negligent acts or even incompetence and they also have responsibility for compliance with all relevant laws, leases and best codes of practice.

Everything You Didn’t Know About Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is an English tradition that dates back to the 1800′s. The traditional proceedings combine loose tea, brewed in a pot with a side of sugar and milk. The caffeine with sugar provided a good boost of energy against the usual 3pm dullness of the working poor in the early 20th century. Jobs back then were more physically demanding, and afternoon tea quickly became a daily measure.

For the labor class, the tea would be accompanied by a sandwich or baked goods, such as scones. The more privileged would enjoy their tea with better quality sandwiches, cakes, and pastries. A fruitcake, Victoria sponge, or a cream and jam scone would all be amongst the traditional choices.


In today’s day, a formal afternoon tea is served with a biscuit or two from a tea shop. It’s much simpler and usually more frequent. The highest quality hotels in London and Britain have adopted the tradition and serve an elegant afternoon tea with an alternative option of champagne.

The actual purpose of an afternoon tea is to refresh your mind after a tough day’s work. Socialising and clearing your head while taking a break in a calm space has become a usual for many people across Britain today. Enjoying a cucumber sandwich while washing it down with some fresh loose-leaf tea seems like a delicacy we can’t live without.


Tea is meant to be calming. It’s supposed to be enjoyed, so you can clear your mind of any worries. A busy and hectic lifestyle finds it rare that we take some time in our day for ourselves. Stopping whatever you’re doing for some tea will go a long way. But remember, you’re not a construction worker downing your tea from a big mug on your 5-minute-break. Adhering to afternoon tea etiquette will only make the experience more enjoyable. Small sips of your tea is polite, no matter how much of a hurry you’re in.

Tea Facts You Didn’t Know

  • Every day, more than 165,000,000 cups of tea are drunk by Brits alone.
  • Rinse your brunette hair in tea to add some extra shine.
  • Tea acts as a source of fluoride and helps prevent tooth decay.
  • The most expensive tea bag cost £7,500, filled with 280 diamonds and rare tea leaves.
  • There are an estimated 1,500 variations of tea

How To Plan Your Wedding

Whether you are the sort of person who has dreamed of an elaborate Princess style wedding or the type who is not too concerned and is happy with low-key and intimate, you still have to follow the same process of planning your wedding. It doesn’t have to be a daunting task, read through these top- tips to make the run up to your wedding day a smooth one, whatever you decide to do.

  • Budget: The first thing to do is jot down all the things that are important to you. This will help you set out a realistic budget. If you really want the extended family and all your friends and neighbors there or if you prefer just immediate family and close friends, this will all have an impact on where the bulk of your budget goes. Other things to take into consideration are the costs attached to a photographer, catering, DJ/Band, flowers right down to the smaller things like a guestbook and stamps for the invitations. The small things soon add up.
  • Venue: Once you have decided what sort of wedding you want you can then decide upon a venue. Whether it is a luxury country hotel, Place of Worship, Beach or Registry Office, the choice of venue is up to you. Obviously, they all incur a cost of some sort but remember they do need to be big enough to accommodate your wedding party. Also, take into account how long you want your reception to last; will there be an evening reception? Or is it a simple drinks reception after the ceremony? Make sure it is clear on the invitations so guests aren’t left confused.
  • Details: Transport, Dress, Accessories, Suits, Bridesmaids, photographer. These are all the important details that need to be addressed will you need transport for guests? Is the reception venue nearby? A wedding organizer will help you keep track of your budget and for writing out comparisons for suppliers as well as a reminder to do certain tasks. Decide if you want bridesmaids and a best man – they aren’t compulsory; however, they can make organizing the day a lot easier.
  • Decide on a theme and colors, does it suit the venue? From here you can work out what style of dress you want and what your attendants will wear. Flowers and table decorations all need to fall in with the chosen theme or your day will end up looking untidy and mismatched.
  • If you having a wedding abroad or somewhere that requires the majority of your guests to travel then you need to send out the invitations well enough in advance. This will allow people to make the necessary travel & accommodation arrangements, ‘Save the Date’ cards are a popular way of notifying your guests of your plans and can be sent out as early as 9 months before the big day.
  • Remembering to thank the people who helped you is a pivotal part of the day too. This can be done either before the ceremony or as part of the speeches. For example, a well thought out bridesmaid gift or best man gift will be hugely appreciated by them and a nice way of showing gratitude for their help. A well-prepared speech will help you remember to mention everybody who has contributed to your special day in some way or other. During the preparation stages, just jot down the names of people who have helped in your wedding organizer.