Have you ever seen a house on wheels?

One of the huge benefits of timber frame buildings is their transportability. Sections of the new home are easily preassembled, even with insulation and cladding already in place, transported to anywhere you want them, and quickly assembled straight from the back of the lorry.

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Don’t forget the house when you move.

Although rare in this country, in North America where this kind of construction has always been popular, thousands of homeowners have had their beloved timber framed homes lifted onto the backs of lorries and transported intact to new locations. We don’t particularly recommend it on the roads typical of the British Isles, but it shows you what can be done.

If you can’t find it, build it!

Another key benefit of this type of build is the flexibility of design. Whilst the catalogues of timber frame building companies have many ready-to-go house designs that are indistinguishable at first sight from traditional block-built ones.

Take a look at ones built by this Northern Ireland timber frame construction company, for example http://www.qtfhomes.co.uk/. Timber frame companies are also very flexible when it comes to delivering bespoke designs. In fact, your only real limit is your own imagination.

Forget the wings – put wheels on it.

A forest retreat? A holiday home tree-house? A farm shop? Or a semi-mobile cafe to work festival sites? It’s a relatively simple matter to assemble such buildings in sections, or in some cases, virtually one piece, and hoist them from a lorry, with just a little assembly and connection of services to finish off. If you need to pack it up again and move it, then, depending on the design, it needn’t be too difficult to reverse the procedure and relocate it.

This can be the perfect solution in many circumstances where local planning or land use regulations exist to prevent certain types of permanent building. As a timber frame is relatively lightweight, it’s possible to literally have wheels permanently attached which has been the accepted strategy on permanent caravan sites for decades. There is more advice here  https://homefarmer.co.uk/getting-planning-permission-log-cabins-mobile-homes/.

Off the grid.

The availability of cheap and efficient solar panels, combined with that of warm insulated timber prefabricated buildings, makes these kinds of projects ever more fashionable. We can expect to see growing numbers of exciting and unique designs tailored for beautiful unspoilt locations.

Don’t let the old get cold

If you have older relatives or neighbours who are over the age of 65 then make sure you know they are warm this winter. As we get older, we can become more susceptible to the cold and this can leave many people vulnerable particularly if they are also worried about the cost of heating. By keeping warm inside and outside the house, it is possible to reduce the risk of health complications associated with colder weather.

The most important thing is to check the heating system as this needs to be running effectively and efficiently. For Woking Boiler installations, visit http://www.rjplumbingandheating.co.uk/. Check that smoke alarms are working correctly and install carbon monoxide alarms if gas appliances are being used. Here are some further steps that you can take to make sure an elderly person is safe and warm when the temperature drops:

  • Check to see if they are receiving all the financial help that they are entitled to with regards to heating bills.
  • Keep some salt and sand handy to put on steps and walkways for them if it’s going to ice over.
  • Would they benefit from a grab rail at the front or rear of their property?
  • Check that they have been to have their flu jab at the GP.
  • Ask if they have medication that needs collecting or repeat prescriptions to hand in.
  • Make sure that they have basic cold remedies and supplies easily available.
  • Keep their food cupboards stocked up and offer to shop for them if needs be. Getting an online shop delivered might be easier for them.
  • Keep a torch fully charged in case of a power cut.
  • Make sure they have plenty of layers to wear, warm shoes or non-slip boots.

As well as the physical constraints of cold weather, elderly people who live alone can suffer emotional risks too. They may feel that they have become isolated from friends and the community. It is important to keep regular contact by calling in or telephoning. Even better, invite to stay with you for a while so you can make sure that they are safe and well.

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If this isn’t possible then make sure their thermostat is set to 68 degrees to prevent hypothermia and freezing pipes. Try to reduce the risks of potential falls by assessing their home and suggesting any changes that might make things easier for them to move around. If they are still driving then be sure to check they have emergency supplies in their vehicle. Snow scrapers, water, blankets, emergency flares and heating packs are all available and should be carried in a vehicle being driven in bad weather conditions. If they have a mobile phone then this should be charged and if they don’t mind letting you know when they are going out and are likely to be back, this is an extra safeguard.

Have a look around their property and check for gaps in doors and windows that might be causing drafts. Draft excluders or foam inserts can help prevent heat from escaping. If they have rooms they no longer use, then turn off the radiators and close the door. Foil placed behind radiators will reflect more heat back into the room and is a simple step that could help a great deal in keeping an elderly friend or loved one just that bit warmer this winter.

About Webhosting Plan’s Scripting Language and TLD

When building a website, you have to choose a webhosting plan to host your website. A webhosting plan offers many features. Many of those features are so straightforward that they are easy to understand. Features like space, bandwidth, site builder, and the availability of multiple domains are features that are easy to understand. There are, however, some features that you have to study before you can find out whether they will be helpful for you. Among those features are the scripting language used by the plan and the plan’s top level domain (TLD). Continue reading About Webhosting Plan’s Scripting Language and TLD

Incredible Cardiff

Cardiff is one of the fastest cities in the UK and has changed significantly over the last 30 years thanks to regeneration projects and clever use of marketing and tourism. Cardiff is now a dynamic city attracting businesses, media, sports and tourists and has a lifestyle set to match those experienced in top class cities in Europe. Continue reading Incredible Cardiff

Why visit Glasgow?

One of the best reasons for visiting Glasgow has got to be it’s shopping. It is a shopaholic’s dream destination and has been voted the top place to shop in the UK, outside of London’s West End. There are over 1,500 shops and the ‘Style Mile’ which holds a huge variety of shops including top high street retailers. There really is no better place to indulge in some retail therapy. To promote your business in Glasgow more effectively think about a Glasgow web designer. For more information, visit http://mediadesignassociates.co.uk/

There is a great selection of shops in Glasgow’s Style Mile including malls, independent boutiques, designer stores and speciality shops. According to Lonely Planet, “The Style Mile around Buchanan Street, Argyle Street and Merchant City is a fashion hub, while the West End has quirkier, more bohemian shopping options”. So there really is something for everyone.

There are stores for menswear, kids, hair and beauty, homeware and  women’s fashion. Merchant City used to house tobacco factories and cotton trading but now is home to a lively cultural quarter. The streets closest to the Clyde are full of workshops and galleries, while closer to Ingram Street you will find some of Glasgow’s best restaurants and bars. Merchant Square is here as well featuring a weekly craft fayre every weekend. There are 70 stalls and some great handmade items including photography, art, jewellery, cakes and flowers.

If you like all your stores under one roof then head to the Buchanan Galleries where you’ll find over 80 of the best high street names. With a huge car park available, shopping will be both fun and convenient here. Other malls include Glasgow Fort, Silverburn (a shopping and entertainment venue), St Enoch Centre, Princes Square and the Forge Shopping Centre. As you can see, you’ll be totally spoilt for choice.

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And you’re not likely to go hungry either with almost 1,800 cafes and restaurants in the city. Lonely Planet has described it “the best and most eclectic dining city in Europe”. High praise indeed! Enjoy all things Scottish at some of the finest eateries featuring mussels, oysters and langoustines.

Once you’ve exhausted the shops, or your credit card, Glasgow is compact enough for you to be able to explore some of the interesting neighbourhoods. Enjoy the trendy West End and then head to Finnieston with all its bars and independent stores. There is a flea market in the East End if you like hustle and bustle but for a more tranquil experience, head over the river to the South Side and take a walk through the huge Pollok Park.

The West End has been voted ‘Best Neighbourhood in the UK and Ireland’. That is quite an achievement and you’ll find a very cool area with sandstone villas and leafy roads. If you enjoy mooching in vintage shops then the West End will be right up your street. There are also some very good delis, cheesemongers and fishmongers to be found in the West End.

The Perfect Christmas Gift – A Piece of Bespoke Furniture

The search for the perfect Christmas gift is always a tricky one. When you want to treat a loved one to something really special, how do you avoid picking up a mass-produced product that someone else will own?

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Bespoke options are ideal and allow you to commission a truly unique piece that will be a centrepiece for years to come. Bespoke furniture allows you to gift an item that will genuinely match your loved one’s preferred aesthetic and functional usage, and you can have a piece created that either fits with an existing furniture scheme or which provides a complete stand-out item.

Thinking About What Type of Furniture to Commission

Many people like to have chairs and tables commissioned for custom furniture builds, as they are functional centrepieces of any home and will always be in use. Others commission pieces that help a loved one carry out a more specific hobby or craft. For example, if you have a resident painter, then a beautiful wooden easel would be a wonderful gift. If you have a quilt-maker, then a hand-carved wooden Ottoman to store their treasures in would be wonderful.

If you are buying for a loved one who is expecting a baby, then a hand-made crib is the ultimate in beautiful heirloom gifts, and for older children, blanket boxes with their initials carved in will double up as memory boxes for the future.

You might also decide to treat yourself and your new business with a stunning reception area piece that will wow clients and ensure they remember you! Why not consider bespoke commercial desks made from reclaimed wood to really display high-end design and aesthetic credentials? These would be wonderful for a boutique business, a salon, a consultancy or a creative agency and are available from companies such as http://simonkohnfurniture.co.uk/our-work/commercial/reception-areas-and-desks/.

Finding Your Maker

There are various fine furniture makers in the UK who make one-off bespoke pieces that are commissioned by clients. You can find out details at their trade body: http://www.furnituremakers.org.uk/.

Remember that a custom furniture piece can last for years, whereas flat-pack and mass-produced items tend to be replaced quite quickly. You can also have bespoke pieces made from antique woods and reclaimed materials for a real sense of time and history – both lovely sentiments at Christmas.

A brief history of Reading

Reading was originally a settlement that developed on Saxon times and was named Reada Ingas. Reada was a Saxon leader who lived in the area around the 6th century. Positioned near two rivers, it was ideal for markets as goods were transported by river. The Danes captured it in 871 and made a fort by erecting a rampart between the rivers Thames and Kennet. When the Domesday Book was written in 1086 there were about 600 people living there. Don’t let your website get stuck in the dark ages. Try a Reading web design company. For more information, visit http://www.starwebinnovations.co.uk/ Continue reading A brief history of Reading

Must-Have Tech Items for College Students

College students today are the most digitally connected batch we’ve seen yet. As such, their technology requirements are unprecedented, and it’s easy to overlook some gadgets that can really make a world of difference in the quality of modern day college experience. Here are a few must-have tech items to help navigate the ins and outs of higher education this school year.

Portable Power Sources

Being overly reliant on technology such as your phone and laptop are essentially a fact of life these days – which makes it seem like a catastrophe when your battery goes dead by lunch time. With the fast pace of college life nowadays, no one has time to sit around by an outlet while their phone recharges. So invest in a portable recharging solution to free you from the limitations of your gadget’s battery lives.  The options out there range from simple small battery packs to backpacks outfitted with multiple USB outlets that keep all your devices running as long as you are.

External Memory

Your mom always warned against putting all your eggs in one basket, so why would you expose the only copy of your capstone project to the fickle whims of Murphy’s Law? Anything that can go wrong will go wrong – and usually at the worst possible time for you. So save yourself the stress of starting over from scratch after your study partner decides to share his coffee with your laptop keyboard and back up your work to an external hard drive. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of cloud storage services – there are many free options out there – as well to back up your backup, just in case.

Fitness Tech

The freshman 15 is just one of the many potential pitfalls of the unhealthy lifestyle of college students.  The mix of freedom and stressful deadlines can make it easy to neglect physical fitness in the pursuit of intellectual goals – leaving your health at risk. Fitness gadgets like the Fitbit can help you track and manage your physical conditioning as well as your eating and sleeping patterns. This will help ensure that your mind is the only thing about you that expands during your time on campus.

Large Computer Monitor

These days most modern college students will likely have a laptop instead of a desktop. The size, weight, power and cost of your portable computing options has improved so much in recent years that most students never give the decision a second thought. However, investing in a nice flat screen computer monitor – as well as an inexpensive desktop keyboard and mouse – is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

Whether you’re a remote student pursuing Portland State’s online criminal justice degree or a landscape architecture student at University of Michigan working on a new design, you’ll find that the larger display – as well as the option to set up a dual display with your laptop – can help out immensely. The visual and ergonomic benefits of this larger setup are much better than hunching over a small screen for hours on end. Additionally, new HD resolution options allow the monitor to double as an improvised TV for streaming shows and movies.

Important Advice for Computer Science Majors

Like most college students, computer science majors can suffer from the notion that they know everything and don’t need advice from their elders. Given the speed at which the field evolves this can be a beneficial attribute in some cases; however – like many professions – there are still a ton of hidden aspects of the job that many people would have benefitted from finding out before they graduated. Here is some advice that can help computer science majors make sure they get the most out of their undergraduate education. Continue reading Important Advice for Computer Science Majors