Make No Mistakes When Recruiting

It is a real tough task to hire a salesperson, especially for a new start-up. The salesperson should be confident, with spectacular interpersonal skills and amazing negotiating skills. But, that does not suffice in today’s time. He needs to be one who impresses the interviewer, which in this case is you. So, how exactly are you impressed and what kind of mistakes should you avoid as sales executive recruiter.

  • Profile Not Known

This is a classic mistake that most sales recruiters commit. When you are not aware of the profile and the requirements, you cannot just appoint anyone just to fill in the position. You are underutilizing the person’s efficiency and wasting the company’s resources.

  • No Plan on Hand

An unplanned interview generates a wrong employee. You should know what exactly you need to ask so that you can select the right candidate.

  • Working on Biases

One of the top 10 sales hiring mistakes you must avoid genuinely is following your biases. When your biases start working, you actually stop yourself from appointing that one candidate who is genuinely made for your company. In fact, you would not realize how good a salesperson he is.

  • Value Silence

When you as interviewer do the talking, you actually don’t allow yourself to learn about the candidate. In such cases you are about to hire either a good or a bad sales executive. This kind of sales executive recruiters would gamble the entire hiring process.

  • One Question; All Answers

Remember your questions should be such that all aspects of the potential employee are covered in them. If you don’t really get all the answers, you would just be hiring the wrong person.

  • Overall Personality

He may be a good negotiator but he is not good at communication. Well, you cannot just hire because he is good at one thing. He should be an all-rounder for him to get through. Appointing without thorough judgment is one of the top 10 sales hiring mistakes you must avoid.

  • Proper Evaluation

When you are hiring a salesperson, you should be able to evaluate him completely. You should evaluate the entire prospect in an objective as well as systematic manner.

  • Quick Decisions

Often, sales recruiters make the mistake of hiring a person impulsively. At this point in time, they are not even aware of the kind of person he is. Sometimes, they just talk to him idly for a period of 5 minutes and thereafter decide that he is the one. Such impulsive decisions can cause problems to your company. Avoid taking impulsive decisions.

  • Pressure Game

Don’t succumb to the pressure created by various people and hire the wrong candidate. You would do injustice to your position in this case.

  • Speeding the Process

Follow all the steps of the interview as per the design. Ensure you don’t skip the steps to speed up the process.

These are some of the basic areas where recruiters make mistakes. Avoid them to hire the right candidate.

Deluxe Features to Consider for Your Next Mattress


Your bed is where you will spend about one third of your life, and the primary part of your bed is your mattress. As a result, it’s worth taking a bit of time to choose a mattress with the features you want. Here are some tips on deluxe features to consider for your next mattress.

What type would you like?

When looking for deluxe features to add, you’ll want to start with the type of mattress itself. You can buy continuous or open coil mattresses, pocket spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, or latex support mattresses. Latex support mattresses are the highest quality, as they involve a mattress with springs and layers of fillings, including a latex layer.

They are similar to memory foam mattresses but the recovery time involved in them is much faster, which means that the mattress takes much less time to return to however it was shaped before pressure was added to it. If you have painful joints or other issues that can make it difficult to fall asleep comfortably, you should look into memory foam or latex mattresses for the ultimate luxury and comfort.

How firm should it be?

The question of firmness is an important one to answer. A good tip when shopping for deluxe comfort mattresses is to lie down on the mattress on your side. You should have a straight spine in such situations. Similarly, when you are lying on your back, you should be able to hold a natural curve in your spine. In other words, your bed should be supportive and not hard.

If your mattress is too firm, it will not be a deluxe mattress even if it costs you more than another mattress. This is because mattresses that are too firm put a lot of pressure on the parts of your body that are heavier, which will lead you toward wanting to turn over multiple times per night.

It is a good idea if you have a body shape that is relatively straight up and down, but it does lead to spinal curvature. Similarly, you will experience spinal curvature if you choose a mattress that is too soft, although these kinds of mattresses will work better if you have broader hips or broader shoulders.

What else to consider?

Finally, keep your budget in mind when searching for deluxe features, as you’ll end up paying more if you’re interested in luxury.


In conclusion, there are clearly a number of features you can consider if you are interested in purchasing a deluxe mattress in Melbourne. The type of mattress certainly makes a difference, with latex support and memory foam mattresses being the highest quality mattresses one can purchase today. However, regardless of the kind of mattress you choose, make sure it is one that has the right amount of firmness while remaining large enough for yourself and your sleeping partner.

Do’s and Don’ts of Online Shopping: How to Protect Your Identity

In comparison to the thousands of years of face-to-face commerce, internet shopping is still in its infancy. It’s like the Wild West–a brave frontier of great promise, but also great danger. Online identity theft rose 200% since 2010. Here are some useful tips that’ll lower your chances of joining that statistic.

Use Secure Sites

Have you ever noticed the “http” in a website address change to “https,” or seen a green padlock appear in the address bar? This indicates that a website established a direct, private, and secure line of communication with your computer using randomized access keys. In other words, only your computer can open the locked information it sends. It’s possible for a hacker to “guess” your key’s info, but it would take literally trillions of years. If you don’t see this information appear in an online store, run the other way.

Have Common Sense

Even in the digital world, your gut can be the best protection. If someone feels off, then it probably is. Be wary of websites that have strange or unusual names, unprofessional appearances, deals too good to be true, or promises from eccentric Nigerian princes. Online businesses should never ask for information that wouldn’t be asked for in-person; never give out your social security number or other such private details. Wire transfers and bank account numbers aren’t necessary either. Trust your gut in situations like these.

Go Through a Middle Man

The best way to prevent thieves from getting your credit card information is to conceal it from them entirely. Look into using third-party in-betweens like PayPal. It basically works in three steps: 1) Create an account, 2) Link the account to your bank account or credit card, 3) Make purchases online without your bank/card information ever showing up on an invoice. Best of all, third-party services like these are typically free.

Explore Internet Security Software

Computer hackers and identity thieves are craftier than ever. They’re constantly developing hidden programs that can take control of your personal information without you even knowing. Spyware, malware, and viruses all have the capability of ‘infecting’ your computer. It’s always a good idea to avoid clicking on popups and ads–better yet, just disable them all together. There are many free anti-virus protection programs available as well. Be wary of paying of paying for anti-virus protection, though, because hackers are sometimes hired to create new content to keep them in business.

Have Someone Watch Your Back

Even if you seem to do everything right, you should always be prepared for worst-case scenarios. Internet security is changing every day, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with it. You should invest in online purchase protection programs to ensure that all of your bases are covered. Your identity and bank accounts are insured through programs like these, giving you the peace of mind to freely browse and shop through the internet.

Online shopping offers convenience and variety like never before, but your identity is always at risk. Following these do’s and don’ts will help keep you safe.

The Invention of Television

In a television interview, Lord Reith the architect of Public Service Broadcasting i.e. Educate, Entertain and Inform, described television as the having the potential to be the biggest social menace that the society had ever seen. And he was responsible for the creation of the BBC and its introduction to the UK! How did we get the “telly”? It’s a convoluted story that I will attempt to tell you now.


Image credit

First off, to pick up a signal you need a decent receiver. Whilst we don’t have analogue waves any more an Ariel or dish is still required. As people with TV Aerials Swansea and South Wales will testify will be able to look at that for you easily.

The concept of TV has many people claiming to have invented it. The telephone and telegram had been around for a while and Cinema was going as strong as it ever was. It and the radio were where most people got their news without reading it from a newspaper. What if the cinema could be broadcast to a smaller unit in the home?

The invention of television was a competition to see who could get there first. It was not just individuals but also companies vying for a practical working model that could be sold to the public. It was viewed as having the potential to unit Humanity through communication in ways that had never been dreamed before. There are 5 names that represent the main creators and developers, and these are.

Zworykin and Rosing

Combining the work of previous scientist who had worked to create projected images via signal these two scientists perfected the process so that at least very crude images could be sent and then received via a cathode ray tube in the back of the TV which then put the image on a screen. It was not a moving image as the ray could not keep up with the stream sent. However, this proved the system could work. This was the basis for TV’s working model for many years.


Image credit

John Logie Baird

Baird worked on the principle of using the Cathode Ray and a Nipkow Disk in conjunction with amplification of signal and power to enable the sending of images that actually moved. He was also able to do this via a transatlantic link again showing the power of TV and its instant ability to communicate as it crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Baird also used colour though this was not taken up on the actual sets due to cost until later.

Kalman Tihanyi and James P Mitchell

Tihanyi in 1936 theorised the creation of a Plasma screen that we have today but the Cathode ray would hold sway for many decades after that. Mitchell in 1978 prototyped and showed the LED based screen that we have as standard. All though not actually inventing the TV, they are important moments in the development of the TV you have today.

How to Look After Your Solid Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is an investment. Although caring for your hardwood floor is relatively simple, it is still possible to damage your floor either through improper cleaning or through wear and tear. Follow these simple tips to help keep your floor looking new for longer.

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Clean Properly

Wooden floors don’t need washing every day, but they will need to be swept regularly. Use a soft-bristled brush or a dry microfibre mop to gather up dust and grit and remove it from the floor.

When it does need a wash, there’s no need to buy special cleaners. Just use a small amount of floor cleaner. Be careful not to put too much water on the floor. For more advice on cleaning your solid wood flooring, read this article from Good Housekeeping:

Reputable suppliers such as will be happy to advise you on this.

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Add Protection

Have a doormat by each door that leads to the outside. The microfibre kind that traps dirt and grit from the shoes is the best because it is small particles which could take the finish off your floor. The same is also true of high-traffic areas – just as you would with carpet, put down a rug to protect your floor. When you lay a rug or runner, make sure that you secure it in place to avoid having slipping or tripping hazards on your polished floor.

Wooden flooring makes a stunning addition to any home and with some care will last for years.

Cultural Differences Between Britain and France

If you have always dreamed of a life in France, then now might be the time to turn that dream into a reality. But are you ready for the French way of life? You might think it’s similar to life in the UK, but you might be in for a few surprises. Here are some of the most noticeable differences:

1.French Kissing

British people are not known for their ‘touchy feely’ openness, so the amount of kissing might come as a bit of a culture shock. Don’t worry, you won’t be expected to kiss everyone you meet, it’s usually only reserved for informal, friendly social meetings. The French will kiss each other on each cheek when they meet and when they depart. The number of kisses varies from region to region – sometimes it’s two, three or even four!

Image credit

2. Health is everything

There are a lot of pharmacies, almost one on every street. The French don’t take health matters lightly. It’s not just medicine available either, as they sell beauty products, well-being items and other health-related goodies. French bathroom cabinets are a veritable treasure trove of pills and potions. So, you’ll never be too far from a chemist for all your minor ailments and health needs.

3. Say Bonjour!

The French have a poor reputation when it comes to manners, but they do love to say hello. Be prepared to be greeted everywhere and anywhere – which can take a bit of getting used to if you’re the quiet type who likes to slip into places unnoticed. Get your property search underway with Property for sale in France at

4. Meal times

If you’re used to sitting down to dinner at 6pm, then you might need to adjust your body clock. The French eat much later than we do, normally after 7.30pm but often as late as 10pm. This is especially common in the south where the heat means people prefer to wait until the sun has gone down before sharing a meal. Lunchtime is a more serious affair too, with many workers leaving to eat a full meal. The British custom of eating a sandwich at your desk is unheard of in France.

5. Opening hours

One major difference to get accustomed to is the opening times of shops. Many offices and shops close for lunch between 12pm and 2pm but remain open later than our shops and offices. Banks close on Sundays, which we’re used to but also for part of Monday too. In some areas, businesses will shut down for the whole month of August!

6. Wine

One of the many benefits of living in France is that the wine is cheaper. France is famous world over for its wonderful wine and thankfully, you don’t have to spend a huge amount to get hold of excellent wine when you’re in country.

Image credit

7. Night life

A night out is slightly different in France in that it starts later but normally starts with an ‘apero’ – a pre-drink gathering. As the evening meal is taken later, they hit the bars much later. While clubs are closing up at 2am here in Britain, the party is only just getting going in France. Because of this, many clubs stay open all night.

Bathroom trends for 2018

When a new year dawns, it often signals new beginnings and trends. Fortunately, when it comes to bathroom trends, they usually stick around, meaning your newly-decorated bathroom will stay in style for years to come. If your bathroom needs a revamp, consider incorporating the following into your décor.

Image Credit

1) Monochrome

Monochrome is minimalist and perfect if you don’t fancy faffing about with colour schemes. It is simple to apply a monochrome colour style: simply select the colour of choice and decorate your bathroom in different shades.

2) Bamboo flooring

Bamboo is guaranteed to be a material of the future, since it is renewable. There is a variety of bamboo that can grow incredibly quickly – up to several inches per day. Bamboo also requires little water to grow; therefore, it is a resourceful material and exceptionally durable. Moreover, bamboo flooring is an aesthetically beautiful addition to any bathroom.

3) Spa time

Life can be pretty hectic and any opportunity for relaxation is a welcome escape. What better way to relax than going to a spa? Better yet, bring the spa to you with a spa-inspired bathroom by incorporating soft lighting, luxurious textures and deep tubs.

Image Credit

4) An abundance of storage

Minimalism with regards to storage has taken a bow; having a practical bathroom is in. Having ample storage as a repository for your products does not mean your bathroom will become a haven for clutter and become unkempt; instead, chose beautiful storage units for your bathroom that will complement your décor.

5) Metal-framed showers

It is no surprise that showers with metal frames have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Framing the glass frames, such as 12mm shower glass panels from specialists such as, will add an industrial, outdoors feel.

6) Stone vessel sinks

Vessel sinks have been in style for a number of years; however, 2018 will see the trend spiral to further heights with hand-carved stone vessel sinks. If you are seeking to add a natural, organic tone to your bathroom, stone vessel sinks will do so perfectly.

7) High-tech touches

High-tech accessories have filtered into every room of the home, with the bathroom no exception. Digital temperature accessories that set the perfect temperature for your shower or those that control the flow of water are wonderful additions to any bathroom.

5 more reasons Maclaren loves street circuits

Most motor sports require a huge amount of skill on the part of the driver. Driving a very expensive, highly tuned and engineered vehicle at great speed requires concentration, lightening responses and, frankly, nerves of steel. But of all the motorsports, street circuits are probably some of the most challenging races a driver will take part in. So, what’s so special about them?

Image Credit

The coolest courses

Street circuits are probably among the coolest courses in the world. No repetitive laps of a few straight interrupted only with a variety of corners here: street circuits pass through, under and over some of the finest architecture, historical monuments and feats of engineering in the world, from castles to yacht filled marinas and bridges to high rise buildings.

These circuits also allow spectators to get really close to the action; couple this with the stunning vistas and the festival atmosphere created by a show rolling into town for a couple of days and these races are truly a spectacular sight.

It’s little wonder then that being a spectator at a street circuit race has many dreaming of becoming a racing driver themselves. If you’re interested in a career as a racing driver the British Racing Drivers’ Club offers scheme to help young drivers get started.

Image Credit

The most skilled drivers

Street circuits require the highest level of skill. A single, seemingly small mistake can dump a driver into the crash barriers in the blink of an eye. Because a street circuit isn’t used for racing for the remainder of the year they handle completely differently too and can become slippery very quickly once drivers do start the race, making them even more tricky to handle.

If you still think you prefer a traditional track race to a street circuit and are looking for a day out to remember why not treat yourself to a France F1 Paddock Club pass at the French Formula 1? Companies such as can arrange this for you.

The complexity of the courses coupled with the skill of the drivers makes street circuits one of the most exhilarating of the motorsports to watch, and with F1’s bosses reportedly planning more events in different cities across the world, they could be heading to your town sooner than you think.

Asian Groceries Online Save Your Time and Energy

Grocery is an important part of every household. You would find no kitchen that does not need groceries. Groceries include several items which you cannot ignore to buy. If you own a family, it is sure that you run to your local departmental store or shopping plaza every now and then to buy grocery stuff. There are people who keep stock of groceries for the entire month. This trick saves a little of their time and energy as they require to run to the grocery outlets once in a month only. However, there needs to be a way out so that you can save more time and energy. So, inspired by this thought there have come up numerous Asian groceries online shops that help you save much of your time and energy.

Online grocery shopping has emerged as a boon for consumers. It is mainly because online purchasing gives you convenience that is totally missing in traditional shopping. A major reason why consumers switch from traditional shopping to online shopping is the time-saving factor. While shopping Asian groceries online, you can save much of your precious time as you can do it from your home or office. It also allows you to make your choice elaborately as you have numerous authentic online grocery shops at your disposal.

Online shopping confuses many people as they express their concern regarding delivery of their products. However, experts advise that there is no reason to worry regarding delivery as online shopping outlets are known to deliver products within the deadline.

While purchasing online groceries, you must keep it in your mind that the foodstuff you buy are organic as health-conscious people throughout the world are known to follow this trend and stay healthy. You should also know that organic food items are more nutritious and tasty.

Weddings by Sleepy Ridge

It’s your wedding day. With cameras flashing all day, you will look back on your wedding for years to come. What does your day look like? With so many memories being created in one day, you better make sure they are being built in a beautiful setting. Selecting a venue for your wedding is the first step to creating the wedding of your dreams. As a little girl, you dreamed about your wedding day. As a teenager, you dreamed about your wedding day. As an adult, you have dreamed about your wedding day, and now it is finally here.

Making Wedding Dreams Come True

Here at Sleepy Ridge Weddings, we believe that your dreams of your wedding should become a reality. Your wedding day should be the happiest and least stressful day of your life, and we’re here to help you make it come true. Being the #1 location in Utah for wedding receptions, you can rest assured that we will exceed all your expectations on your big day. Overlooking the Utah Valley, Sleepy Ridge Weddings is located in Orem, with breathtaking views of the mountains and cities. Here are a few reasons why we know that your fantasies will all come true.

  • Vendor Options – Don’t have the time to research inexpensive catering and floral? Don’t’ worry; we’ve already done it for you!
    • Catering
      • Magleby’s Catering
      • Marvellous Catering
      • Culinary Crafts
      • Chef’s Table
    • Cakes
      • Cakes by Dawna
      • Carries Cakes
    • Linens
      • Specialty Linens
      • Susan Rentals
    • Floral
      • Nanette York
    • Photographers
      • Whitney Lewis Photography
      • Lindsey Shaun Photography
      • Michael Lloyd Photography
      • Ashlee Elizabeth Photo
  • Videographers
    • Chris McClain Productions
    • David Perry Flims
    • Mo Tif
  • Stunning Rooms – At Sleepy Ridge, we’ve outdone ourselves in getting ready for that big day. With 2 different rooms to choose from, we guarantee you’ll be excited.
    • Garden Room – In this dazzling room, you’ll experience a panoramic view of Mt. Timpanoga’s like none other in the area. This room features French doors that lead out to the beautifully landscaped patio with blooming flowers and the soothing sounds of a lovely cascading waterfall. This patio also features a recently added Gazebo with stone paths that are covered in lights to add to the ambiance of your ceremony or reception.
    • Sunset Room – In the glittery surrounds of this room, you’ll find yourself amazed at the elegant features and carefully placed décor that complete it. Featuring hardwood floors and located on the 3rd floor, this room has French doors that lead out to our grand balcony gathering area. Here your guests can mingle and witness gorgeous sunsets, or they can surround the stone mantel fire place to experience it’s warmth and comfort.
  • Affordable – We believe that you should be able to have your “Castle in the Sky” at an affordable price, that’s why we’ve made 3 different packages for you to choose from, so as to let you decide exactly how you want things done. Included in the price of the room rental, you are allowed access to Bride’s Rooms, Building and Grounds for photosBaby Grand Piano, Tables and Banquet Chairs, Sound System, and Flatscreen TV’s with DVD/VHS capability. For inclusive reception packages look into:
    • Sleepy Ridge Signature Special
    • Sleepy Ridge Signature Special II

Set up an appointment today to make memories that will last a lifetime at a location that has your best interests at heart.