An Introduction to Cadmium Plating

Cadmium plating is an extremely useful addition to countless industrial and electronic components. Cadmium is used across a variety of industries due to its numerous useful qualities, including its conductivity, high levels of resistance to corrosion and its versatility. You can read more about cadmium plating below.

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Businesses operating in the field of plating have to abide by numerous regulations on a day-to-day basis. Many of these regulations are put in place in order to protect workers, members of the public and the natural environment as a whole. As with any industry, it’s important that firms in this field closely follow the rules in order to avoid fines or prosecution. This is why it’s so important to only deal with reputable businesses when you are looking at having components or industrial tools plated. Any firms working with cadmium plating must comply with strict health and safety and environmental legislation.

Although many researchers within various industries are hunting for replacements for cadmium in order to gradually phase it out in favour of more eco-friendly plating materials, according to Science Direct, it is still extremely widely used today.

If you require industrial plating or coatings for your business, there are plenty of options out there. Reputable firms such as, who have decades of surface engineering experience, will be able to help you.

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While plating has been used by industrial businesses for over 100 years, it is now also commonly used by tech companies too. Cadmium is popular in a range of industries due to its robustness and versatility. Just a few of the industries that use cadmium plating every day are the defence, automotive, electronics and aerospace industries. Cadmium is also useful to anyone working with components that are going to be exposed to a lot of salt water in a sea or ocean environment, as it’s tough enough to endure such conditions.

Cadmium Plating Benefits

Here’s a brief overview of some of the benefits offered by cadmium plating:

– It’s highly resistant to corrosion
– It has exceptional conductivity
– It solders well
– It’s resistant to the growth of bacteria and mould
– It can be painted
– It’s naturally low-friction
– It is suitable for bonding with various adhesives
– It can be used on a variety of substrates, including aluminium and steel

Cadillac EV Concept is the future electric car that should take the brand to the 21st century

Almost all premium brands enter the segment of electric cars with an SUV or a crossover. Jaguar proposes the i-Pace , while Audi has just launched the e-tron on the market and Mercedes will do the same soon with the EQC SUV . Even BMW, which already has the i3 on the market, will launch in a 100% electric version of the current X3 SUV, the iX3 .

Well, Cadillac will also have its 100% electric SUV . Cadillac is called to be the brand that will lead the electrification of General Motors. And therefore he has to listen to the market. And if the market wants an SUV, they will give you an SUV. Specifically, it will be a model very similar to this Cadillac EV Concept unveiled on the sidelines of the Detroit Motor Show. Continue reading Cadillac EV Concept is the future electric car that should take the brand to the 21st century

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Property sales in the UK rose in October

Despite the political and economic uncertainty of the past year as a result of Brexit, HMRC recently released figures that showed house sales as of October 2018 had increased year on year by 3.92%, rather than dropping as many industry experts had predicted.

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Not only did house sales increase year on year, but they also increased month on month, with the number of completed home sale transactions going from 98,360 in September 2018 to 111,950 in October 2018, an increase of 12%. If this growth continues as it is expected to through November and December, total UK house sales for 2018 will be similar to those in both 2017 and 2016, standing at around 1.2 million homes.

Growing Confidence in the Sector

HMRC’s report has led the sector to grow in confidence as such positive figures were not expected. Some experts urge caution, however, as not all parts of the UK were as buoyant as others when it came to home sales. London and the South East, for example, saw slower growth than might be expected, while Rye on the Isle of Wight, Diss in Norfolk and the West Midlands town of Smethwick saw the highest levels of property growth (up to 10% compared to a national average of 1.02%).

First-Time Buyers

Many of these sales were to first-time home buyers who were taking advantage of Help to Buy and helped along by a reduced number of landlords buying rental properties This is good news for the industry, with experts such as conveyancing solicitors Guildford based feeling that 2019 could be an even better year for house sales.

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Expert Opinion

Haart’s, the UK’s biggest independent estate agent, said they thought the market could be supercharged next year, for example, believing that many people are holding off buying or selling a property while they wait for the outcome of Brexit. Their belief is back up by a 37% increase in the number of people registering interest in new homes with them. Whether this will be the case has yet to be seen. We will likely know more after the Brexit vote due in early January. However, if estimates from agencies such as Haart’s are to be believed, it could end up being a bumper year for the sector.

Five tips to better control our cash flow and not die trying

All companies, regardless of their size and their sector of activity, must have controlled a series of key variables for the proper management of their business. Among them, it is worth highlighting those that have to do with the liquidity of the company , a fundamental aspect to avoid situations as complicated as a suspension of payments that can inexorably lead to a bankruptcy . Continue reading Five tips to better control our cash flow and not die trying

The great myths when it comes to gaining muscle mass denied by science

Gain muscle mass and hypertrophy are two goals perhaps more difficult than losing fat , because for this we need, first, increase calorie intake, and making mistakes in the calculations may mean that we accumulate more fat than desired.

And if in addition, to this we add the great myths that today continue to spread , the result can be catastrophic. Continue reading The great myths when it comes to gaining muscle mass denied by science

The best viewpoints of Alicante: The lighthouse of Santa Pola

The coastal town of Santa Pola, in Alicante, not only offers its beaches and restaurants as incentives to the sea. In the vicinity of the lighthouse of Santa Pola there is a privileged viewpoint to the Mediterranean , which today we look out.

There, next to a cliff that descends to the coast, we can walk along a hanging gangway and enjoy an unparalleled panoramic view of the Alicante coast, with the Isla de Tabarca in the foreground. Without a doubt we are in one of the best viewpoints of the province of Alicante . Continue reading The best viewpoints of Alicante: The lighthouse of Santa Pola

Tips for moving to a new house in winter

There is a reason why moving to a new house in the winter is cheaper – fewer people want to make such a move with the cold, the ever-present risk of snow and ice, and Christmas smack bang in the middle. This does not mean it is an impossible task, but it does take some extra thought and planning. Here are our top tips for anyone planning to move home in the winter.

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Pack things in sturdy, weather-resistant materials

Old-fashioned tea chests – once the top choice for moving home – are invaluable for bad weather moves; however, sturdy, thick cardboard boxes with fully closable lids will do. Avoid banana boxes and anything made of flimsy cardboard. Check the mover has tarps to protect your carpet and your furniture before it is taken outside.

Time things carefully

There are fewer daylight hours in winter, so an early start on loading is a good idea, especially if you are not moving too far away and can arrive, unload and start unpacking the essentials while it is still light enough to see. Always carry a torch in case there are any issues with utilities at your new place. If possible, arrange to have these turned on a couple of days before you move in – you could even have the new place heated for your arrival.

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Check the weather forecast

If ice is expected, it is helpful to have some rock salt handy to grit the paths at both ends of the move.

Keep an emergency bag separate

Apart from the usual things you need to hand at all times, include a couple of changes of clothes in case you get wet on the day.

Use a local company

Local companies drive around and beyond the local area every day, so there is nobody better for knowing the roads and particularly which are safest in bad weather; for example, for the best moving experience in Bristol, choose a Bristol removals company such as

Moving to a new house in the winter may not be as straightforward as doing the same thing in other seasons; however, with a little advance planning, it can be just as easy and is generally cheaper. You also get to enjoy cosy evenings in your new home without having to tackle chores such as gardening.

Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe is the Project Inferno: an SUV of 817 HP and 1,181 Nm of torque

The 585 HP of the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupé know you little? Well the Polish preparer has the perfect medicine. In the last throes of life of the current generation of what has been the first SUV of the brand of Affalterbach , the specialist based in Warsaw presents his own vision of the sport SUV, to which add the surname Project Inferno . Continue reading Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe is the Project Inferno: an SUV of 817 HP and 1,181 Nm of torque

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Enjoying the delights of a non-alcoholic Christmas drink

Christmas time and the New Year can be a time for people to enjoy an alcoholic drink or two, but that doesn’t mean that non-drinkers should have to miss out. There are many drinks that can be enjoyed at Christmas that do not involve alcohol and there are also so many great mocktails that you should definitely have a look at. Even if you are having a party that is going to be catered for by Mobile Bar Hire Gloucestershire company you can still enjoy some tee-total delights.

Why not start the festive season off with some alcohol-free eggnog?

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Made from the following ingredients this drink is a popular one around Christmas time and is relatively easy to make:




Condensed Milk

Egg Yolks


Whipping Cream


Vanilla Extract

You essentially combine all of the ingredients in a pan over a moderate heat to create this beautiful smooth drink. Dusting with some nutmeg is a must. If you are looking for a step by step recipe then take a look here.

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Another seasonal favourite is the Blackberry mocktail made from a selection of blackberries mixed with orange juice and lemon juice with a small dash of cinnamon syrup to give it that Christmassy flavour. It is one drink that smells incredible and will have you wanting to drink it over and over again whilst you enjoy your Christmas meal. It is also a great option to prepare in advance for New Year’s Eve. If you find it difficult to find cinnamon syrup you can make your own by infusing cinnamon with water and white sugar. You should have equal parts water to sugar in order to make a syrup of any kind. You boil all the ingredients together and then strain to get a smooth, bit free syrup.


A favourite of mine to have with the evening food on Christmas day is the Cranberry Spice. This drink is incredibly easy to make and has a wonderfully fresh flavour that gives me a much-needed pick me up towards the end of the day at Christmas. The ingredients include cranberry juice, water, a bitter or tonic of some description, fizzy apple juice, fresh cranberries and an orange wedge to garnish. You simply place all of the ingredients in a glass including the fresh cranberries, stir it around and then decorate with a nice wedge of orange and enjoy.


7 curious works for those who pay you and have fun

The jobs of the future, the jobs that have a hard time filling their vacancies, and then there are the curious jobs that many of us would like to dedicate to because their performance seems fun and closer to leisure than effort.

It must be wonderful to get up in the morning and know that you are going to a place where others would like to be in your skin, or that they do not even know about the peculiarity of the work. It’s the best thing that can happen to you in the workplace: do what you like, have fun and get paid for it. Continue reading 7 curious works for those who pay you and have fun