How to enhance your body image

Cosmetic surgery is not for everyone, but if you have low self esteem due to concerns about the shape of your body or dissatisfaction with your features, it could make all the difference. There are many cosmetic and reconstructive treatments available, including surgical and non-surgical techniques that can enhance your appearance. Some procedures can be done with minimal incisions, making recovery time much quicker.  Once done why not treat yourself to a nice new pair of woman designer jeans?

How to enhance your body image

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Before deciding whether cosmetic surgery is for you, think carefully about what you expect the outcome to be, and whether it will be worth the investment to you. According to research conducted by David J Castle, Roberta J Honigman and Katharine A Phillips most people are happy following cosmetic procedures, although those with unrealistic expectations may be disappointed.

Some of the procedures available

Whether it is your face, your breasts, your abdomen that you are unhappy with, there are procedures to help improve your body image. These include:


This is an eyelid reduction that removes surplus skin and fat in order to create a more alert appearance. The swelling and puffiness that often appears in the morning can be reduced and the facial appearance generally improved.


If you are unhappy with the shape or size of your nose it can be reshaped to complement your other facial features better. This is a very old procedure and according to the Science Museum it was developed in around 500 BCE by a Hindu surgeon in India.


This procedure to remove or reduce wrinkles and lines by removing skin that has lost elasticity is very commonly requested. It can restore a more youthful look and is particularly popular with women. You can also have a neck lift.

Brow lift

This can reduce drooping of eyebrows and the hooding of the upper eyelids. It can soften creases on the forehead and remove wrinkles.

Ear surgery

If you are unhappy with the shape, size or position of your ears, this may be the procedure for you.

Breast surgery

If you feel your breasts are too small you can choose breast augmentation to make them fuller. Breast reduction can also be performed if you feel that your breasts are too large in proportion to the rest of your body. Sagging breasts can be improved by a breast lift.


Unwanted fat can be removed from various areas of the body such as the thighs, arms, hips and buttocks by suction.


This procedure is also known colloquially as a tummy tuck in Essex and surrounding areas. Excess fat and skin is removed from the abdomen and the muscles are tightened which gives the abdomen a flatter contour.
Whatever surgical procedure you choose it is important to discuss the options with your surgeon so that you have a clear idea of what can be achieved and how you are likely to be affected. You could ask to see photographs of previous operations performed by the surgeon if you are unsure of the kind of results to expect. It is also worth asking if you can see reviews or testimonials from previous patients.

How Can I find a Predicate Device for my 510(k) Submission?

When completing your 510(k) clearance submission for FDA approval, you will be required to demonstrate that your device is both safe and effective. According to the rules and regulations of submitting a 510(k), the FDA states that you can prove the effectiveness and safety of your product by proving its substantial equivalence to an existing legally marketed device, otherwise known as a predicate device.

How Can I find a Predicate Device for my 510(k) Submission

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What is a Predicate Device?

The predicate device must have been legally marketed before 28th May 1976 and obviously pre-approved by the FDA. According to Device Watch, when submitting your 510(k), you must accurately compare and associate the similarities between your device and that of your predicated device. The devices do not have to be completely identical to each other, but rather, they must share similar aspects such as intended use, energy used, deign, performance, standards, labelling, effectiveness, safety and other relevant characteristics.

How to Find a Predicate Device

Finding a suitable predicate device is usually the stage of the 510(k) submission that most applicants dread. However, it is actually quite simple to find one since the FDA owns a huge database that contains a list of previously cleared 510(k) devices and this list is constantly being updated. To find which of these devices is suitable, you must take your product code and search for it in the Product Code Classification Database. This will then bring you to your specific classification of your device and you will be given a list of similar device types previously cleared by the FDA 510(K). You can also search for manufactures names, devices and other search terms to find a suitable predicate device to your own.

510(k) Clearance Guidance

People are easily intimidated by 510(k) clearance. It seems like a mountain of a task and one better left to the professionals. A huge drawback is the sheer amount of time it takes to have your submission cleared by the FDA. This process can take months to complete. To avoid the long queue of stacked 510(k) submissions, it’s probably a better idea to choose an Accredited Persons to help instead. These are FDA approved companies to help with FDA 510k Clearance submissions. Third Party Review companies such as fdathirdpartyreview are able to review your submission and forward their findings to the FDA. This works out to be a lot less time consuming because the FDA are obligated to respond with their final decision within 30 days.

4 Shocking Medical Devices Approved by the FDA

Following the completion of research studies carried out by Clinical Research Associates from professional clinical solution providers such as, new medical treatments and technologies must be approved by the FDA before they can be marketed in the U.S. This process can take months and many of these treatments are rejected if they are not proven to be both safe and effective for human use. Continue reading 4 Shocking Medical Devices Approved by the FDA

Candid Cameras Are the New Thing for Modern Weddings

Traditional formal wedding photography is losing touch with today’s brides and their grooms. Today the fashion is for much more informal unstaged pictures – candid photography. Many couples like it because it captures more realistically the emotions of the day and what everyone is really feeling, and that’s what they want to remember about their special day. Continue reading Candid Cameras Are the New Thing for Modern Weddings

Why are more restaurants choosing open plan?

There was a time when all commercial kitchens were situated behind closed doors and customers couldn’t see what was going on. However, there is now a growing trend for new restaurants to have an open plan layout, where the kitchen is visible from the dining area. What benefits can this bring for both the business and the customers? Continue reading Why are more restaurants choosing open plan?

Mobile vs Desktop Website Design

Today, smartphones are not a luxury item – they are something that is so common that even a lot of schoolchildren own them. They are also rapidly becoming the preferred way of using the web for a lot of adults.

Mobile vs Desktop Website Design

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This means that every business owner should make an effort to cater to mobile users. In fact, comScore reports that we have reached the point where there are more mobile web users than there are desktop users, and as Smart Insights explains in their report, this means that having a good strategy for reaching and retaining mobile users is essential. The good news is that you don’t need to have different websites for desktop and mobile users if you take advantage of responsive designs.

One Site, Many Platforms

Neilsen offers some useful guidelines for “transmedia” websites. These guidelines cover the points that every website should hit – things like catering to slow download speeds, old software, weak hardware, touch interfaces and unusual screen resolutions. Responsive design covers most of these issues quite well, so if you use a good CMS and choose a theme that covers mobile and desktop devices then you are already ahead of the crowd.

Companies such as offer software testing services that have those crucial cross-platform optimisations in mind. They understand that the days of there being a difference between a mobile and a desktop website are long gone. With the exception of perhaps serving up lower quality, smaller images for low resolution screens, websites should be fluid and have layouts that look good on any device.

If you are looking for a software testing company, make sure that they understand how to provide a good end-user experience for both desktop and mobile users, and make sure that they test their websites on as many different platforms as possible. Do not make assumptions about how your website will look – remember that while many smartphones have sophisticated browsers, when you get to the lower-end feature phones, things become far more unpredictable in terms of functionality and power.

Looking to The Future

The trend towards “Phablets” may change the design constraints that web designers face when it comes to accommodating mobile users, but right now there are a huge number of different screen sizes, and browser capabilities, for designers to consider. If you want your site to succeed, then you cannot afford to ignore any of your user-base.

Today, a “normal website” should be a flexible, powerful website that looks good whether it is viewed on an iPad with a retina display, a feature phone, a tablet PC or an old desktop using Internet Explorer (after all, you want to cater to people shopping at work!) if you cannot do this, you will lose customers. Given the power and flexibility of modern content management systems, and the fact that Google is pushing webmasters to be more mobile-friendly, it makes sense to invest in improving your site today.

Emerging Trends in Cold Chain Logistics

With more requirements than ever before for safe and efficient refrigeration, pharmaceutical and food companies are feeling the heat when it comes to managing refrigerated freight. Both sectors are being pressurised to ensure that the cold chain is meeting quality standards in terms of temperature control, energy dependence and regulatory requirements.

Emerging Trends in Cold Chain Logistics

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As a result, more and more research is being ploughed in to the industry, leading to some key trends which look set to improve logistics and achieve efficiencies.

Current Trends in the Cold Chain

As consumer demands grow more complex, there has been a recent shift towards globalization. For example, with tastes for products such as Alaskan salmon becoming more mainstream, firms have had to swiftly amend their outlook to accommodate ways of sourcing and shipping foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals safely across extended distances. VersaCold report this demand is prompting innovation, with transit control a priority.

This shift in consumer expectations has also impacted cold chain commitment to maintaining refrigerated warehouses across up to five disparate temperature zones. To avoid the inevitable changes to taste and texture through fluctuations in temperature, firms are battling to maintain consistency as well as safety, speed and quality. There is also a move towards temperature-assured reefers and other containers to accommodate increased sensitivity for pharmaceuticals which need to be shipped at consistent levels.

Increasing Demands on Commercial Refrigeration

Directives issued by the European Union on distribution of medicinal products in 2013 called for manufacturer-established recommendations to be observed not just in storage, but across the entire transportation process. The coverage also applies to over-the-counter medicines. This mandate has greatly increased the demands for consistency across the entire shipping of products.

Strategically, firms are now considering positioning of suppliers across the flow of goods to ensure they are able to accommodate the new quality requirements. This means considering speed, consistency, location and capabilities in addition to cost-effectiveness. For example, Nestlé Canada has adopted Lean principles to ensure quality can be managed in addition to maintaining cost effectiveness, while commercial refrigeration experts are seeing much more demand for high-quality, highly compliant solutions.

While industry regulation and increased quality is positive for consumers, these trends are placing increasing pressure upon the cold chain industry. Only those firms committed to considering innovative solutions will maintain compliance while remaining cost-effective.

Student Loan Petition Thrown out by Government

Students have had it tough financially following the introduction of tuition fees, and an increasing move towards experience-based attributes over academic prowess.

Student Loan Petition Thrown out by Government

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A recent refusal by the government to honour a petition to axe a retrospective hike in student loan interest rates has added to the challenges faced by many young academics.

The petition, which was launched by Durham student Alex True, generated over 120,000 signatures over the course of just a few days. However, despite overwhelming support for the petition, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills turned down the request, suggesting that an alternative approach to repayment thresholds would undermine the equality of the student support system, whereby all students can access a university education, regardless of financial standing or ability to pay back loans. The statement suggests that the government are remaining firm in their decision to freeze the repayment threshold to maintain a unified student support system.

The BIS continued by confirming that applications for university admission by disadvantaged young people is at a record high, and taxpayers need some way of managing this increase.

Increasing the Need for IVA Debt Management

In 2010, the government stated a promise that as of April 2017, the repayment threshold for all student loans would rise each year, in line with average earning rates. Alex True’s petition focused on the fact that the government has now backtracked on this statement, by freezing the threshold at £21,000. This means that all graduates will now have to pay more for their student loans.

BIS stated that the petition was considered carefully prior to the decision being made to reject the request. The decision was made, they said, as a result of considering the wider socio-economic impact of a repayment threshold which rises to reflect national rates of inflation and average earnings.

The decision is increasing the difficulties many students face in repaying student loans, leading to a number of graduates turning to Individual Voluntary Agreements to manage their debts, to ensure that they can repay loans.

‘Disappointed and Disheartened’

In response to the decision, campaigner True has stated that he feels disappointed and disheartened with the response, which did not address the issue that a retrospective change to the existing loan agreement without mutual consent from all parties was unethical.

Compact Commercial Kitchens: Choosing the Right Equipment

It’s easy to design a commercial kitchen when there is a big area to work with – it’s more of a challenge when the space is limited. However there are tips to bear in mind to make the most of the area available for catering in your hotel, restaurant or pub.

Compact Commercial Kitchens

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Consult the Experts

With the cost of real estate, compromise on venue may be inevitable, but this should never affect the quality of the meals. Getting professional design help may be the crucial first step as this will be a source of ideas and access to ranges of equipment, such as the most appropriate commercial warewashers, that have simply not crossed your mind. They may inspire you to use the space in ways you had not considered, for example, taking advantage of a high ceiling for stacking equipment.

Think Ahead

Planning is incredibly important when kitting out a small kitchen. Once the business opens, there will be too much going on to have energy to even consider re-configuring the area. It is much more time and cost-effective to get it right the first time, before the place is full of suppliers, customers and waiting staff.

Form and function

In many contemporary restaurants, watching the chefs at work as part of the experience. In this case, how the equipment looks is nearly as important as how it functions. This report from The Guardian features photography of attractive domestic kitchens in tiny areas that demonstrate a range of approaches in creating a kitchen that is efficient and pleasing to the eye. Inspire your diners with both the food and the kitchen design.

No Excuses

Whatever the hardware you end up purchasing, it is vital that the cutlery and crockery in your enterprise be spotless. It may be worth consulting a site such as to familiarise yourself with the many options that exist regarding machinery for ensuring the critical cleanliness of what your customers will use to eat.

Finally, another aspect to keep in mind is how often produce will be delivered and how it will be stored. Multi-functional items could do the trick here – why not get a table that has a chiller built in underneath? With a small kitchen creativity is crucial, and it will ensure your entrepreneurial vision is not limited in any significant way.